Washing Machine Drain Blocked? Here’s What You Can Do

Washing Machine Drain Blocked? Here’s What You Can Do

After the advancement of Science and Technology, one of the greatest gifts that mankind got is a washing machine. Not only has it saved a lot of your

After the advancement of Science and Technology, one of the greatest gifts that mankind got is a washing machine. Not only has it saved a lot of your time but also has made washing clothes a much more effortless activity. However, the problem occurs when the washing machine fails to perform the way it should. One of the potential issues that people using a washing machine most commonly face is a drain blocked problem. To get rid of this you can rely on 24-hour emergency plumbing services available in London.

When it comes to drainage problems of washing machines you can separate them into two parts – either the water cannot flow properly through the pipelines to make the machine empty, or the water becomes stagnant inside the machine without moving an inch. When you notice that the water has to doubt at one place all you need to do is to bail out the water from the wash should by using force.

Although these are general issues, the accumulation of several problems can lead to a blocked drain of your washing machine. Sometimes treating these problems can be a bit tricky. So, we have come up with this blog where we will share with you the possible causes of a cloud washing machine drain along with their solutions. Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started with the details of the blog.

Causes of washing machine drain blockage

Before we get into explaining the different ways by which you can unblock your washing machine waste pipe it is imperative to find out the possible causes. When you have to solve a problem, you need to figure out its cause. Eliminating the cause from the root can remove the issue and can ease your life. The problems you generally notice during a blocked washing machine drain include the following:

  • Broken or loose drive belt
  • Clogged drainage system
  • Blockage or clog in the rubber drain tube where water becomes stagnant
  • Failed mechanics of the water pump
  • An obstruction in the impellers or water pump filter due to a material or object
  • Default in the lid switch

How to unblock a clogged washing machine drain?

Now that you have got an idea about the various causes that lead to blocked pipelines of the washing machine drainage, it is time to find a solution to it. And easiest way would be to rely on drain repairs in London. They are professional and efficient enough to take care of every drainage problem in your washing machine and solve it in no time.

You may not get the assistance of professional plumbers for repairing your washing machine drains. What should you do then? Should you leave the problem as it is? Well, this is sure to complicate the situation more. Instead, you can follow these methods to clear a blockage in the washing machine drain as given below:

Method 1: Access to drain and its diagnosis

To access and diagnose the washing machine drainage first close the water supply lines and utilize some towels or rags to suck the excess water. At times you might also require a bucket to get rid of excess water. Make sure to have a set of white and red bulbs on the wall behind the washing machine. Close the valves as much as possible by turning them clockwise.

To get access to the water supply lines you may have to take off the washer from against the wall. Now, consider the hose that comes out from the back of the washing machine and separate the hot and cold water lines. Use a snake to clean the drain after taking off the hose.

Method 2: Snaking

A snake, also known as a drain auger has a sturdy and long wire that has the power to reach down the pipe to unclog the blockage. At the other end of the snake, you will find a handle that rotates and pushes the coil inside the drain to clean the blockage.

Depending upon the placement of the blockage, you must put the end portion of the coil at the opening of the drain or hose. Now twist the handle of the snake to let the coil get extended and reach the blockage. Keep on twisting until you feel the obstruction. While you remove the blockage make sure to repeat the process a few more times.

Method 3: Using drain cleaners

One of the easiest methods is to use chemical drain cleaners. If you notice that your washing machine is draining water gradually and it has no clogs in between the pipelines, try to use some hot boiling water to poet into the drain. This can help the blockage to get eliminated soon. Sometimes scum and soap built up can narrow down the drainage pipeline.

Along with hot water, you can use baking soda, detergent powder, and vinegar to create a thick paste and put it down the toilet bowl. If you live in a cold region, sometimes an accumulation of snow can lead to clogged drains. This can also be released by pouring hot water.

Method 4: Filter cleaning

Every washing machine comes along with a filter located either on the side of the machine or on the front. To clear that clogged pipeline of the washing machine, pull it away from the wall and then take a look at the bottom of the machine and at the sides of the panel. In this panel, there is a pump that pushes out the blocked materials along with water through the holes and eliminates dirt and large debris.

Method 5: Maintaining the washing machine

It is important to maintain your washing machine from preventing the accumulation of build-up inside the washing machine pipes. When you use a washing machine for a long time, the grease, debris, dirt, lint, and other solid waste materials get accumulated within the drainage system of the washing machine. As a result, the water-draining process becomes slow. To prevent this, you can undergo a hot water wash and an interval of 6 months.


Therefore, it is important to clean your washing machine to avoid unnecessary blockages and build-ups in the pipelines. Since blocked drain in London is a common problem, you can reach out to emergency plumbers to solve this issue. Make sure to catch hold of reputed plumbing service providers to get the best results.