What does NFT mean in Crypto?

Blockchain technology is a form of an advanced database that allows the transparent sharing of information within a network of businesses. A blockchain database is known to store data in the form of blocks that are linked together in the form of a chain. 

For example, Cryptocurrencies like Dogezilla, Swan Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc – all rely on blockchain technology. In this article, I will be discussing NFTs which is a form of digital asset that relies on blockchain technology.

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What Is An NFT?

NFT refers to “Non-Fungible Tokens”. Now you might be wondering what “Non-Fungible” means. Well, they indicate something that cannot be replaced and is unique. In comparison to cryptocurrencies and physical money are things that are fungible and can be replaced, traded, and exchanged for one another. Every NFT consists of a digital signature that makes it distinct and unique.

They come in the form of audio files, video files, and other assets that are in digital format. They could be any artwork, sports collectibles, or any form of artwork.

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How Do NFTs Work?

Non-Fungible tokens or NFTs are cryptographic forms of assets that sit on a blockchain. Which is actually a distributed ledger (public) that records the transactions. Each unique NFT contains identification codes that differentiate them from each other. This form of data makes it really easy to transfer the tokens between the owners to verify the ownership. 

NFTs hold the same value that is set by the market, i.e the demand and supply of it. They can be both sold and bought in the same way as a physical or material thing can. Non-Fungible Tokens are digital forms of representations of assets. It can very well represent real-world items as well. For example, real estate and artwork.

Tokenizing(the exact term which is used) tangible assets in this way and trading them is considered to be more efficient than traditional means.

Advantages Of Investing In NFTs

Here are a few advantages of investing in Non-Fungible Tokens:

  • The value of NFTs is always safeguarded, unlike cryptocurrency whose value keeps changing now and then. NFTs are connected to an item that is in the real world and which holds some actual value.
  • NFTs provide people with distinct ownership of digital assets. NFTs are digital assets that cannot be replaced by any other form or kind. NFTs allow users to freely exchange their favored items across many games as well as sell and buy them as well.
  • NFTs allow people the creative freedom to customize their digital assets. All of this also depends on the smart contracts that are actually used to construct the Non-Fungible Tokens.

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Disadvantages Of Investing In NFTs

Here are a few disadvantages of investing in Non-Fungible Tokens:

  • NFTs are not considered an asset class. They are mostly considered as an asset class instead of a technological way to show ownership. The presence of misinformation and unnecessary hype around an NFT can cause the price to fall or hike.
  • It is highly energy intensive as well. Most of the NFTs are presently supported by the blockchain of Ethereum, which is known to use an energy-intensive protocol that runs on “proof of work”. Transaction of a single NFT requires large amounts of electricity.
  • One might need to have ETH or Ethereum first, before even investing in any NFTs. Ethereum is what is frequently necessary to trade NFTs.


  1. Is NFT a good crypto?

A: NFTs are a really good form of investment if you think of them as the future. They democratize the access to ownership of art. NFT art or Crypto art is a better alternative for people who have less capital or money for investing in art. The ownership of digital art has been revolutionary since the advent of the internet.

  1. Are NFTs and Bitcoins the same?

A: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. Hence, unlike conventional cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and Bitcoin, these cannot be exchanged for another. Each NFT is unique and distinct and has different values. NFTs are often used to illustrate different digital objects like music, art, and other forms of digital assets.

  1. Why would anyone even invest in an NFT?

A: NFT has made a way for both artists and collectors to make a living or even trade for making profits like a Crypto investment. Some other benefits of NFTs include greater security of the assets and lower costs regarding maintenance.

  1. Should I invest in an NFT?

A: Now that is totally up to you, but I would still suggest you be aware of the potential risks of investing in one. All forms of investments come with risks attached to them so you should first do some research and gain some information about it before straight up investing in one.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding Cryptos and Non-Fungible Tokens. Once again I would advise that do not just take my word for it and actually research them before actually going ahead with investing.

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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