Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur | Safari Timing & Best Time to Visit

Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur | Safari Timing & Best Time to Visit

Overview Jhalana is a tiny area of Jaipur that is rich in wildlife. Although it is difficult to imagine, it has been shown that this is a great place


Jhalana is a tiny area of Jaipur that is rich in wildlife. Although it is difficult to imagine, it has been shown that this is a great place to see leopards. Until recently, the royal family of Jaipur used this small area of the jungle as a private shooting range. The last tiger in the jungle lived until 1948.

About 20 square kilometers of land make up Jhalana, which is situated in the Aravallis mountains. Leopards find it to be the ideal habitat due to the small valleys and deciduous forests. In the dry season, these forests lose their leaves, and it only takes one rain to turn them green. The predominant plant life in the region is juliflora and khejri plants. Dhak, Salar, and Dhonk are the additional supporting trees.

Leopards are extremely elusive and challenging to spot, but because there aren’t any tigers in Jahalana, they are apex predators and are active during the day rather than at night. This fact made it more well-liked by wildlife enthusiasts. In 2016 and 2017, Jhalana was designated as a tourist-friendly leopard reserve. It is thought to be India’s first leopard reserve.

All about the Jhalana Safari (Jhalana Leopard Safari)

Jhalana Safari Park, a stunning habitat for leopards, is located right in the center of Jaipur. It is one of India’s most well-known leopard safari locations. For lovers of the outdoors and wildlife, it is the most sought-after destination due to its diverse geography and picturesque surroundings. A short visit to Jhalana National Park is among the best ways to find adventure in Jaipur.

Located in the Aravalli foothills, these are the pieces of heaven that God laboriously created. They are decorated with beautiful scenes of deserts, plains, rivers, valleys, coastal mangroves, tropical rainforests, Himalayan foothills,  and the upper north side’s scenic charms that are covered in snow. Artists are inspired by its beauty, adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts are thrilled by its wilderness, and lovers of the outdoors find comfort in its tranquil atmosphere. Nothing compares to Jaipur’s exhilarating Jhalana Leopard Safari. The best way to experience this magical wilderness and connect with the natural world is by doing so.

The best way to discover and experience the thrill of the wild while in Jhalana National Park is to go on a Jhalana Leopard Safari. The exotic population of leopards and panthers, as well as the exquisite variety of flora, make the Jhalana Leopard Reserve very well-known. There are two times available at Jhalana Safari: morning and evening. Depending on the timing of that season, it is open all year long, even during the monsoon season, so you can take advantage of the best Jhalana tourism.

About the timings for Jhalana Safari

Winter Jhalana Safari,

The timings for the safari trip are 6:45 am to 9:30 am and from 3:00 pm to 5:50 pm.

Summer Jhalana Safari,

The timings for the safari trip are 5:45  am to 8:50 am and from 3:45 pm to 6:15 pm.

The timing of the safari varies depending on sunrise and sunset.

Only jeeps are used for safaris, which are both shared and private. For each shift, there are 10 Jeeps in the advance quota. Ninety days in advance, Jeeps can be reserved. There aren’t many cars or Jeeps available in the window right now.

The boarding pass needs to be picked up thirty minutes before to the gate.

A half-day safari is also available for photographers. This category includes two Jeeps.

Planning earlier is wise for Saturday, Sunday, and festival vacations.

About the best time to plan for a trip to Jhalana Safari (Jhalana Leopard Safari)

Jhalana Safari, is accessible to visitors all year long. November through May is suggested as the best time to plan a safari trip to Safari.

About reaching the Jhalana Safari.

Jhalana is located 6 kilometers from the airport in Jaipur.

It is 11 km from Jaipur Railway Station.

It is 270 km from Delhi, 270 km from Agra, and 180 km from Ranthambhore.

About the Wild stock of Jhalana Safari.

More than 30 adults and five leopard cubs reside in Jhalana. The desert cat, Indian civet,  and jungle cat are additional cats in the same family as leopards. Spotted deer, Sambhar deer, jackals,  striped hyenas, porcupines, lizards, and other animals can also be seen.

About the fauna of Jhalana Safari 

In Jhalana National Park, there are over 35 leopards, including 10 cubs. Leopards are therefore simple to spot. It is the best location in India to view leopards.

In addition to leopards, other animals that can be seen include Indian civets,  striped hyenas, desert foxes, blue bulls (Nilgai), a variety of snakes, desert cats, jungle cats,  jackals, porcupines, spotted deer (chital), mongooses, monitor lizards, Sambar deer, and jungle rats.

About the bird species of Jhalana Safari

Due to the variety of birds, Jhalana National Park is a bird watcher’s paradise.

You will gasp for air while watching a variety of birds, including the dusky eagle, spotted owlet, Indian Pitta, owl,  and others, which will persuade you that your trip to Jhalana National Park was the best wildlife vacation you have ever had.

About the flora of Jhalana Safari 

Jhalana National Park is the ideal location for nature enthusiasts and photographers because there are so many beautiful sights there.

You can find calmness in the stunning Jhalana rainforests and the slender Aravalli hills, where you can spend some time by yourself.

Jhalana is a dry deciduous forest that stays dry in the summer before transforming into a picturesque habitat during the monsoon season.

The Jhalana National Park’s land is adorned with a variety of plants, including Julius flora, khejri, dhak, dhonk, salar, and kumta.

About the Accommodation Options for the Jhalana Safari (Jhalana Leopard Safari) Trip

India’s Jaipur is a popular cultural tourist destination. There are hotels of every style and price range. Any hotel in Jaipur can be easily reached from Jhalana.


Jhalana Safari is a fantastic way to discover the wild side of nature and its fascinating flora and fauna. Your vacation will be enjoyable and memorable thanks to the trip to Jhalana Safari.