Everything You Need to Know about Dental Contouring and Reshaping

Are you unsatisfied with your smile? Do you shy away from the public because of your poor smile? Well, not everyone is gifted with a beautiful and ravishing smile. However, if you do not have a Hollywood smile, you can improve it with the help of various dental cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Gone are the days when you had no option but to sit back with the way you look. Now, you can make some changes to your appearance.

Along with the dermatology industry, the dental industry also has come up with a lot of innovations and advancements. One such innovation that has gained immense popularity these days is dental contouring and reshaping. If you are looking for teeth contouring treatment in London, you have come to the right place. Everyone wants to appear confident in front of people. One of the most effective ways of doing so is to have a better smile. Not only does it enhance your smile, but also boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel better about yourself.

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Unfortunately, many of you are not aware of the dental contouring and reshaping treatment. So, we have come up with a blog. In this blog, we will share with you everything you need to know about dental contouring and reshaping. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get started with the details of the blog.

What is dental contouring?

Also known as odontoplasty, dental contouring, and reshaping are one of the most convenient ways of undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure. The purpose of dental contouring is to rectify the various problems in the appearance of your teeth. Some of the common problems that dental contouring can correct include tooth chipping, cracks in the teeth, misalignment, etc.

This is an entirely painless and harmless procedure that doesn’t take much time. so, if you are looking for a quick solution and do not have a lot of time for a lengthy dental procedure and teeth whitening, dental contouring, and reshaping is the ideal solution for you.

In this process of dental contouring, the dentist first removes some of the tooth enamel and gives your teeth the desired shape. To get the desired shape and texture of your teeth, dentists, and orthodontists sometimes apply a little tooth-colored bonding resin to make your teeth durable and steady. Since the dentist uses a resin that is the color of your teeth, people can hardly make out any difference.

Who is suitable for dental contouring?

First things, You have to understand that a dental contouring and reshaping process is used only to rectify minor errors in your teeth. So, if you have some subtle imperfections and dents in your teeth, the dental contouring and reshaping process is an ideal solution for you. However, if the dental problem is a major one, make sure to visit a dentist soon.

If you have a dental misalignment or extremely crooked teeth, this dental contouring and reshaping will not be able to help you. For this, you need to wear proper dental braces to fix the alignment of the teeth. To undergo a dental contouring and reshaping treatment, you ought to have a set of healthy gums and teeth. Since this procedure removes some of your tooth enamel, you cannot have decay in your teeth or infected gums.

Working of dental contouring and reshaping

You must be wondering how this dental contouring and reshaping works. Well, as mentioned earlier, this is an extremely simple and quick process. In the first step, the dentist conducts a physical screening of your teeth and mouth. For this, the dentist sometimes recommends you go for an x-ray for a proper examination of your teeth and gums.

Secondly, the dentist checks the enamel of your teeth. In case, he finds your enamel to be thin and weak, he will first ask you to undergo a dental veneer installation procedure and then move on to the dental contouring and reshaping. In case you have to install the veneers, the dentist will first put a porcelain cover on top of your teeth.

Once the dentist gets the green signal that you have a set of healthy gums and teeth, he begins the process of dental contouring and reshaping. First, the dentist uses a fine diamond bur or a sanding disc to take off some of the enamel from your teeth. Removal of the enamel helps in making the teeth finer. Then, the dentist will cut and trim the teeth to shorten them. Along with the length, this will improve the shape of your teeth and give your teeth a fine texture.

If you suffer from a tooth gap or chipped tooth, the dentist will first correct this tooth gap and then proceed to the dental contouring and reshaping treatment. Here, a dentist will also apply a bonding procedure. For this bonding, the dentist first uses a tooth-colored resin to shape the tooth and mold it further. On applying this resin to the teeth, it becomes harder and looks similar to the original teeth. For the bonding process, the whole procedure can take an extra 30 minutes to one hour.

Aftercare tips for dental contouring and reshaping

Indeed, dental contouring and reshaping are one of the easiest and best ways to enhance the appearance of your teeth. However, after the completion of this dental process, you have to take good care of it to maintain your teeth and get effective results in the long term.

Once you are done with the dental contouring and reshaping process, your dentist will help you with a series of instructions. You need to follow these instructions to make sure your teeth are in good condition for a long time. In case the dentist has used a bonding material or resin, make to avoid biting your teeth hard or chewing anything hard. This can make the resin come off at ease.


Therefore, teeth contouring is a great process to improve the appearance of your teeth. Make sure to choose the best dentist or dental clinic in London to undergo this process. Also, clarify all your doubts before undergoing the process.