The Role Of A Local Sponsor In New Company Registration In Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai can be an exciting and lucrative opportunity. With a strategic location, favorable economic policies, and a dynamic business landscape, Dubai attracts entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. However, the process of new company registration in Dubai can be complex and time-consuming, particularly for foreign nationals who may not be familiar with local laws and regulations. In this blog post, we will discuss the role of a local sponsor for company registration and how it can help entrepreneurs navigate the process more effectively. 

Business Landscape in Dubai 

Before delving into the role of a local sponsor, it is important to understand the business landscape in Dubai. Dubai’s economy is primarily driven by industries such as real estate, tourism, and finance. The government has implemented several economic policies and regulations to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment. Dubai offers two main types of company registration: free zones and mainland companies. Free zones are designated areas that offer 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and other incentives. Mainland companies, on the other hand, require a local sponsor and are subject to specific laws and regulations. 

Role of a Local Sponsor in Company Formation 

A local sponsor is a UAE national or a company owned by UAE nationals that acts as a partner or a representative for foreign businesses. A local sponsor is required for mainland companies, and their role can be critical in ensuring a smooth and successful company registration process. Here are some key ways in which a local sponsor can assist with business registration: 

  • Legal support: A local sponsor can provide legal advice and support on local laws, regulations, and licensing requirements. 
  • Documentation and paperwork: A local sponsor can assist with obtaining the necessary documentation and paperwork for business registration, such as trade licenses, permits, and visas. 
  • Liaison with government authorities: A local sponsor can act as a liaison with government authorities and help navigate bureaucratic procedures. 
  • Business advise and guidance: A local sponsor can provide advice and insights on local market trends, competition, and opportunities. 
  • Local market knowledge and insights: A local sponsor can provide valuable insights and contacts in the local market, which can help with marketing, sales, and networking. 

Types of Local Sponsors in Dubai 

There are different types of local sponsors in Dubai, and choosing the right one can be critical to the success of a new business. Here are some common types of local sponsors: 

  1. Individuals: An individual local sponsor is a UAE national who provides sponsorship services for a fee. They may have limited involvement in the business operations, but they must own at least 51% of the company’s shares. 
  1. Companies: A company local sponsor is a UAE-owned company that provides sponsorship services. They may have a more active role in the business operations and must own at least 51% of the company’s shares. 
  1. Government agencies: In some cases, a government agency may act as a local sponsor for companies that operate in strategic sectors or areas. 
  1. Professional services firms: Some professional services firms, such as law firms or consulting firms, may also provide local sponsor services. 

Choosing a Local Sponsor for New Company Registration 

When choosing a local sponsor in any region, whether for Company Formation In UK or in UAE, it is important to take the following factors into consideration: 

Understanding business requirements 

The local sponsor should have a good understanding of your business requirements and goals. They should be able to provide the necessary support and advice to help you navigate the local business landscape. 

Research and due diligence 

It is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence on potential local sponsors before entering into a partnership. This includes checking their reputation, experience, and track record. 

Reputation and experience 

Your local sponsor should have a good reputation and a solid track record in the local business community. Look for sponsors who have experience in your industry and who can provide valuable insights and advice. 

Cost and payment options 

The cost of hiring a local sponsor can vary, depending on the level of support and services required. It is important to have a clear understanding of the costs involved, as well as the payment options available. 

Communication and support 

Effective communication and support are crucial when working with a local sponsor. Look for sponsors who are responsive, accessible, and can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the registration process. 

Benefits of Having a Local Sponsor for Business Formation 

Having a local sponsor can provide a range of benefits, including: 

Compliance with local laws and regulations 

A local sponsor can help ensure your business complies with local laws and regulations. This can help you avoid costly penalties and legal issues down the road. 

The faster and smoother registration process 

A local sponsor can help expedite the registration process, as they are familiar with the local regulations and procedures. This can save you time and money and allow you to start your business operations more quickly. 

Access to local networks and resources 

A local sponsor can provide valuable access to local networks and resources, including business contacts, suppliers, and service providers. This can help you establish your business more quickly and effectively. 

Improved credibility and trustworthiness 

Having a local sponsor can help improve your business’s credibility and trustworthiness in the local market. This can help you establish relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers and build a strong reputation over time. 

Challenges and Risks of Having a Local Sponsor 

While there are many benefits to having a local sponsor for Business Formation in Dubai, there are also some challenges and risks to consider, including: 

Control and decision-making 

Working with a local sponsor means you may have to relinquish some control and decision-making power over your business. This can be challenging for some entrepreneurs, who may be used to having full control over their operations. 

Conflicts of interest 

There is always the risk of conflicts of interest when working with a local sponsor. They may have their own business interests or priorities that conflict with yours, creating tension and challenges down the road. 

Trust and transparency issues 

Trust and transparency are essential in any business partnership, especially when working with a local sponsor. It is important to choose a sponsor who is trustworthy, transparent, and operates with integrity. 

Legal and financial liabilities 

When working with a local sponsor, you assume legal and financial penalties. It is important to clearly understand the risks involved and work with a sponsor with a solid track record and a good reputation. 


A local sponsor plays a crucial role in the Company Formation process in Dubai. By providing sponsorship and support services, a local sponsor can help new companies navigate the legal and regulatory requirements of the Dubai government, obtain necessary approvals and licenses, and establish a strong foundation for growth and success in the local market.