The Foldable Gaming Chair Review

The Foldable Gaming Chair Review

At first glance, the foldable gaming chair looks like a comfy camping chair. Most of such chairs have frames that poke and prod at the person. This fo

At first glance, the foldable gaming chair looks like a comfy camping chair. Most of such chairs have frames that poke and prod at the person. This foldable gaming chair, on the other hand, does nothing like that.

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About Foldable Gaming Chair  

The Foldable Gaming Chair comes from the Folding Gaming Chair company, a small startup-based company in Canada. They claim that all of their chairs are made with love, which would be apparent as soon as you sit down.

The chairs have clearly been made by someone who understands the love for gaming and how searing in plays a great role in how well the overall gaming experience will be.

Additionally, it has practicality incorporated into it. Many people share a gaming space/gaming room with their kids or even parents, hence a chair that can fit and be folded right away would be a true comfort.


TFGC, or The Foldable Gaming Chair, certainly takes the structure of a camping chair. Its frame is made of 13mm/D16 tubes, and when it is unfolded there are 4 legs that support up to three hundred and fifty lbs. The cushioning and material of the chair act as a cradle within that frame and also allows people sitting on it to sink into it.

The material that is used in the making of this chair is water-resistant 600D polyester that has various soft pads embedded inside of it, including the ones for lumbar support. The dimensions of the chair are 38.5x28x22.5 inches (WxHxD).

The chair’s backrest is 20.05 inches high and about twenty-two inches wide. This is most probably one of the few downsides of the build. It also may be a tad bit narrow for the folks who have broader shoulders.

When the TFGC is folded away, it stands tall and upright at 39 inches.


On the left armrest of the chair there’s a beverage holder that has the capacity to hold bottles, cans, or even a narrow tumbler. Right in front of that, there’s an ingenious wine stem glass holder. You can seat in a chair and easily enjoy slope unblocked, subway surfers unblocked and many more games.

On the right hand of the pocket, there’s a very useful little pocket that has a storage space as well. There’s even room for some TV remote, controller, and snacks if one would like.

There’s a headrest hook as well at the end of the armrest on the right-hand side.


The padding of the TFGC is really comfortable. There’s a depth to the padding of the chair, and it makes you sink into the cushiony seat comfortably.  The padding will surely help the person sitting on it feel supported and comfortable – even though sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Even folding and unfolding of this chair is really easy and takes less than a minute to do.

The chair, when folded up, also takes up very less space and can be stored really easily behind hall cupboards, wardrobes, or even in a corner with no type of bother at all. Gamers with limited storage space problems could get help by purchasing this chair to save space.

Quotes From Their Customers  

Here are a few reviews left by customers about The Foldable Gaming Chair:

“I like the chair and all it’s little additions such a place for my controller and headphones. However for me it’s not the most comfortable, and I feel a little crammed in while sitting in it. My wife on the other hand loves it and would happily sit in, same for my kid.


I definitely recommend the chair though. It’s a high quality, nice presentation upon remove from the box, shipping was smooth, and last it very storage friendly, and multi-functional.”


“I recently got this through the fact that I was moving to Chicago and couldn’t really fit a lot of furniture with me. So I needed something that was mobile, accessible whenever I needed and easy to take care of. I am really pleased with this chair, it has everything I need, it’s very comfy and it supports a big guy like me (270 pounds). I definitely recommend that chair to anybody that is travelling or moving away.”


“I’m very happy with my foldable gaming chair! I share a video game playspace with my kids playroom, so this is a very convenient compromise of comfort and storage. I find it very comfortable and easy to pull out and put away! For extended game sessions I’ll add a throw pillow for extra padding. If it helps you make your choice: I’m 5’9” and 215 pounds. I highly recommend this product. The whole process from ordering to delivery was very easy.”

Is It Really Worth Purchasing?  

The Foldable Gaming Chair is perfect to accommodate all of gamer’s needs. It even has features that would make other similar chairs of other brands envious. If you are a parent or even share a gaming space with people you live with – this chair is sure to be likable according to everyone’s needs. It is also priced reasonably and would not cost a lot of fortune!

But it is also to be noted that this folding gaming chair is only available in the region of Canada and the US at the moment.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding The Foldable Gaming Chair review. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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