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Each of us loves to write. Writing helps us to show what we know. However, a lot of us don’t get a suitable medium to showcase our talent. When we read in novels, books, papers, and other stuff, we have a desire to write. Since only a few get a chance to write in reputed papers, many of us lose heart.

However, we are giving you a chance to write for us as a guest post writer. How to do it? Well, it is very simple. You can take your pen and keyboard and write a perfect piece based on your thoughts and ideas. Keep it unique, genuine, and free of copy; and it will surely make a place on our site.

A lot of people don’t know what to write about. Well, we are a diverse platform. You can write on any topic for us that matches our site. For instance, we will welcome anything related to technology, health, and business.

What is Guest Posting?

When you write for us, it is called guest posting. In this method, you post articles on third party websites. So, you write to us and we provide a platform for you to write to us. When we receive your content, we proofread it, check through paid software if it is unique, and if it passes all quality checks, we post it on our site.

Our quality posting service will enable you to convey your message to a larger community. Our conditions are not very strict. However, you have to follow some general guidelines when you write a guest post for us.

We will share those guidelines for guest post service in a while, first. Let us explore how are we different from others. We will then discuss the benefits you get as a guest poster.

How are we different from others?

What makes us different from others is that we don’t ask for a lot of quantity. Even a 650 words post is enough when you are writing for us. We focus a lot on the quality of the writing. You will love working with us. We will give a thorough check to your content instead of just posting on our site. Thus, you will get a proper report about your content.

A lot of websites use automated processes to do guest posting jobs. However, we have a team of experts with us. They check for each and everything and pass the content after checking.

Some sites love to reject a guest post without any reason. We know the efforts that you are putting into this post. So, our experts will review your article with all details. Even if it has some missing points, we will let you know to correct them. Thus, your efforts will not waste in any sense.

What are the benefits of the Guest posting?

If you are new to guest post service, then you should first understand the benefits of guest posting. A guest post helps a lot in terms of reach. It not only gives you a wide reach but is also very helpful in SEO perspective. So, if you write for us, here are the benefits you will get.

  • You can convey your expressions freely to a large number of audience. We have a large platform for bloggers to reach a massive audience.
  • We first review your guest post and then approve it. Some standards are followed in the industry. We will check your post against those standards, and let you know for improvement. Hence, your writing skills will improve from time to time.
  • A lot of people visit our website. People from diverse fields come to our site. When we publish your site, it has a large reach. People from the relevant field will see your skills and will appreciate it if you have a perfect piece.
  • Here comes the best part of the story. When you write for us, you get the best quality backlinks to your website. We receive a lot of traffic and Google accepts us as high domain authority. So, with backlinks from our site, your site off-page SEO will improve a lot.
  • A lot of writers are concerned about keyword optimization. When you post content on our site, it not only improves your reach but also optimize your keywords.

Guidelines for guest posting

So, you read all the benefits of writing a guest post for us, and now are eager to know about the procedure of writing. So, let us see the basic guidelines, on which we judge your content and you get the quality backlinks.

Quality is the first thing and we have no compromise over it. We will be very happy if you send us a top-quality article and we post it on our site asap. So, here are the guidelines.

  • When you write for us, make sure than there is no copyright material in it. We have a very strict policy against copyrights. It is for your benefit. Bloggers come for guest posting on our site because we have a strong SEO position. Even a 1% copyright will damage our SEO. So, ensure that your material is copyright free.
  • As you see throughout this article, all the paragraphs are short and to the point. Viewers love them and it helps reading. So, keep your vocabulary diverse and keep the sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Keep your article to the point. As we mentioned you can provide on diverse topics but stick to the topic. If you started a topic, every line and every paragraph should link towards the central idea of that topic.
  • Use catchy images, charts, and graphs to help readers view the best content. Keep them active throughout the guest post.
  • Write a brief and to the point guest post for us. We expect you to remain within 650-2000 words limit when you are writing for us. Anything less may not explain the topic; anything more can become boring.
  • Follow a proper pattern of writing when writing for us. We don’t accept 300-400 words articles. Keep the word count to a minimum of 650.

Guest posting services

There a lot of people who know the importance of guest posting but are reluctant to write themselves. For such clients, we provide quality posting services. If you opt for this service, we will research your website and write a detailed guest post for you.

When it comes online on our site, it will earn a lot of quality backlinks and diverse traffic to your site. I think it is the best investment for your site because within justified rates, you will get long-lasting results. Do you want to buy guest posts or submitting yours? Feel free to contact us.