Essential Security Features To Get With Managed WP Hosting

Almost more than half of the websites on the web are WordPress websites. With their wide-scale popularity and usage, they are often on the hit list of hackers and cybercriminals. Due to this, WP site owners must be more cautious about their security efforts and arrangement. Most managed wp hosting plans offer sufficient security arrangements, which is not enough for WP sites.

Managed WordPress hosting is often the first choice of many site owners. The professionals will manage the site and server, but you cannot give up on your right to look after the security measures. Securing some essential features will help you be sure of the safety of your site.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn about essential security features you must get with your managed WordPress hosting plan and enjoy optimized security.

Top 6 Security Features to Secure With Managed WP Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting plan means that the technical experts will manage your server and site. They will also be responsible for optimizing its security. However, you cannot become oblivious to it and trust the service providers blindly. Ensuring a few security features can help you trust the service providers better.

Here are the major security features you must secure with your managed WordPress hosting plan.

1. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is the very first security feature you should essentially secure with the managed WP hosting package. SSL certificates encrypt confidential data between the site and users, so no third person can access and misuse it. It includes the login details, credit card details, and other personal details of the users. SSL certificates are crucial for all sites as they boost their authenticity and strengthen the users’ trust too. Many WP site owners contact managed WordPress hosting services in UAE and opt for a plan with higher security to ensure perfect functioning.

2. IP Blocker

IP blocker is the next security feature you should secure with your managed WP hosting package. As the name suggests, the IP blocker blocks specific IP addresses from getting access to the site or server. You can block access for requests from multiple servers simultaneously with an IP blocker. It is more than necessary to offer protection against brute force attacks. It also prevents the access of disruptive addresses to save the site from potential attacks. So, do not take it lightly, and make sure it is part of the security features of your hosting plan.

3. Virus Scanner

A virus scanner is one of the essential security features you must secure with managed WP hosting package. Cybercrimes have increased significantly, and virus attacks are the sure-shot way to access the site and servers. Virus scanner offers support in scanning software and other programs for viruses and malware. The virus scanners detect malicious activities early on, block them and alert the authorities to protect the system from other potential threats. Having a virus scanner can protect your site and resources from virus and malware attacks.

4. SSH

SSH, also known as secure socket shell, is the next must-have security feature to get with managed WP hosting plans. The secure socket shells establish a secure link between two systems and allow command sharing. In other words, you can remotely access your system or device with the credentials or the SSH key and manage it efficiently. It is often confused with SSL certificates. However, they do not offer remote access to the site and sharing commands but only encrypt data between the server and site users. So make sure you get SSH along with SSL certificates for optimized security.

5. Directory Privacy

Directory privacy is another crucial security feature you must get with managed WP hosting package. Such privacy blocks the access of the users trying to open the folders which are designated for protection. In other words, directory privacy will boost the security of protected folders and not allow access to unauthorized users. The users will have to enter the credentials and password to get access. Ensure you have directory privacy if you want to boost the security of your protected folders.

6. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the last security feature you must secure with your WP hosting. Two-factor authentication sends a verification code to the email or smartphone of the user to confirm they are trying to log in to the account. It ensures timely verification and strict action if someone tries to impersonate the user and steal data or information. It will boost the security of your account and the trust of users too. You can consult managed WordPress hosting UAE services to pick the managed plan along with perfect security features to run your site smoothly.

Are You Still Concerned About The Security Of WP Sites?

If you are still concerned about the security arrangements of your site, maybe it is time to change your hosting service. Consult professional WordPress hosting providers and explore the available options to pick the ones best suited for your site and its security.