Kaftan Style Tips 2023 : Guide

What is a kaftan?

A traditional kaftan or caftan is a long, loose-fitting dress that comes down to the ankles.

This loose type of dress was originally a long, buttoned-up robe mainly worn by men in the Middle East.

Silk or cotton used to be used to make kaftans, and they often had a sash or belt around the waist and sleeves that went past the elbow.

In Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace, there is an amazing collection of these kaftans made from rich, luxurious fabrics. Back then, it was thought that only the Ottoman Sultans of Turkey and other important people could wear kaftans.

It was such a valuable and prized piece of clothing that it was given to important Ottoman Empire officials at big religious festivals or to generals who had won a battle.

Things changed over time, though, and by the 19th century, the kaftan was only worn by poor people and shopkeepers.

In recent years, however, kaftans have come back into style (though we can’t say they were ever out of style) and are becoming more and more popular. They are liked by both women who want to look classy and chic for formal events and those who want to look more casual but don’t want to look like a tomboy.

Wearing a Kaftan:1. At the Beach

Use it as a coverup at the beach and your beachwear will look instantly more stylish. A Moroccan kaftan, which is made of a light, airy fabric, is a great way to dress up a swimsuit or bikini. Not only that, but it also protects you from UV rays from the sun (if long enough to cover most of your body).

Since it’s not a form-fitting piece of clothing, it goes without saying that you can wear it and be sure that you’ll stay cool while putting your feet in the sand. If a woman is a little self-conscious about her body in swimwear (though we think every body is beautiful, no matter what size it is), a kaftan will help her look beautiful while staying cool and showing as much skin as she feels comfortable with.

Put on some stylish sandals and your designer sunglasses, and you’re ready for the beach. If you want your beach clothes to look more stylish (for example, if you want to have lunch at a restaurant by the water), all you have to do is add a belt.

Tip: Choose a kaftan made of a natural fabric, like organic cotton, to keep your body cool. This is because natural fabrics “breathe,” letting air pass through.

2. For both formal and casual events

Kaftans look great on almost all women, no matter what shape or size they are, and they can hide parts of the body that you don’t want to draw attention to. For example, a kaftan with long sleeves and a low V-neck can make a woman with a bigger bust look very attractive.

If you like boho chic, put on a pair of flat sandals (Ancient Greek style is great, but any leather piece will do), a soft shoulder bag, and a pair of large designer sunglasses, and you’ll have the boho chic outfit you were looking for! Wear it to the beach or to weekend summer parties that aren’t too formal.

To make your kaftan look fancier and more suitable for formal events, choose a more fitted style made of silk or another luxurious material. Consider getting a kaftan made of layers of sheer fabric to make it look even better. Add accessories, like a silver or gold belt, to dress it up for even more formal occasions. Jeweled sandals with heels will help you make a chic statement and add to the high-end feel of your outfit.


Wear your brightly coloured kaftan with beautiful safari or West African patterns with a matching head wrap and scarf (or even a straw hat!).

By cinching your kaftan in with a wide leather belt, you can make your waist look small.

A kaftan top made of silk or cotton looks great with shorts. Add some beads to it, and you’ll have the perfect casual summer look.

Kaftans are very comfortable and have a loose fit, so they are also great for sleeping and lounging. Just choose a pattern you like and make sure your item is made of a natural fabric so that your body stays cool even on hot days.

Add a headband to your kaftan to spice it up.
How to Find the Perfect Kaftan: What to Look for
The Right Material
How you wear your kaftan depends on when you want to wear it.

The flowy fabric that dresses are usually made of can make them look wrong for the event you want to wear them to if you don’t add the right accessories. Still, a kaftan made of silk, cotton, or another natural material is a great choice for a casual outing (i.e. beach picnic).

2. Just the Right Size

The dress comes in both short and long lengths.

A printed, medium-length kaftan is much better for a day at the office, especially when worn with leggings. A short kaftan, on the other hand, is a great choice for a casual outing.

You can pair it with shorts or slim-fit jeans to finish off the look. Lastly, a long kaftan (at least mid-calf length, but floor-length dresses add more style and class) can be worn to a formal event like a beach wedding or a cocktail party.

3. A Good Bag

A kaftan looks a bit big because it has a loose fit. Since the goal is harmony and balance, small purses and bags (for a casual look) and clutches (for an evening party or a formal event) work well with it. If you have to carry a bag, choose one whose colour goes with your dress.

4. Shoes That Fit

When worn with a printed kaftan, a pair of bare heels looks great.

The great thing about kaftans is that you can wear them with any shoes you want, from wedge sandals to high heels, depending on the look you want to go for. Of course, you probably shouldn’t wear a cotton kaftan with wedges or expensive silver high heels.

Idea for an outfit: A monochrome kaftan, a basic t-shirt, worn-out jeans, and a pair of white sneakers are all you need to make the best casual summer look.

5. Getting the Right Add-Ons

Adding some classy jewellery to your kaftan can make you look more put-together.

Obviously, if the kaftan already has shiny decorations, you shouldn’t wear too much loud jewellery with it, like heavy, long necklaces or earrings. Instead, go for a stylish watch, ring, belt, or small pearl earrings that look great no matter what you’re wearing them for.

If, on the other hand, your kaftan is plain and doesn’t have any fancy prints, you can dress it up with a sleek necklace and/or a simple bracelet.

Adding some classy jewellery to your kaftan can make you look more put-together.

Kaftans come in many different styles, fabrics, and colours. They can be anything you want them to be, from dresses for a beach party to wedding dresses with a sleek, elegant look.

You can even find high-end designer kaftans and kaftans with bright colours and patterns that look more like robes (Women in West Africa call these kaftans “boubou”) that you can just slip over your head to relax at home, by the pool, or at the beach.

This piece of clothing is very comfortable and can be worn in many different ways.

It is a great travel companion and should be in every woman’s summer travel bag. And if you buy one you love but it doesn’t fit as well as you’d like, our experienced tailors will make sure it fits you just the way you want it to.

You can call us and we’ll fix the problem as soon as possible, or you can fill out the online quote form and our cleaning and alterations experts will give you a price in just a few hours.