9 Best Picnic Spots in London

I love picnics. Food. The sun. The people. All of it adds up to having a great time. The weather in London can make planning for outdoor dining, but I can always get a chance to have a spontaneous picnic or even ten during the summer. In fact, I’ve been to numerous picnics where I’ve uncovered some of the best spots within the capital city. If you’re interested in the details, check out The Lady in London’s guide to the top picnic places in London.

Picnic Spots in London

The best aspect of London is that it has numerous green spaces. The city has many places to set up an afternoon picnic, from large parks to small squares, lush gardens, and vast commons. Add in great stores or markets; getting top-quality food items for an outdoor barbecue is easy.

London offers a wide range of choices. It’s a meal prepared by the street or mature cheddar purchased from nearby cheese mongers. Certain companies even cater to gatherings and picnics within London.

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Picnic in London

It’s also nice that you can consume alcohol in public spaces in this area, which means that every gathering can include beer, wine, and other beverages if you’d like it.

In addition, remember to pack things such as bottles and cups for your picnic (and plates and cutlery If you’d like them too).

I’ve lost all of these items during various picnics and have needed to develop a new method of opening wine bottles and attempting to avoid drinking straight from them.

Picnic Food

  1. Green Park

Green Park is one of my top spots for picnics in London. I’ve enjoyed more picnics there than anyplace other in the city. It’s because it’s so close that it’s easy to make friends at parks after work. There’s also an upscale supermarket right next to Green Park tube station. It’s got everything one could require to have the perfect picnic.

I also love that all of us share the same thought. When it’s sunny and warm, Green Park is awash with picnics. It’s a great way to enjoy a festive and festive atmosphere (and is helpful if you have to get a bottle opener from the group close the door).

  1. St James’s Park

St James’s Park is another one of London’s most beautiful picnic places. I went to a lot of picnics here in the summer of 2012, not to mention because the view is gorgeous. The gardens are among the most vibrant in London, and the birds are lovely to observe. There are only a few alternatives for eating out close to the park, so it’s essential to plan for picnics within St James’s Park.

  1. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is not only one of my favorite spots to walk around in London it’s also one of my favorite spots for picnics in London. I’ve often eaten outside here and always picked an alternative location.

I enjoy picnics at Kenwood House as the sun sets, and I am a fan of eating dinner on Parliament Hill, where the views of London are breathtaking. I’ve also enjoyed a lot of picnics in the secluded meadows and the grassy field within Hampstead Heath. It’s nearly impossible to miss there.

Hampstead High Street and South End Green are home to delis and supermarkets where you can purchase snacks for your picnic and picnic, making it easy to find food near the train and tube stations.

  1. Peckham Rye Park

In South London, Peckham Rye Park is a fantastic spot for picnics. There is plenty of space on the common, and tables for picnics are scattered throughout the park. I am awestruck by watching dogs run around in the fields; they always have plenty of them.

Additionally, Lordship Lane in nearby East Dulwich has cheesemongers, specialty shops, wine shops, and a few supermarkets. They’re great locations to buy food for picnics on the route to the playground.

  1. London Fields

In the east of London, London Fields is one of the top picnic locations to enjoy a picnic in London during the weekend. Broadway Market is next to the park, making it simple to buy prepared food and a range of freshly-picked produce, including bread, cheese, and bread to snack on.

I am a sucker for visiting Broadway Market in the summer on pleasant Saturdays and taking a picnic lunch with the beautiful food you can buy in the marketplace. The market is also crowded with picnickers, making it a great place to spend time.

  1. Kensington Gardens

During the time I was living in Kensington, I took a lot of meals within Kensington Gardens. It’s difficult not to appreciate dining outdoors with the view of Kensington Palace, right? While I kept my eyes on princes and princesses, I found it much easier to concentrate more on food.

This is because there’s a Whole Foods down the street. It guarantees plenty of delicious food options for an afternoon picnic in Kensington Gardens (even if it costs you a lot to do it). It’s also odd that there aren’t nearly as many people taking picnics in the gardens as in areas similar to Green Park.

  1. Regent’s Park

Because of its proximity to Camden, in addition to Marylebone, Regent’s Park is one of the top picnic places in London.

I love buying fresh cheese and bread from the markets and shops and in Marylebone High Street before grazing as I eat this inside Queen Mary’s Garden, the beautiful rose garden within Regent’s Park.

If I’m from Camden, There are plenty of food options along the Parkway (including an additional Whole Foods) before making my way to the northern end of the park to enjoy an afternoon picnic at London Zoo. London Zoo.

  1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is another excellent spot to have a picnic in London. I’ve enjoyed many days of sitting on the Serpentine and watching boats pass along the water. Because of its central location, it’s an ideal spot to get together with acquaintances.

One of my best moments in London was when I joined a large group to enjoy a picnic in front of the summer concert venue in Hyde Park.We couldn’t purchase tickets but sat in the fields, eating while listening to the show until sunset. Many other people were in the same boat, and it became something of a festival that was its own.

  1. Osterley Park

West of the way, Osterley Park is one of the most distinctive picnic places in London. With its breathtaking setting with Osterley House, a National Trust property in London, it’s the perfect location to enjoy an outdoor feast with stunning views.

There are plenty of tables for picnics at the home’s entrance and the buildings around it. It’s easy to put up and enjoy a meal. Cafes also mean there’s food available; however, it’s always better to take your own meal.

This list has encouraged you to go out and explore London while enjoying the good weather and delicious food. London’s climate may not always be perfect; however, if it doesn’t, there’s nothing better spot for a picnic than the city itself.