The Ultimate Guide to Installing SoundBomb Horns on Your Bike

The Ultimate Guide to Installing SoundBomb Horns on Your Bike

SoundBomb horns are an essential accessory to help you get noticed on the road. Unfortunately, it's a tool that some people will never learn to use co

SoundBomb horns are an essential accessory to help you get noticed on the road. Unfortunately, it’s a tool that some people will never learn to use correctly.

Trying to figure out a location on your bike that allows for an easy mounting solution while not interfering with the fairing or engine is often the most difficult part of adding an air horn.

Identify Your Bike

Identifying your bike is important not only to keep it safe and secure but also to help you recover it if it ever gets stolen. Your bike’s serial number is a unique identifier that helps police and other organizations track down your ride.

There are a few different ways to find your bike’s serial number but the easiest way is by looking at the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks connect. You’ll see a series of numbers ranging from six to ten digits. Some bicycles also have badges or stickers with brand names and model years. These can be found on the frame, forks, headset, and other parts of the bike.

If your bike doesn’t have a serial number or you don’t want to risk losing it you can use one of our easy ways to etch your details onto your frame. Be sure to use a sharp tool and practice with a piece of scrap metal first before using it on your bike.

DENALI’s split horn design separates the compressor and the acoustic unit, allowing you to mount them in tight spaces like behind motorcycle fairings. With a sound output of 120 decibels measured at 3 feet, the DENALI Motorcycle Horn is hard to ignore and can alert other riders and drivers of your presence. Easily installs with our rugged wiring harness that includes an inline 30amp fuse and relay socket.

Measure Your Bike

If you’re tired of hearing that cheesy factory horn on your bike, or worse yet being stuck behind some Cage in the slow lane who refuses to turn left when you tell them to, then it’s time for you to get a new horn. But finding a place to mount one can be tricky. Horns take up a lot of space, and if you’re not lucky enough to find a location that works with your fairing or crash bar setup then it can be a real pain.

The SoundBomb horns are loud and attention-grabbing, while the DENALI Electronics Coupon provides high-quality control and customization options. This product is a good option for those looking for an effective and affordable sound system for their vehicle.

They also sell the DENALI Soundbomb split horn that separates the compressor from the horn element so you can install it in tight spots like behind your crash bar. A thick heat-resistant air hose connects the two parts of the system for easy installation.

If you’re already in the market for a new horn and don’t want to spend any time searching for a mounting solution, they also offer a Plug-N-Play harness that allows you to bypass your factory horn circuit, and draw the required 5 amps from a powered wire instead. This option is a great choice when your bike’s horn circuit can’t handle the additional load of a new horn, or you simply want to avoid having to run an additional relay and wiring harness.

Select Your Horn

There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing an air horn. You’ll want to look for something that will be loud enough to get the attention of distracted drivers and is also able to be mounted in such a way as to make it almost impossible to ignore.

For those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of mounting an extra horn, some kits allow you to mount the Stebel Nautilus compact dual-tone air horn directly onto your stock horn button. These kits are simple to install and often include a horn wiring harness kit with a relay that makes it easy to connect to your bike’s power and ground wires.

Install Your Horn 

Your motorcycle needs a horn loud enough to get the attention of errant and careless drivers. It’s not a luxury, it’s an essential safety accessory. DENALI’s horns are powerful and easy to mount, making them the perfect choice for your motorcycle.

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Their one-piece horns like the DENALI SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn combine the compressor and the acoustic unit in a single, compact package with molded mounting points to make installation a breeze. A bike-specific mount kit is also available for a clean, factory-looking installation on some bikes.

Another option is the DENALI SoundBomb Mini, which produces 113 decibels of attention-getting sound in a much smaller footprint than conventional motorcycle horns. It’s power efficient, drawing only 5 amps, and may be able to run directly off of the original horn circuit on many bikes (if it can handle the 5-amp load). A Plug-N-Play wiring harness is available for an easy upgrade if needed.

Even with a bike-specific mount, installing a one-piece horn can still be a challenge on some bikes. This has the same powerful 120dB performance as a one-piece horn but separates the compressor and the acoustic horn elements with a supplied durable hose.

Determine Your Bike’s Model

The easiest way to determine your bike’s model is to check its serial number. This number is typically located on the frame or somewhere else on the bike. You can also try looking at other components like the shifters or frame to find clues.

Alternatively, you can use a bicycle serial number chart online to decipher the formatting of each brand’s serial numbers.

Determine Your Bike’s Year

A bike’s serial number can be an excellent source of information about its model year. The first digits will typically reference the month and year of production, while the rest of the number indicates the unique model number.

If you can’t find a serial number, certain bicycle parts may provide clues about the model’s age. You can also use online resources such as bike finder websites or value guides.

Determine Your Bike’s Make

The DENALI Split dual-tone air horn allows the compressor to be mounted separately from the acoustic unit via a supplied thick heat-resistant hose. This enables mounting on bikes that do not have space for the larger SoundBomb horn.


Turn your Roadrunner into a Road Warrior with ear-splitting 120 decibels of horn noise. This horn mount fits a wide variety of bikes and is vibration & weather resistant.

Includes a rugged wiring harness for a direct Plug-N-Play upgrade that requires no cutting, soldering, or slicing as long as your original horn has blade-style electrical connections.