What is Microscope? Describe The Simple Microscope

What is Microscope? Describe The Simple Microscope

Microscopes are such devices that come of much help and are mainly used by professionals and research practitioners. Keep reading till the end to find

Microscopes are such devices that come of much help and are mainly used by professionals and research practitioners. Keep reading till the end to find out more information about it.

What Is A Microscope?

It is an instrument that is used to observe small cells and other small objects. The image of an object appears magnified while viewed through a microscope. What happens is that the light gets bent toward the eye, which makes an object appear much larger than it actually is.

Microscope: a device that magnifies small objects, giving the user a close-up view of minuscule structures at a scale suitable for observation and analysis. Even though optical microscopes are the focus of this article, an image can also be magnified by a variety of different wave types, such as acoustic, X-ray, or electron beams, and is then captured using direct or digital imaging, or a combination of these techniques. The microscope can produce either a dynamic image (as with traditional optical tools) or a static image (as with conventional scanning electron microscopes).

Different Types Of Microscopes

Here is a list of the types of  Microscope that are available out there:

  • Compound Microscope

A type of microscope that has a high resolution. A compound light microscope contains two sets of lenses that create a two-dimensional image of the sample. It is also a type of optical microscope. 

  • Scanning Electron Microscope

This is also oftentimes abbreviated as SEM. This type of microscope uses electrons rather than light to create images. They are mainly used by researchers in the biological, physical, or medical fields to examine specimens ranging from bones to insects.

  • Simple Microscope

This microscope is generally considered to be the first ever microscope to be ever made. it was kind of a magnifying glass. A simple type of microscope contains a magnifying glass with two convex lenses, which have a very short focal length.

  • Darkfield Microscope

These microscopes have a device in them that scatters light from the illuminator. Additionally, the reason for this being down is to make the specimen appear white in color against a black background.

  • Contrast / Phrase Microscope

This microscope uses a special form of a condenser that allows examination and probes into an examination of structures inside cells. They also use a compound light. Addedly, these microscopes are also known to take advantage of refractive indexes for the study of living organisms. Also, the final images that are obtained from this microscope are a mixture of dark and light.

  • Fluorescence Microscope

This type of microscope uses UV light to illuminate the specimens that are being studied under it. A form of fluorescent antibody or dye is added to the viewed specimen.

Uses Of A Microscope

Here are a few uses of a Microscope:

  • Microscopes are used in the Botanical field by lap professionals who study the features of cells, leaves, and plants. 
  • They are also used in the biological field when they observe microorganisms and their features.  They also use it when they do research on various bacteria and fungi.
  • They are used in the field of crime detection to simplify evidence and samples that are obtained from crime scenes.
  • They are used in the educational field as well to teach students about new things and organisms in detail.
  • In the medical field, they are used by healthcare professionals to study several viruses and bacteria and to curate medicine to counter them.

Top Manufacturers Of Microscope

Here is a list of all the top manufacturers of microscopes:

  • Meiji Techno

It was originally established in the year 1964. It has rapidly gained popularity for being one of the most popular microscope brands in the industry. Their massive selection of microscopes includes polarizing, metallurgical as well as upright microscopes. 

This company also has rigorous control measures, so each microscope is thoroughly inspected before released them into the market for sale.

  • Unitron

Back from the year 1952, UNITRON delivered premium quality precision microscopes for famous organizations, including DuPont, ITT, Intel, Mayo Clinic, SONY, Texas Instruments, and many more. They have microscopes for every field like – education, research, and metallurgical industries. 

They provide all these microscopes at cost-effective rates. UNITRON’s range of microscopes offers reliable quality and comes in a very forward-thinking design.

  • Scienscope

The Scienscope was established back in the year 1995 and was made so to meet the ever-growing need for optical and video inspection for the electronic and PCB industries. 

They put major emphasis on affordability and quality. They offer a wide range of compound light microscopes that are perfect for a broad range of industries and for a wide range of applications. Their popular microscope models of theirs include NZ, SSZ-II, and ELZ.

  • Labomed

LABOMED has now become a very stable provider of microscopes for schools and other educational institutions, and that too at a global scale. They have been around in this industry for more than forty years. Their team has great expertise in this field. 

They also provide a range of compound light microscopes at lower costs. The most popular models that the company provides include Lx400, Lx500, and CxL.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for Microscopes and other related information about them. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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