How to choose tankinis?

Tankinis are swimsuits that combine a one-piece coverage with a bikini look. The name was coined in 1992 by Lisa Lindahl, who wanted to combine tanks and bikinis. Since then, this combination has become very popular with women worldwide. Beginners or experienced swimmers can wear tankinis; they will also fit nicely on different body types. You can wear your tankini while jogging at your local beach or lounging around in your backyard pool!

  1. Choose swimwear that matches your body type: Choosing tankinis to suit your body type is essential. The wrong one can make you look frumpy or even more sloppy than usual. If you are petite, you will want to avoid too short and low-cut tankinis. Look for one with adjustable straps, a built-in bra if possible (or at least padded cups), and a high waist. If the skirt is too long or flowing, it will make your body look even shorter than it is! If you are curvy, you have a larger bust and a smaller waist. You will want to choose a tankini with a higher neckline to hide your bust and help create an hourglass shape while still showing off your curves. You can try several methods to get the best fit if you have a small bust. First, choose tankinis with cups that are supportive and flattering. Those with adjustable straps will also help ensure your top stays in place. Try to avoid tanks that are too tight or revealing — even if they don’t have cups, they’ll still show off all of your curves and leave little to the imagination. If you have strong, muscular legs, choose tankinis that are not too revealing. You might want to draw attention to parts of your body like the stomach by choosing a longer one. If you still want to show off your leg muscles, select one with a higher neckline so that there is less focus on them. Also, consider getting one with a wider waistband that helps minimise the appearance of strong hips or thighs—these will make it look like there’s more space between them than there actually is!
  2. Choose a colour that will match your skin tone: If you want to choose a colour that matches your skin tone, here are some tips:
  • Choose a colour that will work with your swimwear accessories. For example, choose tankinis in the same hue if you have a beach towel with bright colours and patterns.
  • Go for more muted tones if you want to hide some of the flaws on your body. A good option is to go with light blush-coloured suits or white ones!
  • If you have darker skin than others around you at the beach, try picking colours like navy blue instead of white because white tends not to blend well with dark complexions (unless they’re incredibly light).
  1. Buy swimwear made of good materials: You should buy a tankini made of good materials. The material should be thick and not thin to give you the needed support. Good-quality tankinis should also be durable and last long. The best tankinis will also be comfortable because they won’t chafe your skin or cause irritation when you wear them for extended periods.
  2. Check the seams of the tankinis: You must ensure to check the seams of your tankinis. A high-quality swimsuit will have straight, strong seams sewn together securely and without loose threads. The material shouldn’t be falling apart on any of these seams either; if it is, this might indicate that it’s not a good-quality suit.

Tankinis should be durable, stylish and fit you well. You can choose the colours that suit your skin tone and body type. Indeed, you will choose the best if you follow the tips mentioned above.