The Complete Guide To Online Reviews Management

We’d be living in a perfect world if selling good products would be enough. Consumers are smart and with the growing popularity of social media and online platforms, reviews are empowering more now than ever. People have been posting online reviews more than we could’ve imagined.

Customers are resourceful and make a judgment in a snap. Existing reviews are responsible for shaping their opinion. Reviews on social media or review platforms help them make a decision and are highly influential.

Did you know that 88% of users rely on online reviews?

Due to their highly impactful nature, collecting and managing reviews through online review management software should be of great priority. They are an integral part of the entire customer acquisition process. With the reputation management software out there, you can automate the entire process and get time to do other important tasks.

Best review management software

Let’s have a look at the top 5 review management software:

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a UGC platform that offers review management and helps in embedding online reviews on the website and other social media platforms. It is integrated with Google, Airbnb, Yelp, and Facebook. Google reviews can be embedded on the website easily and effortlessly.

2. Podium 

It is a reputation management software that is equipped with a vast variety of features and is popular among businesses. It offers review management, and customer interaction and also manages payments. It is based on SMS only and sends follow-up messages as well. 

3. Yotpo 

Yotpo markets itself as an eCommerce marketing platform that offers review management, loyalty campaigns, and visual marketing. It is only for eCommerce platforms and provides easy access to collect and manage online reviews. 

4. BirdEye

Similar to Podium, this software is also the only SMS-based app. You can gather, and manage reviews. You can get referrals, request surveys, and message your users hassle-free. It gives customers the choice to choose, which platform they wish to review. You can take the free trial before committing and investing in the platform.

5. GetMoreReviews

This software only focuses solely on getting and managing reviews. It is integrated with more than 50 review sites including Google reviews and sends review messages on both email and SMS. it is easy to set up, offers a simplified experience, and is cost-effective. 

Why do you need Review Management Software?

Now that we know that reviews shape customer opinion, let’s see how managing this using software can be beneficial. 

• Saves time 

If you are a smart marketer, you already know time is an important asset, anything that saves time is more than welcome. Review platforms offer an easy and automated process of managing reviews, collecting them, and sending follow-ups if users don’t respond. This saves you all this time if you choose to do this manually. 

• Gives brand authority 

Consumers visit Google the most and rely most on Google reviews. Then comes social media platforms. Having robust software to manage your reviews gives the brand an image and authority in the market by embedding them on the website, making your brand more trustworthy. 

• Helps get a high SEO rank 

Reviews make your brand visible to a vast audience. And people use Google, Facebook, etc. to post reviews. Search engines are passionate about brands that display transparency and have a reputable image in marketing giving them priority over others while ranking brands and businesses. Perfect management of online reviews through review management software gives you an edge. 

• Provides social evidence 

People are becoming more dependent on third-party reviews, they check and consider them before making purchase decisions. Not only Google reviews, but users visit social media profiles as well before making a choice. These review management platforms help provide quality information and social proof to your audience. 

• Improves conversions 

All aspects and marketing efforts combined lead up to one main objective i.e. better conversion rates. Setting up an effective review management system can influence users and help you market your brand to a great extent. This software also helps you respond to your users and build trust. Stats show that 89% of users are fairly likely to choose a brand that is interactive and responds to its reviews

Maintaining, managing, and responding to online reviews work up the overall brand performance. This is why many businesses adapt to reputation management software. It boosts their brand image, awareness, and retention rates. 

There are various must-have features like:

  • It should be easy to use and should have a single dashboard. 
  • Multichannel review generation, monitoring dashboard, and real-time notification system 
  • Customization, moderation, analytics, and insights features

When you are choosing the best review platform make sure you check all these points. 

Up to you!

Getting an effective and efficient online review management platform for your business can be made easy when you have a checklist that includes every aspect you wish to cover. This blog provides some of the best review management software that can solve your purpose. Take a free trial before making a choice and invest.