How is Assisted Living Arcadia Different from Nursing Homes?

Most people tend to identify assisted living in Arcadia as another nursing home. However, both of them are entirely different in the services they offer except that both facilities offer senior care services. The distinction between the two facilities has grown vastly over the past couple of years. 

No thumb rule specifies that nursing homes are the perfect choice for all seniors. Hence, to determine which living facility will be the best choice for your dears, you can try consulting with assisted living advisors. 

How is assisted living different from nursing homes?

The major point of difference between assisted living and a nursing home is that the former promotes a socially active and independent lifestyle for seniors. Whereas the latter focuses on providing long-term medical services. Assisted living is best for seniors needing assistance in their day-to-day activities. Whereas for seniors with chronic health conditions, a nursing home is a better choice. Moreover, nursing homes are comparatively more expensive than assisted living facilities as the former provides extensive medical care services. 

Define Assisted Living and Nursing home

Assisted living is meant for older elders who require assistance with their daily activities such as laundry, cooking, bathing, medication management, and housekeeping. The environment in the facility promotes an active, independent, and social lifestyle. The elders also have the liberty to maintain their privacy.

Nursing homes, on the other hand, provide extensive care to seniors. They provide medical assistance and monitor those who require a high level of care. Those individuals suffering from cognitive or physical health conditions may not necessarily require nursing 24/7.

Assisted living vs Nursing homes

Services offered at the assisted living facilities promote a lifestyle that is socially active, healthy, and independent. No doubt, nursing homes also focus on these areas. What differentiates them is the latter offers round-the-clock medical assistance for chronic health conditions which is not available in most assisted living.

Besides, nursing homes include staff that are skilled nurses. Therefore, if your dear one has a chronic illness then a nursing home will be better off as they have medically trained professionals who can assist them in case an emergency arises.  

Nevertheless, the assisted living staff are also well trained in senior care but may not be medically certified. Services and amenities available at an assisted living may include:

  • Housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance
  • Medication management and help with daily activities
  • Activities to keep the residents engaged and active
  • Day Out and transportation
  • Happy hours and restaurant-style dining
  • Apartments with attached kitchen and bathroom

Whereas, in a nursing home, you may find the following services:

  • Palliative and long-term preventative care
  • Administer medication which includes injections also
  • Rehabilitative services such as physical, cognitive, respiratory, vocational, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Dental services
  • Emergency services
  • Planned meals according to nutritional requirements for every resident
  • Safety and security benefits such as doorway alarms and accessible spaces

How to determine the best option between assisted living and a nursing home?

Seniors that require assistance with their daily tasks will be benefited from assisted living. However, for seniors with chronic health conditions, nursing homes will be more beneficial. The following are some of the ways to determine whether assisted living is an ideal choice for your dear one or not.

Assisted living will be the best option if your loved one – 

  • Is active and needs assistance with daily chores
  • Needs just minor nursing
  • Prefers a maintenance-free life
  • Lives an active life but no access to transportation
  • Desires to socialize and make new friends

A nursing home will be a better choice if the senior – 

  • Has deteriorating health condition
  • Is dependent on every activity including eating
  • Has mobility issues
  • Requires significant rehabilitation
  • Suffers from progressive health conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease
  • Needs assistance for regular administration of prescription medicine, or injections

Difference between eligibility criteria for assisted living and nursing homes

The criteria for entry to both facilities differ. For assisted living, the facility has set criteria for health and abilities that the senior must meet. However, to enter a nursing home, the patient just has to show the requirement for higher-level assistance. The patient might require to get a physical evaluation on the recommendation of a physician.

The cost of assisted living and nursing homes may vary

In comparison, the cost of assisted living may be more affordable than a nursing home. Also, various factors determine the cost of facilities. The cost for both facilities may vary depending on the locations, services, and community. However, the major factor that differentiates the cost between the two facilities is one offers 24/7 medical assistance whereas the other doesn’t provide medical services. 

The disadvantage of assisted living is that the cost is not covered by Medicaid and thus lower-income residents might face difficulty paying it. Whereas, for nursing homes, health insurance and other medical services that the government provides cover it. And thus, it is easier for lower-income residents to afford it.

How to choose the best type of care for your dear ones?

The past couple of years has seen a major expansion in the needs and requirements of seniors. The list of demands has grown bigger ever since. At the same time, it is important to find a facility that fulfills the requirements of your dear ones and helps to keep them safe, active, and healthy. Therefore, to be able to determine the best type of care for your loved one is to consult with experts who have expertise in both types of care facilities. So what are you waiting for? Start checking out the various options that are available at your disposal.