How Can You Renew Your Visitor Visa 600 in Australia?

The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 is the main tourist visa in Australia that allows international visitors to travel to Australia for various purposes. Whether you want to visit this country to explore it as a traveller, spend time with your friend or family members, on a cruise, or fulfil a business commitment, you have to apply for this specific visitor visa. However, your plans may have changed, and you may want to stay a bit longer. In that case, you will likely be looking for a possible extension. As per the immigration rules, overstaying is not allowed, and so you must avoid it at any cost. It will only make you unlawful, which may have more serious consequences. Check this post to learn how to renew your Visa 600 in Australia.

Steps to Take to Renew Your Visitor Visa in Australia

There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to extending your Australian visitor visa. Go through the steps below to make sure you successfully apply for your Visitor visa extension.

Determine How Long You Will Want to Reside in Australia as a Visitor

Before making another visitor visa application in Australia, you have first to determine the period you want to stay in Australia for. Remember that you can stay in Australia for a maximum of 12 months. That is why it is necessary to be clear about your length of stay. It will make you understand the best visa option for you.

Also, you will not likely want to apply for a visa extension multiple times. So, it is always practical to be clear about the objectives of your stay in Australia.

Check Your Visa Conditions and Expiry Dates

You must be aware of as accurate and detailed information as possible about the Tourist Visa 600 you hold. This information should include:

  • Your visa expiry date
  • Specific visa conditions
  • Whether there is any condition that will prevent you from applying for another Australian visa

It is now possible to check the conditions and statuses of many visas online. For example, suppose you want to check your visa status and obtain an Australian ETA Visa extension. In that case, you can do it via the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) system.

It will be a good idea to apply for your new visitor visa at least 3 weeks before the current visa expiry.

If you have already decided to apply for an extension, carry out the next procedures. Check the available visa options and arrange the application documents you need.

Explore the Available Visa Options

If “no further stay condition” is not attached to your current visa, you can apply for a new visa even before your 600 Visa expires. When you do it, the Department of Home Affairs will issue you a Bridging Visa A to allow you to stay legally in Australia.

Keep in mind that the Bridging Visa A does not let a holder return to Australia. So, you cannot travel abroad on this Bridging Visa. You have to wait for your new visitor visa grant.

Ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria before applying for an extension. You will have to submit the same documents that you have submitted for your current visitor visa. Still, it is always recommended to check the eligibility criteria for the new visa you want to apply for.

Waive Your “No Further Stay Condition”

A “no further stay condition” (condition 8503) is common for the Tourist, Sponsored Family, and Approved Destination Streams. So, if your 600 Visa has this condition imposed, get it waived. However, make sure that you have compelling reasons behind it.

Choose the Most Suitable Visa Option

When deciding on the most suitable visa option, you must consider your purposes for a longer stay.

  • If you want to stay in Australia a bit longer just for tourism purposes, the best thing will be to apply for another Visitor Visa 600.

    Sometimes, you may not have enough money to cover your extended living costs. In that case, you have to apply for a visa that will allow you to work for an Australian employer.

  • If you aim to enrol in a course at an Australian institute, a student visa application will be a more viable option.

Thus, you can understand that your choice will depend on your individual situation. To clear any doubts or questions, go through relevant government sources to find detailed information about visa applications and types.

Make the New Visa Application

Once you gather all the documents, it is time to make your new visa application. You can visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs to apply online.

Keep in mind that an Australian visa always takes time to get processed. It means that you must stay patient when the application is processed.

What Can You Do if Your 600 Visa Has Already Expired?

It may happen that your Visitor Visa 600 already expires when your new visa application is still under process. You will not need to worry about it because the Department of Home Affairs will immediately issue you a Bridging Visa A.

However, if you have not applied for a new visa and are overstayed, you will not receive any bridging visa or visa extension.

What Is 8531 Condition?

If 8531 Condition is imposed on your current visitor visa, you will be required to leave Australia before its expiry. In that case, you will also not get any chance to waive the 8503 Condition.

Do You Need to Pay a Fee to Request a Waiver?

There are no legal fees for requesting waivers for the Australian Visa Subclass 600. However, fees may be required for legal representation.

How Can a Migration Consultant in Adelaide Help You?

Making a successful application is the prime requirement to turn your wish into reality. A registered migration agent in Adelaide can prove helpful in this regard. These professionals are usually experienced in handling a variety of cases. So, hire one of them and extend your stay hassle-free.