What Is Salesforce CMS?


Salesforce CMS (Content Management System) is a hybrid CMS platform that helps users easily create and deliver content to any channel or device. This platform was developed by Salesforce, a top-rated cloud-based software company focusing on sales, customer relationships, e-commerce, marketing, etc. Salesforce created CMS to enable novice and expert teams to develop content and deliver them to any channel. In short, Salesforce CMS stores and retrieves documents, knowledge articles, photographs, videos, etc. Numerous user groups can access the data maintained and stored in Salesforce CMS, irrespective of which cloud product they use. The Salesforce CMS platform helps the content to be presented on top to enhance the relationship with the audience. Today Salesforce has become highly popular due to its numerous services in the IT and business sectors. One can take up Salesforce Training in Noida as this training is highly beneficial and helps one make drastic career advancements.

Features Of Salesforce CMS

Salesforce CMS is a comprehensive platform with multiple features to facilitate robust business functioning and content management. Let us look at the various features of Salesforce CMS.

  1. Robust

Salesforce CMS is a powerful, simple platform that can create, manage, and deliver content effectively. Users can choose from various content types and quickly develop their unique content in the app without technical knowledge. This platform is scalable and supports rapid content development and management.

  1. Flexible

Salesforce CMS is a highly flexible platform. It allows the users to generate content in one place and syndicate it to any other non-Salesforce-powered digital touchpoint. Salesforce CMS offers tools like Salesforce Experience Builder and Commerce Page Designer, enabling users to create an experience declaratively by dragging and dropping content components onto a website, portal, forum, or e-commerce storefront.

  1. Customer-Centric

Salesforce CMS provides personalized and connected content for customers visiting any digital property. Such customized content looks after customer requirements, queries, etc.

  1. Provides Multi-Lingual Support

Salesforce CMS supports a wide range of languages and translation assistance to scale the content marketing efforts and bridge various language barriers teams, and customers face.

  1. Supports Team Collaboration

The Salesforce CMS platform supports team collaborations for effective content delivery and smoother customer experience.

Types Of CMS

The different types of CMS are as follows:

  • Coupled CMS: This CMS architecture tightly links the back end to the front end and makes it impossible to separate the management and presentation layers.
  • Headless CMS: It resolves the challenges of coupling creation and presentation by releasing the presentation touchpoint or the presentation head.
  • Hybrid CMS: This CMS provides a native experience channel and gives the flexibility to present content to any touchpoint built on a third-party system.

Uses Of Salesforce CMS

Salesforce CMS offers its services in different areas. Let us look at the various ways in which businesses use Salesforce CMS.

  • Salesforce CMS Home gives access to all the CMS tools for the users. One can go to CMS Channels, Workspaces, and CMS Experiences from Salesforce CMS Home. CMS Workspaces is the Salesforce CMS platform’s fundamental organizational and security principle. CMS Workspaces has multiple channels allowing users to share materials authored by one or more workspace contributors.
  • One can create content in Salesforce CMS faster and more effectively. Additionally, the users can create Publication Schedules in Salesforce CMS to create publishing and unpublishing schedules for their Salesforce CMS materials.
  • Salesforce CMS offers a variety of customizable content types for its users. These content types can be used for documents, images, news, etc. The platform also provides Salesforce CMS Content Key to keep the content consistent.
  • Salesforce CMS users can create a Detail Page to hold specific content types for published content on the website of Experience Builder. Furthermore, one can translate the Salesforce CMS Content into different languages to meet the global demands of the company.
  • One can easily import and export content with Salesforce CMS. Additionally, users can also organize the content with Folders, Collections, and Topics in Salesforce CMS.

Benefits Of Salesforce CMS

The key benefits of Salesforce CMS include the following:

  1. Salesforce CMS enables teams to create content in a central location and associate it with any other digital touchpoint.
  2. Salesforce CMS allows one to connect with a third-party system.
  3. This hybrid CMS is built to integrate with several other platforms.
  4. The sales and marketing teams are able to create more personalized content for a better customer experience with Salesforce CMS.
  5. Salesforce CMS empowers business owners to create content.
  6. Salesforce CMS allows users to create personalized content from Salesforce CRM data.
  7. This platform has multi-language and translation support that enables brands to maintain their standard.
  8. Salesforce CMS allows easy customization and integration with other platforms.


To summarize, Salesforce Content Management System is a powerful tool enabling robust content creation and delivery for businesses. This platform is highly customizable and easily integrated with other platforms to facilitate enhanced data creation, management, and delivery. Salesforce comes with multi-lingual support and promotes team collaboration for effective functioning. This platform has tools like CMS Home, CMS Channels, Workspaces, CMS Experiences, etc. Furthermore, it allows users to create Publication Schedules for their Salesforce CMS materials. Salesforce CMS is a beneficial software that is increasingly used by businesses. Companies hire Salesforce CMS professionals to speed up their productivity. This has led to a significant rise in the demand for Salesforce CMS professionals. One can check the Salesforce Training in Delhi to learn more about this platform.