Why Choose Sydney? 11 Reasons to Host Events in Sydney

Sydney is the largest, oldest, and most diversified city in Australia. Because of its multicultural richness, proximity to Asia-Pacific, dynamic landscapes, and hotel conference venues and services, it has become one of the most popular destination destinations for hosting meetings and events.

In this post, we’ll go over why we think Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular meeting destinations, as well as why it’s an excellent choice for meetings and events.

1. Accessibility

Not only as an international destination but also as a city, Sydney is easily accessible. Many foreign planes from around the world fly directly into Sydney, with Sydney Airport serving 47 international destinations. Another advantage is that the city core is only 5 miles from Sydney International Airport.

2. Availability of Sydney Hotels

ocean under cloudy sky

The city has approximately 33,000 hotel rooms, including numerous internationally-renowned hotel groups, and it provides a wide selection of lodgings to suit every budget and demand.

3. Multilingual

Sydney ranked as one of the top ten most multicultural cities in the world, is home to individuals from over 180 countries, with 40 per cent coming from other countries, and speaks over 140 languages. It has a rich, lively culture that has a strong influence on its culinary, artistic, and entertainment offerings. These linguistic advantages make it appealing for events, particularly those with an international audience.

4. Sydney is COVID Safe

It can be difficult to organise a COVID Safe business event. Sydney COVID Safe businesses and organisations, including our partners, are dedicated to protecting the community and returning to work safely. Find all the information and advice you need from the NSW Government and industry to make your next Sydney event COVID Safe.

5. Beautiful Climate

This city has a pretty close Mediterranean climate, with temperatures ranging from 63 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit on average. According to credible Sydney event planners, the best months to visit are February through May, and September through early December. Winter months (June, July, and August) might be cool, although December and January can be hot. Additionally, most Australians take extended summer vacations during the December and January holidays, so meetings should be avoided during these times.

6. Sydney Attractions

It’s an intriguing location with iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It also has lovely natural landscapes close to the city centre, including the famed Bondi Beach, which is located on the banks of the world’s largest natural harbour. Visitors’ favourites include seeing the Opera House and climbing the Harbour Bridge. A visit to Manly Beach or Taronga Zoo is also popular. Palm Beach, about one hour outside of town, is one of our favourite locations.

Sydney is a vibrant metropolis nestled in a thriving natural environment of beaches, harbour, gardens, and bushland. Whether you’re an association or a corporate business looking to conduct a business event, this is the place to be.

7. Take Sustainability Seriously

Sustainability is more than a phrase or a checkbox item on a CSR plan in Sydney. The local business events industry is collaborating to improve environmental performance and establish Sydney as a premier sustainable destination. 

We’ve even received recognition for it! The City of Sydney is committed to sustainability; for more information, see this article on a sustainable Sydney in 2030. If organising and hosting a sustainable meeting is part of your corporate social duty, this city will make it unforgettable.

8. Success Formula

Sydney is a lively city and a wonderful place to do business, with each neighbourhood having its own particular energy and character, and a variety of outstanding venues connecting people in the city and beyond. Sydney has a wonderful selection of global hotel brands, first-rate attractions, venues, restaurants, and remarkable experiences. We bring you the best of Sydney.

9. Industry Advantages

Sydney is the ideal location for your company to expand and adapt. Australia’s largest and most diverse economy provides you with access to the best innovators, makers, thinkers, and doers in the world. You can also benefit from the worldwide connectivity of a city that serves as the APAC regional headquarters for over 600 renowned multinational corporations and is home to the leading universities, research institutes, and technical colleges in Australia. 

Sydney, Australia’s academic and business powerhouse for research, engineering, infrastructure, health, professional services, financial services, and technology, is a hive of innovation and thought leadership.

10. Inspirational Ability

Sydney has the potential to drive significant change, particularly in industries aligned with its competitive strengths. This implies more opportunities to collaborate with world-class experts in government, academia/research, industry, and business.

11. Sydney is an Economic Colossus

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Sydney, Australia’s largest economy and the ninth-largest in the Asia Pacific Region, is perfectly positioned to assist you in shaping a healthier and better future for local and global communities. Sydney’s economic stability makes it the ideal destination to organise a corporate event, drawing more participants, sponsors, and professional speakers – all while being backed by the top event suppliers.

Some other variables to consider when deciding on a location:

  • Choose a place that your attendees may easily access given their geographical locations.
  • Attractive locations are often a big appeal for your guests.
  • It is critical that suitable accommodations are available during your chosen dates. Avoid cities that already have a significant event scheduled for the same meeting dates because your options will be more limited.
  • Choose an appropriate season and climate. Avoid locations that will be too cold or too hot, or that will be in a rainy/monsoon season on your chosen date.