The Definitive Guide To Polo Shirts

The Definitive Guide To Polo Shirts

Is it time to add a new polo shirt to your wardrobe? We are happy to assist you in your search. In this guide, we'll give you everything you need to k

Is it time to add a new polo shirt to your wardrobe? We are happy to assist you in your search. In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know to pick a polo shirt that suits your body type, personality and taste, along with some helpful tips on how to style a polo shirt for a complete and elegant look. The elegance of men’s polo shirts is their versatility.

Where Do Men’s Polo Shirts Originate?

Contrary to popular belief, the polo shirt as we know it today was invented for tennis. Wanted to design something that would also be comfortable. A brilliant invention, as you can imagine.

Men’s polo shirts are designed as white pique cotton shirts with short sleeves and a slightly longer hem to prevent the shirt from loosening during matches. By the 1930s, polo shirts were so popular that polo players embraced the innovative style masse, giving rise to the term “polo shirt”.

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The Measurements to watch out for include the following:

Sleeve length – Short sleeves should hit the middle of your biceps or midway between your shoulder and elbow. Do not wear longer than 2/3 of your upper arm. Long-sleeved polo shirts are about the wrist. If it’s longer than this, it will look like you’re wearing someone else’s shirt. Hemming ribbed cuffs isn’t easy, so you must buy a proportionately sized shirt. It is possible to trim polo shirts with hemmed shirt sleeves, but it requires a special machine to get the look right.

Shirt length – Another important measurement is overall length. A polo shirt is worn and put in a pocket, so the hem should be long not to look bulky. Ensure it reaches the middle of your back pocket when you open it. Longer legs make them look shorter and reduce your overall height. Also, I don’t like my shirt to end at or above my waist. Not only will the size not fit, but it will be too small or shrunk.

Shirt width – Polo shirts should not be baggy or tight. You should be able to pinch the sides an inch or two. In addition, the fabric should slide over the body and not be too tight. Depending on your figure, it might be a little tight at the bust, but you don’t want it to flare out. For this reason, most polo shirts are straight or slightly tapered from armpit to hem. One thing you’ll notice about most polo shirt hems is that the back is up to an inch longer than the front, often with a shallow slit in the middle. This recalls the beginnings of the polo shirt as pure sportswear. The long back helps keep the shirt in place even during intense workouts.

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How Do You Style A Polo Shirt?

Wearing a good polo shirt is easy, but there are many ways to style it. Are polo shirts smart casual? The short answer is yes. You can expect a heated game of beach volleyball from Jarrett, but style his jacket with a tailored blazer and you’ve got some serious smarts for the casual outfit. That is why polo shirts are a staple in wardrobes.

What To Wear With A Polo Shirt To The Beach?

A pair of short-sleeved polo shirts – ‘washed’ means a unique colour treatment – ​​paired with navy bulldog swim shorts. Soft cotton ties look blends into your relaxed beach aesthetic. Or, when heading to the pool, wear a classic-fitting polo shirt and wear it open to reveal a straight hem.

How Do You Style Smart-Casual Polo Shirts?

The key to a dressy, casual look is to add sophisticated details and ensure high-quality vital items. For example, wear a plain white or cream short-sleeve polo shirt tucked into cotton shorts. If so, add a blazer, and you’re ready for lunch at the beach club. Keep it casual with shorts and a polo shirt, and add a layer of sophistication with a blazer. Finally, pair them with sneakers and casual loafers for a simple look.

Can Polo Shirts Be Worn As Evening Wear?

With a casual ribbed collar and a traditional two-piece collar, pair it with chinos instead of shorts. Next, pair it with a fitted polo shirt and blazer and make sure the colour matches your chinos, or opt for a long-sleeve, open-neck polo shirt made from silk, cashmere and merino wool. Polo shirts are more refined and sophisticated, and open-neck options are perfect when bar music makes rhythmic foot-tapping a little more intense.


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