Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error: Updated Analysis & Resolutions

Intuit Data Protect (IDP) is a reliable backup service devised for the benefit of QB Desktop users, and this service is capable of creating separate backups of relevant QB files as well as entire system data. As soon as the QB user sets up this service on the computer, the relevant backup copy of selected data gets automatically created.

However, some users have experienced a unique problem in which the IDP service fails to create a backup copy of the relevant data. QB specialists have termed this issue as an ‘Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error’. Due to this unique technical issue, the important data of QB Desktop users becomes vulnerable.

Here, this article is an attempt to explain this technical problem in detail, along with all the reasons and associated step-wise resolutions.

Most Common Symptoms That Show Up On the Screen Due to ‘Intuit Data Protect Not Functioning’ Error

The relevant symptoms that can easily indicate the occurrence of the ‘Intuit Data Protect Not Functioning’ Error are detailed as follows:

  • First & foremost, you will observe that the IDP service fails to generate the backup of data as per the intended schedule on the system.
  • The IDP service might stop operating during its ongoing execution & even its relevant icon might get removed from the Windows Desktop toolbar.
  • You can also confront problems while accessing the IDP service & you might find that the IDP service closes without any prior message.
  • Some other additional services associated with the QB Desktop application on the computer can also stop functioning once this error occurs.

What Are the Precise Factors That Can Cause ‘Intuit Data Protect Not Executing’ Error?

Here’re some factors discovered by QB Desktop experts that can easily trigger the ‘Intuit Data Protect Not Executing’ Error:

  • Any technical misconfiguration present within the ‘Windows Firewall’ settings can hinder the execution of necessary files associated with the IDP service, thereby initiating this error message on the screen.
  • Not allowing important websites within the ‘Internet Explorer’ settings that are required for the correct operation of the IDP service can trigger this error.
  • If the user’s system has an outdated version of QB Desktop and the IDP service, then this technical error can arise very easily.
  • Different technical issues present inside the system hard disk and critical Windows components like the ‘.NET framework’ can provoke this error message.

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Highly Efficient Step-Wise Resolutions for ‘Intuit Data Protect Not Operating’ Error

The most precise, as well as effective step-wise resolutions for the ‘Intuit Data Protect Not Operating’ Error are described as follows:

1: Properly edit the ‘Windows Firewall’ configuration to allow full access to the essential IDP service files

  • Here, in this resolution, just effectively obtain the ‘Windows Search’ box by tapping the ‘Windows’ key on the keyboard & then you shall need to write and execute the ‘Firewall’ command on that ‘Windows Search’ box.
  • Thereafter, simply jump to the new window that has appeared on the screen & then strike the ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’ tab, following which you can effectively choose the ‘Allow another app’ icon.
  • Next, precisely utilize the ‘Browse’ menu located on the screen to access the IDP folder present in the ‘C: drive’, and then you have to carefully discover & select the ‘QBIDPservice.exe’ file’s icon.
  • Now, instantly hit the ‘Open’ button & then you can effectively select the ‘Network Types’ tab, following which you shall be able to choose the ‘Private’ box on the window.
  • Just after that, simply tap the ‘Add’ button to allow complete access to the selected file, and then you have to repeat these steps for ‘IBUenghost.exe’ as well as ‘IntuitDataProtect.exe’ files.
  • Finally, once you have allowed the necessary files through the ‘Windows Firewall’ settings, the IDP service will be able to create the necessary backup data on your system.

2: Ensure that essential websites are set as ‘Trusted Sites’ in the ‘Internet Explorer’ web browser on the computer

  • Here, you shall simply acquire the ‘Internet Explorer’ window on the screen via its icon given on the Windows Desktop toolbar & then you will effectively obtain the ‘Internet Options’ window through the ‘Tools’ icon provided at the top-right corner of the ‘Internet Explorer’ window.
  • Now, by moving to the ‘Security’ tab shown on the ‘Internet Options’ window, you will be able to access the ‘Trusted Sites’ section, and then you must add the websites listed as follows: ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’
  • Here, make sure that you have selected the ‘Add’ button for each website listed in the previous step & then carefully ensure that the ‘Require server verification (https : ) for all sites in this zone’ is completely unchecked inside that section.
  • Next, just save the updated settings by striking the ‘Close’ and ‘OK’ buttons on the window & then make sure that you are able to open up the ‘’ website via your web browser.
  • Finally, exit the ‘Internet Explorer’ window so that you can successfully attempt to create the necessary backup of your essential data via the IDP service on the computer.

3: Acquire the newest IDP (Intuit Data Protect) updates on the system to fully tackle this technical problem

  • Here, the first step is to carefully acquire the ‘QB Desktop’ window on the computer’s screen & then you will utilize the ‘Help’ menu on that window to easily hit the ‘Update QuickBooks’ tab.
  • After that, easily choose the ‘Update Now’ menu indicated on the ‘Update QuickBooks’ window & then you must select the ‘Data Protect’ tab, following which fresh updates can be acquired via the ‘Get Updates’ button.
  • Now, hop to the ‘^’ icon indicated on the Windows Desktop toolbar & then effectively right-click on the ‘Intuit Data Protect’ icon, following which you should strike the ‘About Intuit Data Protect’ tab.
  • Just after that, you can hit the ‘Update’ button to fully install the IDP service updates on the system & then you can navigate back to the IDP service to create the necessary backup data.

Through the full implementation of these resolutions, you can definitely weed out ‘Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error’.

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