Responsibilities of lifeguard and lifeguard courses for beginners

Responsibilities of lifeguard and lifeguard courses for beginners

Duties and Responsibilities of  Lifeguard Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of the people they are watching. They can be found in swimming po

Duties and Responsibilities of  Lifeguard

Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of the people they are watching. They can be found in swimming pools, beaches, and water parks. Lifeguards in the United States are required to take official training at an institution recognized by the American Lifeguard Association (USLA) or at some other professional institution. In addition, mastering first aid is important for a lifeguard, for which they regularly attend courses on the subject.
Supervise facilities
The primary duty of a lifeguard is to supervise the facility in which they work. This involves monitoring swimmers in a pool, patrolling beaches, and identifying dangerous conditions that may arise in any of these locations. At a large pool or beach, a lifeguard may work as part of a team. They are responsible for all the people within the area, but they are also aware of the people who are far away so they don’t go unnoticed.

Rescue the swimmers

If a swimmer is in difficulty, the lifeguard has a duty to intervene. In a pool, the lifeguard must alert other swimmers to the situation and swim to the rescue of the person. At a beach or water park, the lifeguard coordinates the most appropriate method of rescue with other lifeguards. This maneuver involves the use of special equipment, such as a lifeboat or a jet ski. In addition, the lifeguard alerts the emergency team and ensures that the rescued person is taken to a doctor as soon as possible.

Emergency care procedures

A lifeguard is responsible for giving emergency care to an injured person. This includes practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), managing hypothermia, and other water-related conditions. The lifeguard remains with the person until the emergency services arrive, at which time they must provide all the information of what happened to the paramedics.

Report writing

One of the duties of a lifeguard is to write a report of all the incidents that occur during their workday. A detailed description of the events includes the causes and the sufferings shown by the affected person. According to, lifeguards are also responsible for making inventory reports and repairs made to their equipment, among other administrative duties that are required of them by the establishment where they work.

What does a lifeguard do?

Whether on the beach or in the pool, the figure of the lifeguard training is essential when protecting people’s lives. His main function is to monitor and prevent any type of aquatic accident, however his work includes many other duties and responsibilities of lifeguard.

Responsibilities of lifeguard

The job of every lifeguard is to enforce the rules in order to anticipate mishaps that may occur.

The lifeguard is responsible for monitoring the assigned area and observing the users in order to anticipate any problems that may arise. Staying focused on surveillance and observation will allow you to quickly identify if any situation that requires attention develops, and from there intervene according to the corresponding regulations. A lifeguard also has to pass the lifeguard certification course.

On the beaches and swimming pools, the lifeguard must also supervise the use of equipment and resources available in the place to carry out activities such as water slides and other games.

The lifeguard has the duty to carry out the rescues and immediately implement emergency measures as appropriate for each particular case. His duty also includes providing first aid to another rescuer in the event of an injury or other type of accident.

Distance Life Rescue Course for Beginners

Depending on the establishment where they work, lifeguards may have other types of tasks and secondary functions, such as hygiene and cleaning of the place, verification of documents, checking chlorine and pH levels in the pool or intervening as an information point.

As we can see, the main objective of the lifeguard’s work consists of enforcing the safety regulations of the aquatic spaces, which implies not only watching the people present there, but also intervening in possible altercations, preventing them from running around from the pool, alert about the proximity to the buoys, etc.

So far we have seen what the lifeguard’s job consists of and what his main responsibilities of lifeguard and duties are. Also learn about:10 Best women’s watches under $300 For 2023

Lifeguard requirements may be different on an organizational basis, but most of the company requires the following qualification..

Previous experience as a Lifeguard
Certification in CPR First Aid required
Certification as a Lifeguard required
Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities
Highly responsible & reliable
Ability to work in the team
Ability to focus attention on guest needs,
remaining calm and courteous at all times
Eeffective communication.
Physical Aspects of Position;
Frequent standing and walking throughout shift
Occasional lifting and carrying up to 20 lbs
Frequent kneeling, pushing, pulling, sitting
Occasional ascending or descending ladders, stairs, and ramps
If you are one of the candidates for lifeguard role, it is very important to be aware of lifeguard duties and responsibilities, because, it helps you to pass the interview and obtain the lifeguard certificate.