Step-By-Step Guide To Get A Sleek Eyebrow Shape

According to you, what makes a person appealing? Think about it; healthy physique, attitude, communicating manner and style, voluminous hair, smooth skin, facial features. Yes, these all combined make a person handsome, but did you ever consider eyebrows in this list? It’s high time you give your eyebrows the recognition and love they deserve.

Eyebrow mapping is a form of art, and this art can truly make or break anybody’s look. If you are making your own eyebrows, it’s essential for you to know how to get an eyebrow shape. You can take an eyebrow threading course, but it’s a waste if your shape mapping is incorrect. Don’t worry!!

In this blog, you will learn how to map the right eyebrow shape according to your face. So, let’s jump right into it.

How To Map Your Eyebrows Perfectly

To map the perfect eyebrow shape according to your face, you will need to follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Take a long piece of thread, about 20-30 cm long.

Step 2: Place one tip of the thread on one side of your nose.

Step 3: Without moving the first tip, take the other side of the thread towards the inner side of your eyebrow and mark it.

Step 5: Now move the second end of the eyebrow and mark the highest point of your eyebrow; make sure that the thread is above your pupils to ensure your face is straight.

Step 4: Keeping the thread end at your nose corner, move the thread to the outermost corner of your eye, marking the thinner side of the eyebrow.

Step 5: Moving the thread to another side of your nose, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 on the other eyebrow.

Step 6: Now you will have three points marked on each eyebrow, the innermost point, the highest point and the outermost point of the brow.

Step 7: Connect the points of both eyebrows; you will now have three lines.

Step 8: Make an extra line by connecting the lowest points of your eyebrows.

Step 9: Connect all 4 points of the same eyebrow.

Step 10: You have the perfect, symmetrical eyebrow shape that suits your face.

You can change the shape of your eyebrow by adding a deeper extra arch or shortening the length, etc. However, we advise you first to learn this eyebrow mapping technique on someone else’s face. Since getting the hang of the thread, a holding technique can be a little difficult. Also, when you do your own eyebrow mapping, your face will move, and that can be challenging at first, so try a few times before moving with the hair removal part.

Methods To Shape Your Eyebrows

Now that you know how to map the perfect and symmetrical eyebrow shape, you can use the following hair removal methods to get rid of extra eyebrow hair. 


As the name suggests, using a thread to remove the hair is called threading. A thread is used to create a loop, which is crisscrossed to be used like scissors. Threading is the best eyebrow hair removal technique, as it leaves you with the most prominent and desired shape.


Waxing the eyebrows is a good option if you have a lot of hair growth. In case of minor hair growth, it’s best recommended not to use wax, or you might end up ruining your eyebrow shape.


For shaving your eyebrows, you would need a tiny face razor. This razor will give you more flexibility to move around your face due to its tiny structure. If you are running out of time, it will be the best option for you to achieve sleek eyebrows.


The sugaring method is the same as waxing. Use it as a waxing alternative if your skin is allergic to wax. The natural ingredients of sugaring paste will make your skin moisturized. However, it can be a messy procedure and if you are not an expert, avoid using sugar on your face.

Eyebrow Shape

Tweezing is the easiest eyebrow hair removal method. Just pick the extra hair outside your drawn shape and achieve a flawless brow shape. It’s also one of the most convenient hair removal methods out of all; however, tweezing doesn’t work when you have a lot of hair growth.

We discussed the steps to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape according to your face and five eyebrow hair removal techniques. Hope you found the blog informative; comment below for any further suggestions!!


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