Find Your Way To Permanent Residency With TSS 482 Visa

Australia is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world to live. Reflected in the fact that thousands of international individuals apply for skilled work visas every year. If you are a skilled worker, you may consider applying for the Visa Subclass 482, one such skilled work visa. first of all, TSS stands for ‘Temporary Skill Shortage.’ This visa allows an Australian employer to recruit and sponsor an international worker skilled. Occupation is present on the relevant skilled occupation list.

As the first place, this visa is a temporary visa that will allow you to live in Australia. You can use this opportunity to obtain a permanent residency. This blog provides a complete guide on how a TSS Visa can lead to permanent residence.

How can your occupation impact the duration of your stay and permanent residency?

The Australian Government has set several skilled occupation lists. Based on the type of the list. Your occupation can impact your stay period.

  • In case listed on the STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List). You can live for a maximum of 2 years with your TSS Visa. You can renew your TSS 482 Visa only once while living in Australia.
  • First the nominated occupation is present on the ROL (Regional Occupation List). MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List), you can stay for up to 4 years. You can apply for an onshore renewal unlimited times.

Note that you will gain an employer-sponsored pathway to permanent residency. First your occupation is present on the ROL or MLTSSL.

How does the TSS Visa lead to an Australian permanent residency?

The complete name of the visa is Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482 in the first place. This visa allows Australian companies to employ. Sponsor skilled workers in areas where they cannot find an “appropriately skilled Australian worker.”

Holders of this visa can enjoy a number of benefits like living and working. In some cases, Visa 482 opens the pathway to permanent residency through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Visa Subclass 186. There are several pathways that you can explore to obtain your Australian permanent residence through your TSS Visa. All these pathways are discussed here.

Pathway 1: Medium Term TSS Visa – PR through Employer-Sponsored Temporary Transition Stream

If you hold a TSS Visa, you can go for the Employer-Sponsored Nomination (ENS) Stream. With your permanent residence visa, you can enjoy some of the privileges that Australian citizens also enjoy.

However, to apply for a PR visa, you have to satisfy the following eligibility requirements.

  • Your occupation should be present on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.
  • You should have worked for the same company for a minimum of 3 years in the first place.
  • Working in the same occupation for a minimum of 3 years while holding the 482 Visa is also necessary.
  • You should be skilled in at least a competent level of English.
  • In the first place, age should be under 45 years at the time of application.

Pathway 2: Medium Term TSS 482 Visa – PR through Regional Stream

You can also go for the Regional Employer Sponsored Scheme (RSMS). Fulfilling the following eligibility criteria is necessary.

  • Your occupation should be included in the Regional Occupation List. You should have been working in a designated regional area.
  • You should have gained at least 3 years of experience in the same occupation while holding the TSS Visa 482.
  • Gaining a minimum of 3 years of experience with the same company while holding the TSS Visa is also required.
  • In the first place a competent level of English is required.
  • For this stream, too, your age should be below 45 years.

Pathway 3: Through Direct Entry Stream

A skilled international worker has not worked for the sponsoring company for a minimum of 3 years. They can also obtain permanent residency. They have worked in the same occupation. If someone switches jobs after the initial Subclass 482 Visa was granted. Never held this visa, they can also apply through this stream. The eligibility requirements are as follows.

  • You should have worked for at least 3 years in the same profession. Working for the same employer is not mandatory.
  • First your occupation must be included in the ROL or MLTSSL.
  • Relevant skills assessment is required for the nominated occupation. There are different skills assessment authorities.
  • First A competent level of English is necessary.
  • Age must be below 45 years in the first place.

Pathway 4: Through General Skilled Migration Program

If an Australian company is not interested in sponsoring a TSS Visa holder. Holder will have the option of applying through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program.

Pathway 5: Through Partner Visa

If you are a TSS Visa holder in a genuine relationship with a partner who is an Australian PR. You can apply for a permanent Australian partner visa.

Pathway 6: Through Global Talent Program

First You have international recognition in one of the targeted sectors of the Department of Home Affairs.

Pathway 7: Through Investor Visa

First, You can explore this option if you’re a high-net-worth person.
There are differences in 482 Visa requirements for different 482 Visa streams. First You should be very careful while making your application.

How long does it take to receive your 482 Visa?

For the four different streams, 482 Visa processing time is different.

Short-term Stream
75% of applications: 10 months
90% of applications: 12 months

Medium-term Stream
75% of applications: 3 months
90% of applications: 10 months

Labour Agreement Stream
75% of applications: 6 months
90% of applications: 11 months

Subsequent Entrant Stream
No processing time is available.

Can you study in Australia with this visa?

482 Visa streams allow the holder to study in Australia. One thing to note is that there will be no government assistance available to cover study expenses.

Get help from a migration agent for a successful transition from 482 Visa to permanent residency

If your ultimate goal is to obtain an Australian permanent residency through your TSS Visa Subclass 482. You should adequately submit all the documents. First, you have to check if you fulfill all the general and stream-specific requirements. T The visa application procedure is long and complicated. We always recommend hiring the best migration agent from Adelaide. In the first place, the reasons are as follows.

  • Failing to submit a complete application will lead to visa application refusal. Which will affect your chance of obtaining permanent residency in the future.
  • A migration agent will help you in every step, and from their experiences. They can offer the best advice on making a successful application without much difficulty.

Several migration consultancies offer top-rated Migration Agent Adelaide For references, you may get in touch with them.