Triangl Bathing Suits Review for Well-Endowed People

Triangl Bathing Suits Review for Well-Endowed People

Before I finally made the decision to buy my first Triangl Bathing Suits, I did a lot of research by watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of blo

Before I finally made the decision to buy my first Triangl Bathing Suits, I did a lot of research by watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of blog reviews. One was from their very first neoprene collection, another was from one of their later collections with floral bottoms and a white crochet underwire top, and the most recent one I’ve owned is this neon orange ribbed set.

Their Social Media Pages

I’ve owned three over the course of my lifetime. Now, they are no longer producing the first two sets that I bought, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this latest set is my absolute favorite of all time. For a long time, I was hesitant to buy a bikini from Triangl Discount Code because very few girls with my body type were featured on any of their social media pages. As a result, I did not buy a bikini from them.

Vast Majority Of Women

Sadly, the situation has not changed in any way. To make matters even more frustrating, the vast majority of women who posted Triangl Bathing Suits hauls on YouTube were of a similar body type. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with that, the fact that it made determining my own sizes significantly more challenging.

Fairly Typical Size

Since then, they have added more helpful Triangl Bathing Suits reviews to their website, and these reviews were instrumental in guiding my decision regarding the sizes I should buy for my most recent set of furniture. Although I am not overweight, I consider myself to have a curvier physique. With a height of 5 feet 7 inches and an approximate weight of 160 pounds, I’d say that my weight is fairly typical.

An Hourglass Figure

I have an hourglass figure, which means that I carry the majority of my weight in my chest, hips, and buttocks. As a result, I was concerned about not having sufficient support in the top. I am typically a size Medium on the bottom and a size Large on the top, but I will occasionally go with a Large on the bottom to achieve a slightly more relaxed fit around my hips and thighs. This is because I have a pear-shaped body.

Pipa Set In Pop Orange

I got the Pipa set in Pop Orange, with a size XL in the top and a size L in the bottom that I bought. The Triangl Bathing Suits customer service that I received was satisfactory. I liked their feature that allowed for instant chat. They are available to provide you with immediate assistance at pretty much any time of the day or night.

Customer Service Review

This is a huge benefit, especially for anyone who despises having to get in touch with customer service. I never had to wait on hold for more than a few minutes. They were pretty helpful when it came to sizing, but I would suggest speaking to about three different people before deciding on a Triangl Bathing Suits size. They typically recommend a size that is one size smaller than necessary.

Shipping And Customs

The speed at which they shipped my order was incredible. Both from Australia and the United States, I’ve placed orders for their Triangl Bathing Suits and neither time have I had any problems. In my experience, shipments originated from Hong Kong for every single order.

Pay Any Customs Fees

When I placed all of my orders, I anticipated that the shipping process would take at least a week, but I received all of my orders in just a few days, and some of them in as little as two business days. My experience in Australia and the United States was the same in that I did not have to pay any customs fees; however, the rules in your country may be different.

Price Tag Of $80 To $100

If you put some serious thought into it, a price tag of $80 to $100 isn’t that bad of a deal at all. There are a lot of bikinis that cost that much or even more than that, depending on the brand. You get to choose not only the size of the top but also the size of the bottom, which is a nice perk. Given the level of quality it possesses, I do not believe that the asking price for this Triangl Bathing Suits is excessive.

Size Guidelines Chart

This brand, in general, offers sizes that are noticeably on the more petite side. My hips feel like they could use a little more room in the large bottoms, but I don’t think I want to go up another size either. The extra-large Triangl Bathing Suits top was about the right size, as anticipated. I wasn’t anticipating there to be a huge amount of fabric, but it does appear to be on the smaller side than I had anticipated.

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Pull The Straps Over

If I pull the straps over my shoulders too tightly, I run the risk of my breasts falling out of the bottom of the bra. Not the best. If you are on the verge of one size or another, I would recommend going up a size in this Triangl Bathing Suits however, I do still love the way it fits.

My Recommendation For You

This swimsuit is one of my favorites. Every single time I wear it, I receive compliments on it, and I’ve already got my sights set on purchasing another one. The suit is of exceptionally high quality, and the colors are gorgeous and full of life.

Brand Of Triangl Bathing Suits

Despite the fact that this particular brand of Triangl Bathing Suits runs on the petite side, I would still recommend this swimsuit to you if it is available in your size. My chest fits comfortably into the XL top, but if you have a larger chest size than I do, you may not be able to wear this one.