10 Reasons to Choose CBSE Schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 reasons why CBSE schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat are the best choice for your child’s education. We will discuss the quality of teaching, the curriculum, the extra-curricular activities, and more.

1) The curriculum is designed by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national-level board that sets the syllabus for affiliated schools in India. This board is responsible for providing quality education to students by creating a well-rounded curriculum. 

With this, CBSE schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat provide students with an all-encompassing educational experience and prepare them for any upcoming challenges.

2) The affiliated schools follow a strict code of conduct.

At the affiliated CBSE schools in Gujarat, the students are expected to maintain a certain standard of discipline at all times. 

The code of conduct includes regulations such as maintaining an appropriate dress code, abstaining from any kind of unethical activity or disruptive behavior, proper usage of school resources, adhering to the school’s timetable and punctuality in attending classes and other activities, proper mannerisms during interactions with peers and teachers, and being respectful to everyone. 

The affiliated CBSE schools in Vadodara have also established a system of punishments for any violation of the code of conduct, which may include suspension, expulsion, or other sanctions. It is expected that all students abide by the code of conduct for a peaceful and healthy learning environment.

3) The students have to clear exams at the end of each academic year.

At the end of each academic year, all CBSE schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat require their students to take exams. These exams are designed to assess the student’s knowledge and performance. 

They involve various types of questions such as multiple choice, essay-based, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. The exams are conducted according to the syllabus set by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 

The students are evaluated based on their academic performance and on their ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired. Passing these exams is essential for the students to progress to the next academic year.

4) The performance of the students is evaluated by internal and external experts.

At CBSE schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat, the performance of students is taken seriously. The Central Board of Secondary Education ensures that the students are evaluated by both internal and external experts to ascertain their learning capabilities. 

Internal evaluation is done through assessment tests that are conducted by teachers within the school premises while external evaluation is done through examinations administered by CBSE or other external examining bodies. 

This CBSE school in Surat ensures that the quality of education is consistently monitored and the students are assessed on their understanding of the subject matter. This makes sure that the students are receiving quality education and have a holistic learning experience.

5) The academic calendar is followed by all the affiliated schools.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat strictly adhere to the academic calendar set by CBSE. The academic year typically begins in April and ends in March of the following year. During the year, there are several holidays that students can enjoy such as Diwali, Dusshera, etc. 

Additionally, these CBSE schools in Surat have various internal assessments, tests, and exams that have to be cleared by the students at the end of the academic year. The performance of the students is evaluated by both internal and external experts to ensure that the highest quality of education is being provided. 

Transportation and medical facilities are also available for the students. All in all, these CBSE schools provide a holistic learning environment for their students to grow and develop.

6) The academic year starts in April and ends in March.

The academic year of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat begins in April and ends in March. This is the same schedule followed by other CBSE schools across India. 

The yearly academic calendar outlines all holidays, tests, evaluations, and extracurricular activities that students are expected to take part in. In addition, they also provide a framework for the start and end of each school day and weekend break. The academic year provides the structure for ensuring that students gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for college or university. 

Additionally, the CBSE schools in Gujarat structure also ensure that all students receive equal time for studying and engaging in extra-curricular activities. The annual CBSE syllabus is designed to promote critical thinking and creativity, allowing students to master the core concepts of their curriculum and maximize their learning opportunities.

7) The students get holidays for festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, etc.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat offer students numerous benefits, including the opportunity to take a break from studies and observe holidays for festivals such as Diwali, Dusshera, etc. 

During such special occasions, students can engage in activities like visiting temples and spending time with their families. 

These CBSE schools in Gujarat holidays also give them a chance to indulge in fun activities like playing cricket, going to picnics, and so on. Holidays on special occasions serve to rejuvenate the students and help them recharge for the next academic year.

8) The students can avail of medical facilities at the school.

At CBSE schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat, medical facilities are available to students in need. Each school has a fully-equipped medical room staffed with a qualified medical professional who is always ready to attend to the medical needs of students. These medical facilities are comprehensive and cover basic first aid and medical care. 

In case of emergency, the school can provide for an ambulance to take the student to the nearest hospital. Moreover, the school ensures that all students have valid health insurance policies to protect them from any unexpected medical expenses. The student’s health and safety are of utmost importance at these CBSE schools.

9) The students can participate in extracurricular activities.

At CBSE schools in Surat, students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular activities that are designed to help them develop physically, mentally, and socially. 

These CBSE schools in Gujarat activities include sports, art and music, theatre, and community service. This gives students the chance to try something new and challenge themselves differently. Furthermore, extracurricular activities teach students valuable skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. 

In addition, students can learn new hobbies and gain an understanding of how to balance academics with non-academic pursuits. Finally, students can make new friends and build strong relationships with their peers. All of these experiences prepare students for success both in school and in life.

10) The students can avail of transportation facilities.

The CBSE-affiliated schools in Vadodara, Surat, and Gujarat offer students transportation services to and from the school premises. The bus service is regularly monitored and maintained for the safety of the students. 

All the buses are provided with trained drivers and equipped with GPS systems and CCTV cameras for enhanced security. The buses are also well-maintained with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and music systems. This ensures that the students travel in a safe and comfortable environment. The buses are also regularly sanitized for their protection. All these measures ensure that the students have access to hassle-free and safe transport facilities.


When it comes to choosing the best education for your children, there is no better option than CBSE schools in Surat. With their high standards of teaching, experienced faculty, and range of facilities, these schools are the perfect place for your children to receive a quality education.