SMS Marketing: A Modern Way To Keep Your Patients Informed

In this age of rapid technological advancement, perhaps no industry is more affected than healthcare. Improvements in our understanding of and ability to respond to major diseases and illnesses are imminent, thanks to advances in technology, software, cloud capabilities, and analysis methods. It would be impossible to overstate the significance of IoT, wearable tech, AI, Big Data, and healthcare. They are the driving force behind how the medical community and pharmaceutical firms are able to identify, locate, and diagnose health problems. They are also delivering a level of individualized attention and therapy that was previously thought impossible.

The human body’s mysteries are slowly being uncovered thanks to the efforts of scientists and scholars equipped with cutting-edge technology. Underneath it all, on the ground, a much quieter transformation is going place: the expansion of information and communication technologies to better inform and sustain healthcare delivery.

The benefits of texting between doctors and patients

Healthcare providers in both the public and private sectors are successfully implementing SMS marketing to enhance two-way communication, hence providing more individualized support and better monitoring systems. Don’t assume that texting is just used by tech-savvy millennials just because you aren’t one. In only 30 years, the number of people who use a mobile phones rose. According to recent surveys, nearly everyone always keeps their mobile phone within reach. That’s obviously not simply a problem among the youth.

Efficiency measures in the healthcare system

Any business, from multinational pharmaceutical corporations to single-location general practices, can benefit from “lean” management practices that emphasize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary steps. The cost-effectiveness of SMS in reaching and engaging target audiences is exceptional. Notifications are delivered in a way that can’t be ignored by the intended recipient. Significant progress is being made in reducing this appalling waste of resources thanks to improved technological use and a more responsive method for booking appointments.

Appointment reminder texts are increasingly being sent out by medical practices and other service providers. Private healthcare firms can collaborate with SMS service providers to implement a similar solution. The recipient can easily change their schedule or cancel their appointment by clicking a link, which can be added in a matter of minutes. In other words, your appointment scheduling app will need to work in tandem with the SMS service. Appointment systems are “well within” the purview of a reliable online SMS service providers since text messaging may be integrated into a wide variety of platforms without compromising security or reliability.

Better survival and business

Even so, SMS platforms helps with more than just the practicalities of getting people to their scheduled meetings. As was previously said, SMS can inform and assist the individualized and responsive nature of today’s healthcare. Patients are now receiving their test results via SMS texts within hours of their completion, rather than having to wait the usual two weeks before seeing their doctors. Medication prescriptions are also becoming more streamlined and less prone to error because to the widespread use of text messaging in the healthcare industry.

Promoting patient-doctor communication via mobile

This motivates another compelling application of SMS in the medical field. Numerous wearable technologies and state-of-the-art medical alert systems are rapidly expanding in availability and sophistication. However, patients now have a way to stay in touch and “check in” regularly thanks to cell phones. Some people might interpret this as impersonal and far-off. Caution is required when using it. In healthcare, the human element might be lost if monitoring and collaboration are completely automated.

But before I go any further, a quick message If you’re worried about someone, it’s best to check up on them than to ignore their illness and hope they’ll get well on their own. Someone with mental health issues may find that receiving a thoughtfully worded text message first thing in the morning and last thing at night is a lifeline, reassuring them that they are not alone.

Better still, direct them to a set of links that will allow them to respond immediately. Then, you’ll have a robust, two-way system to involve patients in their care. It is impossible to quantify the positive impact of providing access to healthcare services around the clock.

  • Time of Day It Opens and Closes

During major holidays such as Christmas and Bank Holidays, opening and closing times deviate slightly from the regular 9-5. The patients can be informed of the changing business hours by receiving a group text message.

  • Announcements

One more way in which your clinic might benefit from SMS messaging is by using it to send out notifications about seasonal viruses like the flu and the winter vomiting bug. Text messages can be used to provide information on preventative measures and what to do in the event of infection with a common illness. This will ensure that your patients are always up-to-date on any relevant information.

  • Discounts and Deals

Promote the various healthcare treatments, such as physiotherapy, orthodontics, etc., that your clinic offers to all of your patients, by sending out promotional emails. What is the process? Sending a group text message to your patients about your promotion is as simple as typing just a few words. Sending out a mass text message has many benefits, the most important being that you can be sure you are reaching your intended demographic within minutes and that the recipients actually want to receive your message. New clients can be attracted to your company as an SMS marketing provider if you provide them with something of value in exchange for their contact information.

  • Check-Ups

You should visit your doctor or dentist at least once every six months for a checkup. Sending out automated SMS Messages to remind patients that they are overdue for a checkup is a terrific strategy to increase clinic traffic because consumers are more likely to act on the reminder.

  • Health Advice Every Week

A wonderful method to strengthen your relationship with your patients is to send them weekly health suggestions via email. Personal, one-on-one text messages are an excellent way to keep your medical practice top of mind with your patients.

  • Test Outcomes

Having patients call to check on the status of their lab results is a common practice in many healthcare clinics, but it can be a frustrating waste of staff time. Any clinic can use SMS Messaging to better handle this situation by sending out a text message to these patients. This is a great outcome for both the people receiving healthcare and the people providing it.

If you want to use SMS Messaging as a way to get in touch with your patients, you should first create an SMS Database and ensure that you are always in compliance with the relevant regulations. In order to engage as an SMS marketing provider, the patient must give their express consent to receive text messages. There are a few key strategies that will assist your clinic to amass a large patient roster.

  • Having a conversation with the patient during an appointment or at the front desk about signing up for text message reminders.
  • Provide All clinic paperwork and websites have a place to register for text message alerts.
  • Create a keyword that patients can use to sign up for your SMS marketing alerts and include a call to action encouraging them to do so.
  • Send a letter to all of your patients outlining the new method of communication and requesting consent from them before beginning the process.
  • Installing posters in prominent locations throughout the clinic will help spread the word about the new SMS Alert System.
  • In order to attract attention, you should strategically place signs and pamphlets in the waiting area of every clinic.

Notifying medical staff through text message

In addition to patients, family members, and other caretakers can benefit from this faster and more reliable means of communication. A health or social care practitioner sends and receives a text message with the patient every day to check in on their state of health and happiness. This can initiate a notification to their designated contacts assuring them that everything is well.

Depending on the organization and the requirements of its patients, a wide variety of information, including but not limited to: changes and updates, altered prescriptions and new procedures, visits, and successfully completed therapies may be shared with authorized recipients. Several advantages make online SMS platforms the superior choice over email when speed and immediate readability are essential. The use of text messages can also improve information sharing amongst healthcare professionals within the same organization. Instant, indisputable, and “joined up” performance.

Facilitating real-time communication among healthcare professionals

The healthcare industry faces serious challenges with the recruitment and retention of workers. Underneath wages and working conditions, poor communication and disinterest are common complaints. Imagine how much more engaged and informed your team would be if they received timely text messages. They can be sent and received quickly and easily, and they can’t be missed as emails may. A wide variety of other resources, such as links to more information, call-backs from their line manager, staff schedules, and more, can also be included.