Here’s How Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes Enhance Sales

Customisation is one of the ways to get your customer’s attention. Every industry focuses on investing in packaging because they know it is what will help them climb the ladder of success. Mostly businesses use custom-printed lipstick boxes as a tool.

There are many advantages of having custom-printed packaging boxes no matter from which industry you belong. 

Often customers look at the packaging and judge the product. Therefore, it is very crucial to have aesthetically pleasing boxes. 

The cosmetic industry is one of the industries that must have beautiful packaging, and if your brand is selling lipsticks, then you must know how can custom printed lipstick boxes enhance sales. 

Following are some of the essential benefits you can avail yourself if you go for lipstick boxes with logo:

  • They Let You Choose Suitable Packaging 
  • They Offer Various Designs 
  • They Give Options For Different Colours

They Let You Choose Suitable Packaging for Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes

Having custom-printed lipstick packaging helps in choosing suitable packaging for your products. 

A suitable packaging not only means you need to see your budget, but you must take a look at the weight of the product, the quality of the packaging and many other things before you jump to any custom lipstick packaging

You can try the following packaging options for your custom-printed lipstick boxes:

  • Paperboard Boxes
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes


Paperboard Boxes

These are one of the lightest materials, and you can have them for your custom-printed lipstick boxes to save money. These boxes can be customised in different ways. 

Paperboard packaging is sustainable because it is made from recycled paper. But this fact also makes it vulnerable to water. These boxes can also not hold much weight because of their manufacturing material. 

They are better for individual lipstick boxes because of their fragility. You can get them at affordable rates from different packaging companies. 

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is one of the most used packaging materials in the cosmetic industry because of its affordability. 

The affordability lies in its manufacturing. These boxes are made from wood pulp. There are many lipstick boxes wholesale manufacturers that can provide you with different sizes of cardboard boxes for your lipsticks. 

You can also have them for more than one lipstick. These boxes can protect the lipsticks from water and external damage but only to an extent, and if you are looking forward to sending your lipsticks to far-off places, you must go for some sturdy packaging. 

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

How about you have a corrugated flute that absorbs the water before it reaches the products? There are corrugated cardboard boxes you can use for your lipstick boxes if you are making lipstick kits and seeing them in different places. 

The corrugated cardboard is further divided into three types:

Single all corrugated cardboard offers one flute with two cardboard sheets. These boxes protect the product the least among the three, but it is still better than cardboard and paperboard. 

Double wall corrugated cardboard offers two corrugated flutes with four cardboard sheets. You can use them for custom-printed lipstick boxes if you also manage an online business. 

However, if you are looking for the utmost protection, then why don’t you go for triple-wall corrugated cardboard? These boxes offer three corrugated flutes with six cardboard sheets around them. 

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Rigid Boxes

A premium and royal look are offered by rigid boxes. They are sustainable, but they are a bit pricey compared to the materials mentioned above. 

These boxes are excellent for shipping purposes because they have an optimum level of protection against external damage, and they are also weatherproof to an optimum level. 

They Offer Various Designs 

Lipstick boxes wholesale manufacturers will provide you with a list of various designs for your custom printed lipstick boxes. 

How about you go for intricate designs? There are a lot of templates that you can have from the design team of the company, but if you still want something different, the internet is all yours. 

You can also bring back retro designs to stand out among other brands. But if you want something subtle and minimal, how about you go for minimalism in your custom printed lipstick boxes?

Minimalism helps catch customers’ attention through the minimal designs on the boxes. You can choose a beautiful font and colours to enhance the outlook of the packaging. But if you want, you can also try the illustrations on your lipstick boxes. 

They Give Options For Different Colours in Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes

lipstick packaging wholesale manufacturers allow you to choose different colours. You can go for all-black packaging because it might be in the business for a very long time, but it does help in catching customers’ attention.

If you want something different, you can also try white packaging for your custom printed lipstick boxes. White can be highlighted quickly among different coloured packaging boxes on the shelf. 

Or maybe you want something cool and calm, then why don’t you try pastel packaging? These colours, like pink, mauve, lavender, lilac etc., help in attracting customers with the sober look they give to the customers. 

Summarising the Above Discussion 

Custom printed lipstick boxes can have different advantages, and these are just some of them. If you want better sales, improved ROI, customer retention and your brand’s identity, you may want to switch to custom packaging for your lipstick boxes.