What are those 10 qualities that every IAS aspirant must have?

Getting a job in the Indian Administrative Service is a dream for most youth in India. As an IAS officer, you not only get a handsome salary but it also entitles you to high social status and many benefits. It gives you an opportunity to serve the nation by bringing positive change in the country and society. Join the best IAS coaching in Dehradun for IAS preparation.

As the saying goes, ‘with great powers also come great responsibilities’; Being an IAS officer is a huge responsibility. A candidate who is posted as an IAS officer must possess certain qualities to justify his/her position as an IAS officer, in this article, we will discuss all those qualities that one must possess to become an Indian Administrative Service officer. To be respected by all the aspirants who aspire to be the nation builders of the future. These qualities are not only for IAS officers but also for all those who want to lead an exemplary and virtuous life.


Dedication is the most important quality in an IAS aspirant. The journey to becoming an IAS officer – preparing for the preliminary exam, then the mains exam, and finally the interview – can be quite the saddle, with years of consistent persistence. This long journey can be tiring and mentally stressful, but only through dedication can one walk on this path and reach one’s goal.

Ability to understand

An IAS aspirant must have excellent understanding skills. Comprehension ability refers to the ability to quickly grasp the topic you are studying and retain it in your memory for a long period of time. Not just that, but you should also be able to remember and use that information during your exams. You can practice meditation as it can help a lot in increasing your ability to understand.

Communication skills

It is a skill that will help you not only in your journey to becoming an IAS officer but in all areas of your life. If you feel that you are not good at presenting your ideas to people or speaking confidently in front of an audience, then start working on this aspect as soon as possible. Being an IAS officer, you will interact with a lot of people, which makes this skill a must.

Writing skills

The biggest hurdle in the journey of becoming an IAS officer is the main exam. It is a subjective paper where you are expected to write a lot which makes your writing skills directly proportional to your success in IAS Exam. If you think you are weak in writing, you can easily improve it by doing daily practice. There are many IAS online courses that can help you in improving your writing skills.


This is one skill that no IAS coaching can teach you. It is very important, to be honest with yourself as well as with others. An IAS officer is expected to be ethical and not do anything morally wrong. In this matter, honesty is above all virtues and skills. Similarly, if you are not honest with yourself, you will never be able to identify your weaknesses and thus work on improving them.


The word inquisitive means are eager and ready to learn new things. The hunger for knowledge can take you far in your IAS exam journey. For example, if you read about the South Africa dispute in the newspaper, you must be curious to know about the cause and history of the dispute, its impact on world politics, etc. Just reading the newspaper will not be enough in the current trend.


An IAS officer acts as a bridge between the government and the citizens; He represents the government among the people. While in office, he must demonstrate excellent leadership skills. He should be able to lead his team toward the goal of doing better for the people of the country. All this can be done only when a person has great leadership abilities.


The spirit of serving the nation and having nothing above the interest of the country should always be in the mind of an IAS officer. An IAS officer is like a selfless soldier who always measures the effects of his actions on the strength and prestige of his nation.

Physical fitness

Being healthy is the most important asset of an aspirant while preparing for the IAS exam. Try to incorporate habits into your schedule that will boost your physical fitness as well as your mental health. A healthy diet and adequate exercise are two important factors that will keep you healthy and give you the required energy and strength to continuously work towards your dreams.

Work ethics

An IAS officer should have exemplary ethics toward his work and responsibilities. An IAS officer is expected to respect office hours, not use his power and position for personal gains, work with utmost dedication, and be impartial. Work ethic helps you to be better at work and sets you as an example to others.