Beginners guide for Sandhan Valley Trek

Beginners guide for Sandhan Valley Trek

Overview: The Sandhan Valley is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Sahyadri Western Ghats. It draws a large number of thrill seekers. It's a di


The Sandhan Valley is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Sahyadri Western Ghats. It draws a large number of thrill seekers. It’s a difficult walk for everyone, but once completed, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you enjoy trekking, Sandhan Valley is the place to be!

Sandhan Valley is located near Igatpuri in Bhandardara. Sandhan Valley is a dark and small carved valley. A deep narrow rock-floored valley lies between the two high sides of a mountain range. There is no way for sunlight to get in. Although it is known as the Shadow Valley, it still appears magnificent. The water-carved valley is approximately 1.5 kilometres long and 200 feet deep.

Sandhan Valley, located near Bhandardara near Igatpuri, provides an adventure experience unlike any other. Sandhan’s natural gorge is located between the AMK forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang, hence the name AMK. This trek is well-known for its unexplored status, excellent photo opportunities, and off-the-beaten-path trail.

Best time for Sandhan Valley trek:

Except for summer, you can trek to Sandhan Valley at any time of year. It gets hot and humid, and the heat saps all of your energy, making the trek less enjoyable. Winter, autumn, and even monsoon treks to Sandhan Valley are unforgettable and pleasurable.

The Way To Get There:

To get to Samrad village, you must first go to Kasara or Igatpuri.


Rent a self-drive car and drive down to Samrad village. The distance between Mumbai and Sandhan Valley is approximately 200 kilometres, which can be travelled in 4 to 5 hours. Alternatively, from Mumbai or Pune, take a state bus to Igatpuri-Ghoti, from where buses to Bhandardara are available, and then a shared jeep to Samrad village.


Take a train from Mumbai to Kasara. Take the Kasara Fast train from CST. From Kasara book a shared jeep to Samrad. There are many shared jeep rides available. You can also take a long-distance train to Igatpuri.


There are no flights to Sandhan or the surrounding villages.

Where to Stay:

For the best camping experience ever, stay overnight at the Gorge. There are no hotels or lodges nearby, but homestays with locals are available. These are reasonably comfortable. If you don’t want to camp overnight, you can stay in a more comfortable hotel in Bhandardara. Try the MTDC resort, which is very popular. After a day of roughing it, you can relax in luxury at a few plush hotels and resort options in Bhandardara, such as Anandvan resort.


There will be no food along the way because it is a shadowed ravine trek with no habitation nearby. However, Samrad village locals cook fresh and hot Marathi cuisine, such as bhakhri, poha, upma, bhaji, dal, and rice, and offer a variety of home-cooked meals. Before you start the trek, eat a healthy and filling breakfast, bring food for the night, and have a good lunch in Dehne or Samrad. If you travel in a group trek, the trek operator will provide food.

Best Places to Visit in Sandhan Valley:

Fort Ratangad

Ratangad Fort is a 2000-year-old fort that was conquered by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a great warrior. Sandhan Valley Trek is 4.7 kilometres away from this fort. It provides one of the most spectacular views of the Sahyadri Range’s highest peaks. A walk to Ratangad Fort, which is located at a height of 4,255 feet, is an exciting addition to an already exciting trek. To make the journey more exciting and thrilling, take a moderately steep ascent from Bhandardara to Ratangad Fort.

Temple of Amruteshwar

Amruteshwar Temple is a traditional Shiva temple built on the banks of the sacred river Pravara. It is located 10 kilometres from Sandhan Valley and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India in order to attract tourists from all over India. Those interested in historical sightseeing should pay a visit to this temple.

Waterfalls at Nanhe Ghat

One of the refreshing experiences is visiting the Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls. Nature’s beauty and the waterfall’s reverse flow appear appealing. From base camp Bhandardara to Ratanwadi, visit this stunning waterfall. You can spend some time relaxing near a waterfall and admiring mother nature’s beauty.


A self-drive car from Mumbai to Bhandardara will cost between INR 5000 and 8000 for the round trip. Train tickets will cost approximately INR 1000. A shared jeep would cost approximately INR 50 per person, and bus tickets from Mumbai would cost approximately INR 600 to 800.

Overnight camping in your own tent is free, but staying at a homestay in Samrad will cost between INR 500 and 800 per night. Budget accommodations in Bhandardara start around INR 1000.

Food costs will range between INR 200 and 600, depending on whether you bring your own dry food packages. Trek operators typically charge between INR 1600 and INR 2000.

Travel Safety Tips:

  •       First-timers should not attempt this trek without the assistance of a guide or a trekking operator.
  •       The trek puts your stamina to the test. If you have a medical condition, a weak heart, or high blood pressure, avoid it.
  •       Bring energy bars, insect repellent, and a windbreaker.
  •       Pack lightly and travel with a comfortable backpack.
  •       Carry a power bank and, if possible, a DSLR camera.
  •       Bring plenty of water from Sandhan village. The water in the trail streams might not be safe to drink.
  •       Do not pass up the opportunity to explore this trek as soon as possible. Trekkers, adventurers, and regular travellers have all given it high marks.

Return Trip:

Descend from the pond via gentle slopes and a river bed trek to Dehne village, where buses to Asangaon station are available. Return via the same trail to Samrad and catch a shared jeep back to your destination, or stay at Bhandardara for a longer vacation.