What is Digital Marketing and what do you do with it?

A business without an online footprint is like a vehicle without tyres. It is not getting anywhere anytime soon. Though “analogue” branding hasn’t exactly evolved to the level of the horse and buggy, businesses now require a diverse set of digital marketing solutions to establish their physical presence.

Begin your own brand plan with our crucial digital branding guide. We’ll go through everything from SEO to Social Media so that your digital brand strategy ticks all the proper boxes.


Branding is the artistic, systematic process of communicating to potential consumers who you are, what you care about, why they ought to collaborate with you, and what they may expect of you. Establishing a brand image should be your first priority when starting a firm or creating your first product.

Branding condenses every aspect of what you do and the way you do it into a single, unforgettable substance that individuals will remember and associate with your business indefinitely. Consider the golden arches of McDonald’s, the colourful circles on the Olympic emblem or the four squares of Microsoft. A simple sign or image may express meaningful connotations that are felt all across the world.

Digital Branding?

Digital branding is the process of designing and building your online presence using apps, websites, social media, video, and other means. To establish a digital presence, digital branding combines online marketing and internet branding.

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Why Digital Branding? 

Why is digital branding important? Try looking up from your smartphone, which you’re presumably on… We are all continuously utilizing our gadgets. Most of us interact with the world via the lens of the online web which we call the internet, making it critical for companies to reach out to their target consumers and turn one-time visitors into long-term fans.

Any organization can make its presence felt anywhere, even in the palms of your hand, thanks to digital branding. And besides, if my mother has an Instagram account, why shouldn’t my favourite coffee company?

Digital Branding and the components of its success.

  1. Logo 

When you think of Disney, you think of mouse ears. When you think of Apple, you immediately think of half-eaten fruit. Logos should reflect the character and ideals of your company, sector, and target market. Although you want to avoid going overboard, your logo should be unique enough just to

make an impact, yet not so intricate that audience members won’t even remember it among the daily onslaught of visuals they consume online.

  1. Website

If your logo is your company’s sign, your site is its digital shop. When a consumer requires information about your physical locations, times of operation, marketing materials, or contact details, they won’t look through the telephone directory. They will Google your website, expecting to discover information fast and simply.

Simple and easy-to-navigate websites are effective. With a restricted colour palette that fits or enhances your logo, you may streamline design while maintaining brand consistency. Ensure your trademark and important facts stand out by using large, readable typefaces. Keep pages brief and to the point, and avoid overloading users with TMI. Burying important information is the quickest method to make a potential consumer stop clicking.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guarantees that your brand and its offers are readily accessible on search engines, which are one of the key ways buyers find your services. Begin by creating your webpage with SEO in consideration. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which describe how Google crawls and ranks webpages, are an excellent place to start.

Use a keyword search tool like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or Keyword tool to find commonly sought words that you may use in your copy, as well as to ensure that your conceptual framework and meta tags are search engine optimized.

  1. Social Media

Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter: nearly everyone, even your 75-year-old grandfather, has a social media profile. If your consumers are present, so should your brand.

Every post should be tailored to the channel where it appears. Snapchat content is often lighthearted, vibrant, and geared toward a younger audience. Instagram postings are image-focused and intended to elicit likes and comments. Twitter operates in real-time, responding to actual events and news. Facebook is a mix of everything, with a focus on behind-the-scenes material about how your company operates.

  1. Content Marketing 

It is no longer sufficient to merely market your goods. Engagement is essential for building a loyal, recurring client base. This is where digital marketing comes into play. Consider it the human face of your brand. Whereas digital marketing focuses on sales, content marketing focuses on interaction through photographs, videos, Spotify playlists, and blog entries (like this one!).

  1. Email Marketing 

Given all of the fancy tools available to sell your company digitally, it’s easy to overlook a plain old-fashioned email. Online mailings are a simple method to communicate with consumers, particularly those who do not utilize social media.

Begin by amassing large, targeted email lists brimming with “leads” who are likely to turn into online users and members. These sign-ups might come from adverts or straight from your website by having a prompt with a newsletter subscription on the homepage.

  1. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer advertising is a type of marketing in which people with huge social media followings promote your business by posting about it. Instead of marketing directly to a group of customers, you place your brand message in the hands of a social networking celebrity who will promote it on your behalf. In 2015, more than 80% of worldwide marketers initiated influencer initiatives, based on one survey.

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