Print service in Windows 10: How to use & fix the queue

One of the Windows services most used by users is the one that is in charge of managing the print queue. Sometimes the print service in Windows 10 gives problems and needs to be reset. If you want to know what exactly this system component is and how to fix it, keep reading. We explain everything to you.

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What is the print service in Windows 10?

The print service in Windows 10, also called the print queue, is a system component that is responsible for managing the documents that are sent to a printer connected to the computer. According to the official description, it is a service that “queues print jobs and manages the interaction with the printer”. In fact, its work is so important that if you turn it off, you won’t be able to print or see the printers.

Although most often you print only one document at a time, there may be times when you send more than one job to the printer without the printer finishing its current job. The print queue is responsible for holding the next document until the printer is available.

Sometimes the queue may become corrupted and pending jobs fail to run. What can you do then? Read on to find out.

How to fix the print service spooler in Windows 10?

It is possible that the prints in Windows 10 may not be complete. This may be because the print queue, the space in which the documents pending to be sent to the printer are stored, has suffered an error. Can’t print in Windows 10? Stay tuned for this solution.

Open the services panel

It is important that you have one thing clear: Windows 10 comes with a huge list of services, among which is the Print Queue. For this reason, Microsoft centralizes the management of all of them from the Services panel. As is evident, to manage the print queue, you first need to go to the corresponding section. How?

  • With the Run dialog. The simplest way (and the one pictured above) to get to the services panel is to enter the command services. MScin the text box of the Run dialog. Just press Windows + R to access it. When you’ve typed the command, tap OK.
  • From the control panel. If you don’t quite know how to open this section of the system, take a look at this guide. Once there, click on the arrow that you will see next to the Control Panel in the address bar of the file explorer. Then, select All Control Panel Items and click on Services.

Identifying the printing service

Among the complete list of services, you will find the Print Queue. This component is actually called a Spooler. However, the display name varies depending on the language you’ve set, and if you’re using Windows in Spanish, you’ll see Print Queue.

Double-click on the service to see all the options.

Repair the print queue

When one or more documents have been “stuck” in the queue, the most effective solution is to stop and start the printing service in Windows 10 again. If you have followed the indications mentioned above, before you you will have the print queue properties window.

On the General tab, under the Service Status heading, it shows whether the print queue is running or not. Click the Stop button to end the service. When the Start button becomes available, click on it to start the queue.

In this simple way, you will have restored the printing service in Windows 10. It is likely that you will have to request the printing of your documents again so that, on this occasion, the process ends successfully

Other print service settings in Windows 10

Now that you’re in the Windows 10 Print Service Properties window, it’s a good time to go over some of the options available to you in this dialog.


In addition to the possibility of stopping the queue and starting it again, in the General tab you will find parameters such as the following:

  • Startup type. Allows you to select when the service starts. Allows you to set it as automatic, automatic with delay, manual or completely disable the component.
  • Execution controls. Not only is the possibility of stopping or starting the service offered, but also of pausing and resuming it.

Log in

The Start session tab indicates with which account the print spooler service should be started. Typically, this setting is set to Local System Account.


This is the right place to which you should go if what you have in mind is to automate the behavior of the service in the event of possible errors. You can ask Windows to restart the service, run a program, or stop it completely on error. Also, actions can be set for a second error and subsequent malfunctions.


Go here to see what other services the Windows print spooler depends on. This information will come in handy when trying to diagnose possible print service failures in Windows 10. Remember that errors in dependent services may cause the interruption of your prints.

Print service in Windows 10: conclusions

Everything that we have explained here will allow you to more successfully manage what has to do with the printing service in Windows 10. If you put the exposed methods into practice, you will be able to repair the queue of documents that are sent to your printer in the event that it stops responding.

We recommend reading our guide on the best printers.

And you, what steps do you follow to repair the print queue in Windows 10? Have you modified the values ​​of this or other system services? Leave us your opinion in the comments and help other users in the community to find more specific solutions. We are waiting for you below.

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