Most Popular Places in Stirling

Most Popular Places in Stirling

Stirling is a fantastic city situated in central Scotland with a crossing point between Scotland's highlands and lowlands. Here you can see elephants

Stirling is a fantastic city situated in central Scotland with a crossing point between Scotland’s highlands and lowlands. Here you can see elephants and lions face to face at Safari Park or feel the wind on your face as you climb high a mountain in Lomond Loch. Stirling Castle is the most popular tourist attraction where you can spend plenty of hours with enjoyment and exploring with family and friends. In this article, you will read about top tourist places in Seville and we suggest these flights  Emirates reservations and Etihad Airways Reservation for booking your tickets they provide offers and the best deal.

You can take a guide for exploring the grounds and exhibit rooms where you can see historical pictures. Several areas of the castle are transformed into a museum where you can see Great Kitchen. Stirling Castle is open through the year but must have advance booking in summer through nominal fees. In winter the castle closes earlier in the evening remember that.

Most Popular Places in Stirling

1. National Wallace Monument

The National Wallace Monument was located on the city’s north side. Here you have to  Climb  246 steps to the Monument’s Crown to see the panoramic views. There is a  small admission fee charge for visitors to see the monument’s interior, where you can see real history unfurls. Visitors must spend at least one to two hours touring the entire monument. Here you can click memorable photos with your family.


Smith Art Gallery was founded in 1874. Here you have free attractions where you can explore the history of the museum and 30000 objects and artworks and Celebrate the people, heritage, and culture of the city. Also, you can see various exhibitions like whale bones and Robert the Bruce to the Bronze Age and World War II. Here you can also check in at smith cafe where you have a full menu of tea and coffee with lovely outside surroundings for extra energy.

3. Stirling Old Town Jail

Stirling Old Town Jail was built in 1847. The Old Town Jail takes a step back in time to showcase the history of crime and punishment given to the prisoner by the police. In October Old Jail Town offers a  “Jailhouse Horror” tour and “Jailhouse Christmas Carol” Which are extremely Horror and Joyful for visitors. Here you can take a guided tour of 45 minutes to see the jail and also provide complimentary audio to you for self-guided exploration.

4. Day Trip to Doune Castle

Doune Castle is a popular day trip approximately a 12-mile drive from town. Doune Castle is also a famous destination for film and TV fans memorable for its extensive role in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This is the only Scottish castle to appear in HBO’s Game of Thrones and also in the BBC show. While exploring the castle courtyard and garden you also see the ancient roman fort.

5. Church of the Holy Rude & Old Town Cemetery

 It’s one of the oldest buildings in Stirling, with its current construction dating to the 1400s and early 1500s. The holy rude church is still an active place of worship as part of the Church of Scotland.  Old Town Cemetery is an eye-catching burial space that includes several historic stones, monuments, and statues. On Sunday visitors come for service and you can explore the building for the rest of the day

6. Stirling City Centre

Stirling’s City Centre is also known as Stirling Lower Town. It is a mix of pedestrian walkways and restaurants with plenty of shopping and people-gathering. Here you can get planned or unplanned local meals, enjoy live music, and shop for clothes and boutiques or Products to take home as well as casual places to sit down and make some new friends. A full-on hangout place with family and friends. 


7. Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park

This safari park is very popular for family outings with a vast area to acquire. You can Expect an encounter with animals like lions, alpacas, bison, lemurs, and chimpanzees. The park is set on 160 acres with a wide array of animals. While you can hire a car for the drive-thru safari Many animals are viewable from ground level, and other experiences like animal presentations and asking questions through the driver-related safari. You can get beautiful as well as memorable photos there. 

8. Battle of Bannockburn Experience

The Battle of Bannockburn is one of the most famous battles in Scotland. The outstanding experience includes audiovisual presentations, an interactive map, and costumed characters detailing their battlefield accounts and louder violent noise in darkened rooms and the whole production is for approximately 60 minutes.


9. Stirling Old Bridge

The Stirling Old Bridge was built in the 1400s or 1500s and spans the River Forth just east of Stirling Castle, toward the National Wallace Monument. The Stirling Old Bridge also offers beautiful and memorable photo opportunities and a nice place to enjoy the weather. 

10. Cambuskenneth Abbey

Cambuskenneth Abbey was founded by King David I in the 1100s. There you see the burial sites of James III and his wife Queen Margeret’s tombs still today. The Cambuskenneth Abbey grounds are open to the public from April 1st through September where entry is totally free. Here you can explore the grounds and gardens with the ancient exterior.


The Plean Country park is situated south of sterling city center. If you want to get out of the busy city then this is the right place for you. The park is surrounded by 70 hectares of land where you can walk cycling and explore different species of birds as well as deer, and rabbits roaming freely throughout the year. keep your camera always ready to capture every moment of them with yourself.

12. Aberfoyle’s Go Country

Aberfoyle’s Go Country is the best place for adventure lovers who love to do adventure activities. In summer you can do water-based activities like cliff jumping. If you want to do ground-level activities you can do also climbing, and mountain biking. If you want to see activities you can check out the pages and book in advance for your adventure.


Stirling is the best tourist place located in central Scotland where you can explore many ancient monuments like Stirling castle, National Wallace Monument, Stirling old jail, and Smith art gallery museum showing their historic data. If you are adventurous then go to Aberfoyle’s go country where you can do fun activities. Jungle safari is heaven for safari lovers who click on every movement of life in the camera. In the evening you can explore Stirling market where you can shop for your loved ones and also have amazing local food. If you want to get out of the busy city and want a silent and calm place then Plean country park is available where you can walk or cycle and explore different species of birds, rabbits, etc. Visiting Stirling gives assurance that it is a joyful trip for you and your family which is memorable for your family.

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