What Are the Consequences of EICR Certificate in UK?

EICR Certificate, Find out about how important it is to have the importance of an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and the cost that you may pay if don’t hire an experienced, certified electrician to conduct the test.

No matter what the situation is, whether it’s a business or rental property, or your home any electrical installations must always be covered under a valid EICR Certificate.

However, as isn’t an obligation of law to put one in place Is bringing an electrician to conduct the test worthwhile?

In this article will be all you should learn about an EICR and the definition, what it’s about and what it costs and what can happen in the event you ignore it.

What exactly is EICR testing?

A Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an in-depth examination of the electrical system and installation on your property. During the inspection the electrician:

Make sure that all devices are safe from electric shock or fire.

Make sure that the bonding and earthing is adequate.

Determine if there are broken electrical fittings and accessories.

Look for any live wires that could lead to burns or injuries.

Check for any damage or wear that might affect the security of tenants or visitors.

The report evaluates the competence of your electrics in three categories:

C1 – This is the name indicated when the electrics are considered to be dangerous and require urgent attention.

C2 – this information is provided when electrical hazards are present and immediate action is required.

C3 is a term used when electricity doesn’t pose any risks, but the electrician thinks that improvements can be improved.

What is the consequence for not using an EICR?

While it’s not a legal obligation to keep an up-to-date EICR, owners of businesses as well as landlords legally accountable for the safety of their tenants and employees.

If one of these individuals is injured due to the dangers of electrical currents, and you aren’t able to provide evidence that proves you’ve followed the necessary steps to provide an environment that is safe for everyone it could result in you being charged. For homeowners who own their homes, an EICR can provide assurance of safety before purchasing an investment home. You shouldn’t buy or sell a home which isn’t safe for you to live in. This knowledge will provide you with the buyer the power to negotiate the purchase price lower.

Imagine purchasing your dream home but then finding an electrical home of horrors which costs thousands of dollars to repair. There are other consequences for landlords, homeowners and business owners in relation to claiming and taking out insurance.

It is common for insurance firms need the submission of an Electrical Condition Report on a property prior to providing coverage. If the EICR expiring before the end of the term of your insurance policy, it’s only one incident in the presence of a tenant to prevent an insurance company from assisting with court costs.

In the same way, your home insurance will not cover expenses if the faulty electrics within your new residence can cause an explosion. In reality, each day that you don’t have an EICR-validated certificate You’re on through a tightrope.

What is the length of time the EICR is valid?

The IET Wiring Regulations BS7671 recommends that an EICR is to be examined in the following manner. Landlords every five years or the time there’s a change in the tenancy. Business owners – every five years.

Homeowners: every ten years unless you own an outdoor pool, then it is recommended to have it inspected every year.

If you’re not sure that your electrical systems are working properly If you’re not sure, then get one completed before the deadline is over.

How much will the EICR cost?

EICRs should only be performed by a registered electrician with enough experience to understand the procedure.

However, it’s essential to determine if they have qualifications and experience before deciding to hire them. As with all products or services If you don’t make the right choice the quality of service will not be as great.

In the average, you’ll be charged approximately PS200 + VAT an agency with the ability to run an EICR for as many circuits (PS33.33 each) and PS20 plus VAT for each additional circuit.

The positive side is that Hills Electrical offers Hills Electrical, our EICR Certificate services start at PS10.00 per circuit. This includes commercial buildings, offices manufacturing units, retail stores and factories within Dudley, Birmingham, the West Midlands and the rest of the UK. In addition to our affordable price, you’ll be guaranteed the highest quality, thanks to our contractor team that is NICEIC certified and extremely experienced.

If you’re looking for peace of mind with a lower cost and with a guaranteed high-quality service, contact us now. Don’t be fooled by the fact that ignoring the need for an EICR could result in a huge amount of money over the long term and it is best to protect yourself earlier rather than later.