What does SEO do?

What does SEO do?

An SEO consultant is a professional in website optimization. This data has the task of analyzing your business in detail and recommending the best SEO

An SEO consultant is a professional in website optimization. This data has the task of analyzing your business in detail and recommending the best SEO optimizations that can be implemented, sometimes even supporting you in their implementation. Specifically, there are three phases of a good consultant’s work:

International SEO

Do you operate in different countries? A single site structure may not always be good for many different markets. In order to optimize your online presence in different countries, the International SEO service allows you to carry out all activities that will benefit the company in terms of visibility in each reference market. Rom keyword analysis to site structure. Each market will have precise rules to follow. Our team of experts will analyze your situation and provide you with detailed information on how to optimize your online presence in various markets from an SEO perspective. Professional concept provide the best SEO services in Charlotte.

SEO training

In addition to the SEO services described so far, our digital marketing agency also deals with training for companies: our  courses are tailored to the needs of customers. These are therefore not standard courses, but designed ad hoc for each reality. At the end of the course, a certificate is also issued, certifying the acquired skills.

Pre-analysis: Before departure, everyone involved in offering SEO services must know the initial situation of the website. Examine the initial state from a technical and content point of view.

Website optimization: in this phase, after analyzing the website, the consultant will suggest various interventions and activities that need to be done to increase the visibility of the website. it is possible to optimize any type of website, e-shop and portal. Both on the technical side and on the content and keywords for which you want to place the store.

A list of the best  activities

Here are some of the SEO optimizations that your digital marketing agency might suggest: either:

identifying the keywords for which the pages should be ranked

On-page optimization: tags, meta tags, alt imp, headings

Checking the content of existing pages

Improved internal connectivity

Off-site SEO and link building

Optimizing Core Web Vitals

Website error checking

Traffic analysis

Download our SEO checklist

To finish what has been said, we want to offer you an even more complete picture of  activities. Download our checklist for creating SEO-friendly digital content and consult it every time you want to publish content on your website.

How much do SEO services cost?

A very popular question among companies looking to optimize their website is how much to spend on SEO? services also need a budget. Just like buying a car or an appliance, the price of SEO activities is usually proportional to the quality and accuracy of the service you are buying.

Usually, a few thousand euros per year are not enough to get real organic results for your website placement. if you are looking for savings, you risk wasting your budget. In addition, costs can also vary greatly depending on the collaboration you want to start. How many activities do you plan to do? Will you rely on a large agency or prefer the support of a freelancer?

SEO migration

Are you looking for a restyling of your website? Then you need the Migration service. With this term, we intend to denote the set of all activities of analysis, control and optimization of the visibility of your website on Google before. During and after migration (an operation that takes place during the restyling of the website in order to draw attention to Google when moving from one website to another)

These are highly technical operations that must be handled with the support of  experts. The risk of doing an  migration poorly is to see a real collapse in organic traffic, compromising business performance. Avantgrade.com has helped various clients nationally and internationally to manage their website SEO migration, successfully supporting all phases of business.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO (or on-page SEO) is a whole series of optimization activities to be carried out on a website in order to improve its position among search engine results. These operations range from content optimization to meta tags and conclude aspects of technical. Among the various points  on-site considers:

Local SEO

Local  is a set of activities useful for positioning a website for local searches, i.e. Local

The purpose of Local SEO is to optimize a website so that it ranks high for local searches, i.e. Those whose results usually show a page with a map of activities in the area of ​​interest. Optimizing the My Business tab on Google is essential for local

Backlink Analysis

Each website has a certain authority – which we could define as popularity – determined by the quantity and quality of signals it receives. In other words, the more (and better) inbound links there are, the higher the chance of improving your ranking in search results. Our backlink audit is therefore used to define the parameters within which it is necessary to act to improve your profile. As well as to establish ethical strategies for acquiring new links. An outstanding Professional Concept best SEO company in charlotte..

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