Rubber slides are also known as flip flops

Rubber slides are also known as flip flops, or shower shoes, as well as golf ball slides. According to my count (which required lots of fingerprints on my laptop’s screen and typing into my phone’s calculator), the slipper appears to be constructed of 45 baubles, or squishy golf ball-esque spheres coagulated together. If you care to note, the sliders are close-toed, but the shoes do appear to be quite breathable because of the small triangles around the orbs.

What a lovely thought, doesn’t it? There’s something about the design, which comes in a variety of colors from marbled periwinkle to simple white, that we just can’t get enough of. Is there some hint of humanity or instinct behind these internationally loved yet absurd foot covers? This is based on my extensive but not exhaustive research, which ranges from quantitative to anecdotal. Now:

 What Makes These Quirky “Golf Ball Slides” So Popular?

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Something deep down in my bones makes sense to me. It’s delighting to see “ugly” things (hairless dogs, naked mole rats, babies…kidding!). Golf apparel is no exception to this obsession with the visually obscene. How about neon pink? Done. Clothing that’s too big? Yes. Shoes that clunk? You’re good. Printed polo shirts? Yes. I barely noticed these “golf ball shoes” pittering on the trains during my morning commute. I was tasked with investigating this ballsy trend by my observant editor.

We Like Ugly Things Scientifically

According to National Geographic’s opening comparison, ugly things “trigger adults’ instinct to nurture and protect.” The same instinct is catalyzed by spindly meerkats and roach-like isopods, but who’s to say inanimate objects aren’t apt to do the same? Having that world would be great for me.

We Love Soft, Bouncy Textures, According To Psychology

Ingrid Fetell writes in Psychology Today about how humans become more “sensitive to tactile stimuli” when experiencing low moods, unhappiness, or difficult times. Items with high textures or bright colors can lift our spirits-or at least, symbolize the promise of uplift-in stressful times. Colors are available in a variety of bright and cheery hues thanks to its symmetrical design. Easily washable, waterproof, packable, and anti-slip, they are simple to maintain.

Doubles As A Stress Ball And DIY Canvas!

As well as you being able to customize these slippers with little personalized clips (a la Croc’s infamous Jibbitz), you can also take one shoe off during a meeting and squeeze it between your palms like a stress ball… it’s not weird at all. An art wearable tool for mindfulness as well as an art wearable? Wow, that’s incredible.

Fashion Influenced By Golf

“Globe” sandals by Brother Vellies, a socially conscious designer. Featuring an elegant lace-up strap and a toe piece that looks like a golf ball on a tee, these sandals are delightful. A slightly higher price point than the equally thoughtful golf ball slide (which costs around $25), these shoes cost $735.

Also, check out G/Fore’s unisex G/Slide “Street Shoe” which looks like an inverted golf ball slide: it appears to be as though 45 golf balls have just hit the rubber sole and left their artful dinks on it. If these are the perfect apres-golf shoes, as the website claims, then Brother Vellies heels are the perfect apres-golf shoes to wear after golf.

Slides Fashion Golf With Discount Who knows?

More than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together with our 26 bones, 66 joints, and more than 100 muscles. Our walking is a result of these complex internal processes of our bodies, and the feet naturally bear the full weight of our bodies while we walk.

How do they work?

A common slipper is a flip-flop, a sandal, or even a USB slipper (a slipper with a USB heating pad). There are four kinds of slippers based on materials today: velvet slippers, leather slippers, cotton and linen slippers, and rubber slippers. Whenever something touches the skin, we tend to judge it by its material.

When choosing slippers, you need to pay attention to these aspects:

When purchasing home slippers, safety is of course something to consider, especially in bathrooms and other places with water. Choosing slippers with good anti-slip performance can help prevent injuries.

Comfort includes how it feels on the upper foot, and how it looks. Wearing it at home also makes people happy since it’s high-quality.

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