Ways to rectify QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error

Ways to rectify QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error

Data migration is used to move user’s financial data between QuickBooks products or import from another accounting software. This helps to keep the da

Data migration is used to move user’s financial data between QuickBooks products or import from another accounting software. This helps to keep the data safe and eliminates the risk of permanent loss. But users have widely reported that their QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly, so we came up with this blog to help them. If your QuickBooks also struggles to migrate your data, keep reading further to explore the factors that can act as a barrier during migration and the methods to remove them from your PC.

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About the issue

Data migration is a risky process and always contains risks that can severely affect the business. Data migration can fail due to many factors in the system, which can affect QuickBooks while it runs. This can happen due to incompatibility issues, and your data might get corrupted if data migration suddenly stops in between. You are advised to always take professional help for data migration to prevent any issues during the transfer.

Causes of occurrence

The potential causes of data migration failing in between are mentioned below-

  • Obsolete versions of QuickBooks or Windows can affect the data migration due to incompatibility with each other.
  • Data migration can also fail when QuickBooks fails to run on a system due to its low specifications
  • Windows Firewall restrictions can block QuickBooks from establishing a connection with other systems during the migration.
  • QuickBooks might suffer from internal issues that cause the software to malfunction while transferring the data.
  • A damaged or corrupt license and product info file can lead to issues when the software reviews the user details for authorization.

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You can prevent issues from terminating the data migration by using the steps below-

Solution 1- Update your QuickBooks and Windows version

Data migration failure can result from outdated versions of QuickBooks or Windows facing difficulties integrating with each other. You must always ensure that your QuickBooks and Windows are up to date before migrating your data. Compatibility issues can stop QuickBooks from executing its functions or integrating with Windows applications. Update your QuickBooks with these steps-

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Utilities option in the File menu.
  2. Tap Stop hosting multi-user access to stop the software from using multi-user mode.
  3. Click the Help menu and select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option in the drop-down list.
  4. Under the Update Now tab, click the Mark All checkbox to update all the QB services.
  5. Click Reset Update delete the previous updates, and tap Get Updates thereafter.
  6. Wait until the update is completely downloaded and rerun the software.
  7. Follow the instructions given on the screen to install the updates.

After your QuickBooks is fully updated, you must download and install the latest updates for your Windows. QuickBooks might fail to run if the Windows version doesn’t comply with its minimum requirements. Apply these methods to update Windows-

  1. Click the Windows Start button and tap the Settings (Gear) icon.
  2. Go to Update & Security and tap Windows Update on the left.
  3. Click Check for updates and tap Download and Install when a new Windows version is found.
  4. Let the Windows update and try migrating your data again after the system reopens.

If the data migration still suffers from issues, go to the next solution.

Solution 2- Check the configuration of the systems

QuickBooks might struggle to run or crash repeatedly if the system specifications are too low. This can also stop you from migrating your data. So, you are advised to check your system specifications before migrating your data to prevent any issues during the transfer. Use the following steps to check the configuration of both systems-

  1. Open the Control panel menu and tap System.
  2. Scroll down in the menu and click About.
  3. You’ll see the system configuration on the screen.

Compare your system specifications with the minimum requirements of QuickBooks mentioned below-

  • RAM- 8GB average if you use QuickBooks in 2-4 computers and 4GB minimum.
  • Processor- 2.4Ghz or more
  • Disk Space- 2.5GB for QuickBooks and more for company files
  • Screen Resolution- 1280X1024 with correct DPI settings

If your system lacks these requirements, QuickBooks will generate issues while running. You need to upgrade your system to prevent the data migration from stopping again.

Solution 3- Fix the Windows Firewall and Antivirus settings

Windows Firewall can stop applications from connecting to the internet or other systems for your safety. QuickBooks will struggle to migrate your data if Windows firewall blocks its functions or if its background processes get quarantined by an antivirus. Open your Antivirus menu and check the isolated programs list. Remove any QB files that have been quarantined, or it’ll be better if you temporarily disable your antivirus until the migration is complete. You need to fix the firewall settings on your computer to ensure QuickBooks doesn’t fail to migrate your financial data. Use these steps-

  1. Open the Windows Defender Firewall menu using the search panel.
  2. Click the Allow an app or feature through firewall option on the left menu.
  3. Select QuickBooks in the list of programs and mark the Public and Private checkbox.
  4. Tap Allow at the bottom of the tab and save the settings.
  5. Open QuickBooks and retry migrating your data.

If data migration fails again, use the next solution.

Solution 4- Utilize the Verify-Rebuild tool to mend damaged QB data

Data migration also fails if QB data gets damaged. The damaged data might contain your company file or the file carrying info about your license number. You’ll have to repair QuickBooks data to ensure the software doesn’t face trouble while transferring it to another PC. Use these steps-

  1. Go to the File menu in QuickBooks and click Utilities.
  2. Single-click the Rebuild Now option and tap Ok to create a full data backup if you haven’t done it recently.
  3. Let the process complete, and then click the Verify Data option in Utilities.
  4. If a ‘Your data has lost integrity’ message pops up, click Rebuild now to repair the data.
  5. Try migrating your data again after the data is completely repaired.

These methods will resolve all the data migration issues and help you transfer your data without any issues.


This blog compromises the causes of QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly on your computer. The blog also shares some effective methods that you can use to prevent any issues during migration and transfer your data securely.

If data migration stops again, take the professional help of QB experts at 1.855.738.2784 for the safety of your data.

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