Webster Manor: Student Accommodation in Philadelphia

ItPhiladelphia is a city in the United States of America where students from different parts of the world arrive to acquire university education. As time is passing, the standard of education in Philadelphia is also increasing. Therefore, a lot of interest of international students can be witnessed in studying in Philadelphia.

So, many arrangements are made for international students in Philadelphia. Some good student accommodation properties are available for students with all the required arrangements. One of the names in this regard is Webster Manor. Webster Manor is a student accommodation property with all the basic facilities.

Below, you will read some of the features that you get in Webster Manor.



The studio is the accommodation type available in Webster Manor Philadelphia. The studio is available with luxurious furnishings as well as fantastic facilities as per the dreams of the students.  comprises a large space and is specially designed for students who want all the space of an accommodation for them.

Here students find a furnished bedroom with a comfortable bed. Moreover, there is also an attached bathroom. You also get a kitchenette that has all the required equipment.


There are two apartments available in this property meant for student accommodation Philadelphia. In one of the apartments, you get 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. You get a private bathroom here. The kitchenette is also private here. Moreover, there is a double bed with a bedside table. A wardrobe is also available to unload the suitcase. This apartment is perfect for students who need full privacy.

In another apartment, you find 2 bedrooms. Two students can stay in this apartment. A private bathroom is attached to each bedroom. But, the kitchen is communal. This apartment is ideal for those who want the company of a housemate. There is a shared living room also in this apartment.

Study Desk and Chair

desk and chair

Students who live in this property come to Philadelphia for their studies. So, study arrangements are also necessary for them. You get a study desk and chair in your accommodation unit where you can read course material and books and can write notes.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Life seems to be impossible today without the internet. Even, you are reading this article on the internet. Moreover, it has become a major source of communication today. Apart from these aspects, it is widely used for entertainment, online shopping, and many other things.

For students, its significance is much more than this. They can get its help in their studies in various ways. First, they can attend online lectures. Besides, they can complete their projects and assignments through it. Moreover, some video tutorials and text lessons can be found on different websites, which students can watch and read. In addition to all this, students can send and receive notes, text lessons, etc. through email and real-time apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. They can also stay in touch with their faculty through them.

Therefore, a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection is provided to students through which they can connect their gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets to the internet.

Pet Friendliness

Some students are pet lovers. Such students like to keep their pets in their accommodations. But, all accommodation properties are not pet friendly.

But, you have no need to worry in this regard in Webster Manor. It is a pet-friendly property. So, you can keep your pets here without any worries.

Dining Features

In the kitchen of this property, students find all the facilities for their dining. They can find a microwave, oven, fridge, etc. in the kitchen.



If your clothes are not properly washed, they can make a bad impression on others. Moreover, wearing dirty clothes is not good for your personal hygiene also. But, sometimes, you may not get enough time to wash your clothes due to your busy schedule.

This is why laundry has been provided for students. Students can give their clothes for washing in the laundry. In this way, they can get washed clothes while saving time, which they can spend on studies and other useful tasks.

Bicycle Storage Space

If you keep a bicycle with you and you are worried about the safety of your bicycle then you have no need to worry in the property. Here, there is a special bicycle storage space available where you can park your bicycle safely.

Secure Door Entry

A secure door entry is also provided to students for the safety of their belongings which will unlocked through a card or by the fingerprint of the student which will give personal feel just safe like home.

Summing Up

Webster Manor is the property that fulfills the basic needs of students. You can easily book accommodation here through the websites of student accommodation service platforms. These platforms also allow you to search for and book accommodations in other properties in Philadelphia.