QuickBooks Program Showing Error 6000 77? Fix It In This Way

QuickBooks Program Showing Error 6000 77? Fix It In This Way

Failing to carry out activities on the QuickBooks company file due to error 6000 77 can put a dent in work operations. Learn how to resolve this QB er

Failing to carry out activities on the QuickBooks company file due to error 6000 77 can put a dent in work operations. Learn how to resolve this QB error HERE.

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Verified QuickBooks Fixing Solutions To Terminate QB Desktop Error 6000 77

You or your accounting team that employs the QB software must know how to get rid of the QB error code 6000 77 in the shortest time. This is because out of the many errors in the QuickBooks software, the “QB 6000” series errors are the most common and can majorly hinder the work operations of your business.

This particular QB error code may not allow you to perform any sort of activities and processes on the company file both in the “single-user” mode and the “multi-user” mode. And as a QuickBooks user, you must know well that you need to refer to and access the company file to carry out accounting tasks in the software.

So, if you or your team don’t know how to effectively terminate this QuickBooks error, read this blog post till the end. Here you will find the surefire ways listed by certified QuickBooks professionals to resolve the annoying QB error code.

PROCESS 1 – Tweak The File Extensions Of The Component Files Of The QuickBooks Software

Defective component files of the QuickBooks accounting software saved in the server system can instigate the company file error message. To efficiently get rid of the company file error, you need to permanently erase the records of the component files by modifying their file extensions.

  • Commence the company file error troubleshooting process on the server computer by holding the keys “Win and E” at the same time to access the “File Explorer” section.
  • On the search panel in the “File Explorer” section, paste the following path and then press the Enter button
  • “Drive C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files”
  • Now, you will be taken to the folder location in your server system where the verified QuickBooks files are saved.
  • Next, you need to locate the component files of the QB accounting software “Transaction Log” and “Network Data” – “.ND” and “.TLG.”
  • Right-tap on the QuickBooks component files one by one, choose the “Rename” button, and insert this as the new file extension “.OLD.” For instance – “companyfilename.qbw.tlg.old.”

PROCESS 2 – Refer To A New Path To Open And Perform Actions On The Company File

When you access your QuickBooks account, the accounting software automatically opens your data file. Launching your company file directly in this way can make the file vulnerable to viruses and bugs and may damage it. So, try the steps mentioned below to access the company file through a new path to resolve the error message –

  • Head over to the QuickBooks software mark situated on your system desktop and right-tap on it to launch the drop-down list.
  • Now, hold the “Ctrl” key for a few seconds and then select the “Run As Admin” button to proceed ahead to open the company file.
  • Make sure to keep on holding the “Ctrl” key till your system directs you to the “No Company Open” screen of your QuickBooks account. Doing this will halt the QuickBooks accounting software from automatically launching the file on your system.
  • Once the “No Company Open” screen opens in your server system, choose the “File” button and then select the “Open/Restore Company” option from the drop-down list.
  • Next, you need to tap on the “Open A File” button and press the “Next” option to proceed ahead with the error troubleshooting process.
  • Choose the “Network” button, search for and open the company file from the folder in the server system.

Terminate The QuickBooks Software Error Message 6000 77 Permanently!

Take the help of certified QuickBooks professionals from Pool Accountant to effectively get rid of the company file error. Our team of Intuit Certified Pro Advisors will assist you to resolve the error message in the shortest time and perform actions on the company file without any issues.