Chardham Yatra: Things to do with Family

No doubt that we are leading a hectic lifestyle, and we don’t get enough time to spend with our families. The tight schedule from home to office and office to home with weekends spent on doing household activities doesn’t allow families to spend quality family time. Only good vacation planning with family can help us spend time with our partner and children. If you plan a family vacation, you can consider visiting Uttarakhand’s sacred temples on a Chardham Yatra. Apart from being a religiously important site, Uttarakhand has beautiful locations to explore and various activities to participate in.

So after seeking blessings from all the Char Dham deities, you can plan for sightseeing. The list of beautiful locations in Uttarakhand is endless, and with proper planning, you can make the most of your trip. Chardham sightseeing will take at least 4-5 days to spend some time with your family.

The best way to Experience the Char Dham Yatra is by booking a Chardham Yatra by helicopter. The helicopter service makes it possible to complete the Darshan in 2 to 3 days and gives you enough opportunity to witness the beauty of Uttarakhand. LIH Travel offers 4 Dham yatra by helicopter, where you can customize your itinerary and add your favorite destination. Further you can also check our best Chardham yatra package from Haridwar which is for the travelers who is love to travel by road.

Here are some of the best activities to do during your Chardham yatra with the whole family.

Things To Do With Family During Chardham Yatra

The LIH Travels Chardham Yatra helicopter package chips and stress survey my planning all the important aspects of your Chardham Yatra with enough sightseeing opportunities. Here is what to experience during the Chardham pilgrimage.

1. Seek blessings from deities

The most important thing of the yatra is seeking blessing from the divine deities of Uttarakhand. So, the journey starts from the first Dham of Yamunotri, seeking blessings from goddess Yamuna. Then, you will head to Gangotri to do the darshan of goddess Ganga, then to Kedarnath to worship Lord Shiva. Finally, the yatra concludes at Badrinath to worship Lord Vishnu.

Each temple has its enriching history and traditions, and your family will be delighted to learn about it. You will take dips in the holy hot springs, and with the LIH Travels helicopter package, you get a VIP darshan. Hence, you won’t need to stand in the queue.

2. Consider going on a trek

The Chardham Yatra has scenic routes that take you through beautiful lakes, green pathways, snow-covered mountains, and waterfalls. The trekking path is challenging. Also, it needs mental and physical strength. Also, the calm and peaceful environment here with the fresh air will bring mental peace and will offer you the opportunity to spend some time with your family.

3. Explore the waterfalls

The waterfalls of Uttarakhand offer a peaceful environment, and the gushing sound of the waterfall and the scenic environment will offer you a great peaceful environment. Near the waterfall, you can spend a peaceful time with your family. Some of the falls you can add during your itinerary are the Vasudhara Falls near Badrinath, Kempty Falls in Mussoorie, and the Suryakund Falls near Gangotri.

4. Take part in the Ganga Aarti

Ganga aarti is a must thing to do during your Chardham Yatra. Following the sunset, the priests perform the Ganga Aarti with mantras, and the environment it creates is of spirituality. The peaceful environment will cleanse your body and mind, and children can witness India’s spiritual side.

6. Capture the beautiful memories

Throughout the yatra, you will come across scenic routes and beautiful photography backgrounds. Also the view from the helicopter is also mesmerizing. Hence, when spending time with your family, click good photographs of scenic landscapes. All these pictures will be a memory to cherish forever.

Book Your Chardham Yatra By Helicopter With LIH Travel

LIH Travel offers the best Chardham Yatra package that is 6D/5N, starting at Rs 1,90,000/person. The package features:

  • VIP Darshan at every temple
  • Local Sightseeing
  • All meals inclusive
  • Stay at good hotels
  • Witness the stunning view from the helicopter
  • Airport pickup and transfers 
  • Complimentary one-night stay at Dehradun 

LIH Travel ensures a comfortable helicopter yatra to all four temples ensuring the safety of all passengers. The team will provide briefing sessions that will go through all the safety instructions before the Yatra. 

The VIP Darshan ensures that you won’t have to stay in the queue for long. The journey starts from Dehradun’s Sahastradhara Helipad and then proceeds to all four shrines. Your journey ends at Dehradun, where you will be transported to the airport/station/bus stop to return to your destination. 

For a complete itinerary and other details, contact the LIH Team. Note that limited bookings are open, so book your package fast.

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