What Changes ICAI will Make to CA Syllabus in 2024 Exams?

The ICAI has introduced a new scheme for CA courses to improve training and education for aspiring CA candidates. The changes made under the new scheme made the CA course syllabus more effective, efficient, and relevant and incorporated best practices from accounting bodies to help minimize the burden on aspirants. In this blog, we have covered the alterations done in the current CA syllabus at all levels of course.

Time taken to complete the CA course under the new scheme-

According to the new scheme introduced by the ICAI, the minimum time to complete a CA course is reduced to 42 months from 48 months. Check out the table mentioned below to know more details-

Course Level Current Scheme New Scheme
CA Foundation Registration Beginning Beginning
Foundation Study Period 04 months 04 months
Intermediate Study Period 08 months 08 months
Articleship Period 36 months 24 months
Final Study Period 06 months
Total Duration 48 months 42 months

CA Foundation Syllabus Under New Scheme-

Eligibility Criteria-

  • Under the CA new scheme, there is no mention of the number of attempts a candidate can take to clear the exam, but the registration for the CA foundation course can be renewed several times.
  • Candidates can register for the CA foundation after class 10th exams, and registration is valid for 04 years.
  • There are no cut-off dates for CA foundation registration now, meaning there could be three attempts in a year. This is good news for CA aspiring candidates.

CA Syllabus under the new scheme for Foundation level-

In the old CA exam syllabus for the foundation level, there were six subjects. But, the topics from two subjects were merged with one and removed from the course. Those subjects were part of paper 2, Business Corresponding & Reporting and paper 4, Business & Commercial Knowledge. Below, the CA foundation syllabus is mentioned according to the new scheme-

Proposed Current
Paper1- Accounting Paper1- Principles and Practice of Accounting
Paper2- Business Law Paper2- Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting
Paper3- Quantitative Aptitude

Business Mathematics

Logical Reasoning


Paper3- Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics
Paper4- Business Economics Paper4- Business Economics & Business & Commercial Knowledge

Passing Criteria-

With the CA syllabus, the ICAI has also made some changes in passing criteria under the new scheme. Students need to secure at least 50% aggregate marks to clear CA foundation exams and there will also be 0.25 negative marking on each wrong answer.

Current Proposed
Subjective + Objective- No negative marking 0.25 negative marking on the incorrect subjective and objective answers.

CA Intermediate Syllabus Under New Scheme-

Eligibility Criteria-

The eligibility criteria for CA intermediate level are the same as before but to appear in the exam, 08 months study period is mandatory for direct entry students. The CA intermediate registration valid is now 05 years and can be revalidated by paying prescribed fees.

Aspect Prospect Current
Admission Eligibility Foundation exam + Class 12th exams

Direct Entry Route

Foundation exam + Class 12th exams

Direct Entry Route

Admission Registration Validity 05 years 04 years
Exam Eligibility 08 months study period for foundation and direct entry Foundation- 08 months study period

Direct entry- after completing 09 months of training

CA new Syllabus for Intermediate under New Scheme-

  • In the current scheme, there are 08 papers in the CA syllabus intermediate level, which are reduced to 06 under the new scheme. Details are mentioned below-
  • Papers 01 and 05 are merged into one subject, Advanced Accounting.
  • Paper 02, Corporate Law will cover all topics of the Companies Act under the new scheme.
  • Paper 07’s part Enterprise Information Systems and 08’s part Economics for Finance is removed. The remaining part of papers 07 and 08 are merged as paper 06, Financial and Strategic Management.
Proposed Current
Paper1- Advanced Accounting Paper1- Accounting

Paper5- Advanced Accounting

Paper2- Corporate Laws Paper2- Corporate and Other Laws
Paper3- Cost and Management Accounting Paper3- Cost and Management Accounting
Paper4- Taxation Paper4- Taxation
Paper5- Auditing and Code of Ethics Paper6- Auditing and Assurance
Paper6A- Financial Management

Paper6B- Strategic management

Paper7- Enterprise Information System & Strategic management

Paper8- Financial Management & Economics for Finance

In the old CA syllabus 2023 for CA intermediate, there were 04 papers in each group, but under the new scheme, there are 03 papers in each group.

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CA Final Syllabus Under New Scheme-

CA Subjects and Syllabus for Final level under New Scheme-

  • The ICAI has done a few major changes in the CA final syllabus under the new scheme. There are 03 subjects in each group, a total of 06 subjects in the final syllabus.
  • Paper 4 and paper 5 subjects are removed from the syllabus and are added as self-paced modules.
  • Paper 6, which is an elective subject in the current scheme, is introduced as a mandatory multi-disciplinary case study along with strategic management.
  • The elective subject of paper 6 like capital market and risk management are under the self-paced module, part C and part D.
Current Proposed
Paper1- Financial Reporting Paper1- Financial Reporting
Paper2- Strategic Financial Management Paper2- Advanced Financial Management
Paper3- Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Paper3- Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
Paper4- Corporate and Economics Laws Under the Self-paced mandatory module
Paper5- Strategic Cost Management and Performance Under the Self-paced mandatory module
Paper7- Direct tax laws and international taxation Paper4- Direct tax laws and international taxation
Paper8- Indirect tax laws Paper5- Indirect tax laws

Self-paced mandatory module-

A- Compulsory- Economics Laws

B- Compulsory- Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

C- Elective, anyone-

  • Risk management
  • integrated and sustainability reporting
  • government accounting and public finance
  • introduction to digital transformation and ecosystem
  • International Taxation
  • forensic audit
  • arbitration, mediation, and conciliation
  • financial services and capital markets
  • valuation
  • forex and treasury management

Set D- Elective, Anyone-

  • Constitution of India
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy


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