Linkedin Marketing Vs Facebook Marketing; Which One Should You Prefer?

Brand awareness and lead generation have become a part and parcel of businesses today. One cannot think of progressing in his niche without having any

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Brand awareness and lead generation have become a part and parcel of businesses today. One cannot think of progressing in his niche without having any marketing strategy. However, as the awareness about digital marketing has spurred the high utility of marketing tactics, so has the competition and need for creativity in your planning. While considering the high-ranking platforms used in brand advertising and lead generation. Facebook and Linkedin come at the top.

Linkedin Marketing

Both of these marketing tools are efficient in boosting your sales, but which one should be your first choice? And which suits the best for your business is a perplexing question. Here in this article, we will compare the two means of marketing, making it easy for you to choose between the two.

Reach Out To The Specific Audience:

Demographics of your product niche are potent in selecting your marketing tools. Therefore, understanding your product niche is imperative. If you are looking for youngsters and teenagers to target for your business products then Facebook is a suitable platform for your company. On the other hand, if your goal is business-to-business marketing or targeting a mature and professional audience then Linkedin should be your priority. The audience there is skew old, experienced, and more mature as compared to those on other platforms.

Look For More Targeting Opportunities:

The second factor that one should consider while choosing its marketing platform is the broad spectrum of the clients available on that platform. Facebook is well known for its interests based and keyword-based targeting of the audience. Allowing you to advertise products based on customer search history and feeds. However, Linkedin provides you a target audience based on industry-based variables like job title, company name, skill, or job function. In short, best for brands looking for business customers.

Choose The Platform With suitable Ads

Your marketing tool ad types should be per your product audience and your marketing plans. For example, the types of LinkedIn advertising are varied: sponsored ads, sponsor messages. Text ads, dynamic ads. If your product’s target customers are professionals like teachers, office workers then dynamic ads will suit you best. It looks for such professionals to create exposure, clicks, and leads. While, the types of ads Facebook offers are image ads, videos ads, poll ads, slideshow ads, and carousel ads. Choose wisely between these marketing platforms after considering these ad types and choosing one that seems to be more effective for your target clients.

Indeed, one can say that these two marketing tools are effective in your business lead building and revenue generation. However, one should prefer marketing tools that suit well in targeting your demographic audience. The above-mentioned points can help you differentiate the two marketing solutions and find the one proven to be more successful for your industry niche.