Total Gym Accessories to Amp Up Your Home Gym

Total Gym Accessories to Amp Up Your Home Gym

Amping up your home means researching the new total gym accessories that can provide various exercises. The right equipment will aid you in sculpti

Amping up your home means researching the new total gym accessories that can provide various exercises.

The right equipment will aid you in sculpting your body without stepping a foot into the gym. This guide will provide you with the best home tools that can comply with your fit body goal and for you, we have divided this guide into three categories:

  • Exercise Tools
  • Massage Tools
  • Gym Wearable

So, let’s get you started first with the exercise tools!


Portable, lightweight, and durable equipment makes up the best home gym exercise tool option. There0 is no better equipment than these three to check all of these boxes:-

Exercise Tools - Portable, lightweight, and durable from FitStrengthCo

Resistance Bands

Comes in different strengths. This tool is a must-have for you if you still don’t own it. Easy to store and care for, resistance bands are versatile tools used in various experiences. The best part about the resistance bands is that, if you don’t know any specific resistance bands exercise, you do any exercise you do daily. Just include resistance bands in it. Using resistance bands can make a simple exercise intense, so having a full-body workout becomes easy.

Pushup Upper-Body Board

Upper body boards are especially useful for building strong tricep and core muscles. Straightforward and simple to use, this device gives no fuss in storage. It can stay on any shelf or in the box you want to put it in. It is one of the most portable total gym accessories for an intense body workout. As the name suggests, it mainly aims to help you with pushups. The different colors on the board suggest the different intensity levels you can use while exercising.

Punch Ball For Boxing

The third device in our exercise tools category has to be a punch ball. Aiming for boxing training, this ball is a convenient and flexible tool that can make up for a perfect addition to your home gym.

These tools can create balance and coordination between your eyes and hands. Improving your coordination also can stimulate different brain functions leading to a healthy and fit body. Simple to use, all you have to do is put the headband on your head, swing the ball, and try to hit it.


MASSAGE TOOLS from FitStrengthCo

When you have burned your calories, your body increases the temperature, which is uncomfortable for everyone. Although it is not something to worry about, as the body is just getting rid of extra cells, massage tools can give you instant relief while supporting your body in the process. These tools are also must-have by your side for tiring when you want nothing but a good night’s sleep.

Tissue Massager Gun

First on this list is the miracle massage tool, known as the tissue massager gun. These massage guns use percussion technology to loosen tight muscles. Oftentimes brands produce it with four heads, which can be used on different body parts for massage therapy. Using any of the heads, massage guns gently tap your body to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which relaxes the muscle.

Neck Massager

As the name suggests, neck massagers aim to provide you with neck massage. However, its benefits go beyond the neck. This tool can relieve strains, sprains, and osteoarthritis. In addition, it is also good to provide you instant relief from the headache. Once you finish the massage, this gym accessory can give you a good night’s sleep.

Pillow Massager

Out of all the massage tools available in the market, pillow massagers are the most effective on the back and neck pain. Also, do not confuse it with the neck massager. While the neck massage focuses on resting the neck mussels, it also goes beyond the back muscles. Also, you can easily use it anywhere you like, from an office chair to your car seat. Fifteen minutes of massage treatment with home gym equipment will make you feel like you have just come out of the spa.

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GYM WEARABLE from FitStrengthCo

Suitable gym wearables can maximize the benefit of workouts. Of course, these are optional, but if you consider investing in some gym wearables, they will pay you back with interest. If this thought is fascinating enough for you, you can include these gym wearables in your home gym:-

Ankle Brace

While exercising, our body makes different moves, and most of these moves are supported by our ankles, which makes them more vulnerable to injury than any other body part. Ankle braces are the additional support that your ankles need. It not only provides your ankles with external support, but they also help your foot and ankle, providing internal support for more study movement.

Knee Brace

Just like the ankles, your knees also need support during sharp movements; otherwise, it could result in bone damage. Knee braces can balance the pressure on your knees. That’s why dancers prefer wearing knee braces in their performances. Depending on your choice, you can also wear it during all your exercise and activities, you feel like putting extensive pressure on your knees. One thing to remember about knee braces is that you must find them in the right material. A blend of Nylon, latex silk, spandex, and silicone is ideal for the knee brace.

Compression T-Shirt

Most men and women wear compression t-shirts to look fit in regular clothes. However, a compression garment can serve you more than that. Wearing them during exercise can lead to more fat burn. In addition, compression garments can aid your body in increasing blood flow and, in turn, lymphatic flow. Compression garments are also good to wear after gynecomastia surgery. However, in these cases, you must consult a doctor before wearing them.

Wrapping Up!

There was a guide on the 3 different categories of total gym accessories that can amp up your workouts and recovery. We have shared with you some of the top devices and wearables that can escalate the benefits of your regular workouts.

FitStrengthCo is the top online store where you can buy all these total gym accessories at affordable prices. You can even check out their store to make an addition to your home gym and take one step ahead in your fitness goals.