Digital seller or digital influencer?

Digital seller or digital influencer?Lifestyle, inspiration, work, investments. In the digital world, plenty of influencers exist for all tastes and lifestyles.Digital influencers are public figures and content creators who, for a long time, have had a relationship with brands of exposure and content production, but what about the digital seller?

Well, let’s explain more below!

The name digital influencer is given thanks to that person’s power to directly or indirectly influence the behaviour of their followers.

But after all, these profiles fit as sellers of products.

With the development of the marketing market in the digital age, types of remuneration based on the performance of the digital influencer began to appear more frequently.

  1. So, the more the influencer converts to the brand, the more remuneration he earns.
  2. Even though it works pretty commonly in the market, this type of remuneration has raised some questions.
  3. Some influencers who accept this model type say they feel they have little negotiating power.
  4. In this reality, they prefer to receive the fee without these variants since they do not see themselves as an online seller.
  5. This perception arises, considering that many see themselves as content creators, not sales promoters.

This is a very intense pain for digital influencers, and that’s why we brought up some questions in today’s post, including the difference between a seller and a digital influencer.

So, do you want to go deeper into this controversy of the influencer marketing market?

What is a Digital Seller?

The internet has revolutionized how consumers relate to the products and services they purchase.

In particular, after the advent of the pandemic, the consumer profile has changed dramatically, and today, a new shopping experience is appreciated.

There is currently a concern on the part of customers with issues such as reputation, speed of service, mobility and digital presence.

In this reality, the digital seller is the one who knows these customer needs and seeks to fit into the reality of this new consumption profile.

In this way, by integrating with sales issues on the internet, the digital seller can enhance the reach of their brand and their digital sales.

What is a Digital Seller? : Influencer sitting on a sofa taking clothes out of a box and recording with a cell phone

Difference between the digital seller and digital influencer

The Digital Influencer is someone who uses innovative content creation strategies to leverage a particular company’s product or service.

Therefore, influencers are seen as brand promoters.

Its function is focused on branding and brand recognition, whether in the online or offline field.

However, the issue of sales should not be the responsibility of these figures, despite the consequence of increased sales from the partnership with a digital influencer.

It’s a big mistake for companies to think that the influencer is a digital seller.

A digital influencer is on the scene to show his audience the results of the products and how much they worked in his life in a subtle and humanized way.

When these profiles start to provide more direct advertising, engagement and the number of views usually drop a lot!

The creator’s objective is to create a relationship with the companies so that the public identifies with the product and not with the advertising.

Even unfortunately, many companies do not see that the work of digital influencers is to create content, offering less remuneration for qualifying the influencer as a sales promoter.

In this reality, influencers who see themselves as content producers do not close partnerships with companies and brands that want to use the creator’s profile as a media space.

What is a digital influencer?

The digital influencer is a public figure that has relevance and the power to have the trust and sympathy of a certain audience.

More than being the owner of a profile on the main social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, these content creators directly or indirectly influence the behaviour of their followers.

Conquering a truly loyal audience is thanks to the daily publications of your interests, lifestyle, hobbies, work, etc.

Today, internet users see digital influencers as online opinion makers.

A very striking feature of digital influencers is their communication power, which allows for high interaction with followers.

This attribute is fundamental for strengthening ties, allowing the generation of greater trust that can be used by brands to increase the reach and reliability of the company.

What is a digital influencer? : Influencer sitting on a sofa taking clothes out of a box and recording with a cell phone

How many followers to be an influencer

If you deceive anyone who thinks you need to have millions of followers to be an influencer.In reality, there are different sizes of influencers, and there are metrics to classify these profiles.

So, for example, nano-influencers have 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Macro-influencers have between 100,000 and 1 million followers.The best-known in the country and in the world are the mega-influencers, who have millions of followers on their profiles.

Each classification has its place in the market and is extremely useful for the most diverse brand marketing strategies.So, for example, for a company on a global level, a profile with 148 million users, like that of the soccer player Neymar Jr., is a masterful move to promote the brand.

On the other hand, a local restaurant or a very specific brand may have better results with nano and micro-producers that have more qualified niches.This second classification of influencers is of paramount importance for small and medium-sized companies, as smaller ones are able to have more contact and engagement with their audience.


Brands want to see results, and that’s why performance is one of the biggest wounds for the content creator.

In the world of influencer marketing, you need to show results!

As a digital influencer, the content creator does not position himself as a digital seller, despite seeing that the remuneration received is closely linked to performance.