How Can QuickBooks Error Code 12157 Be Fixed?

How Can QuickBooks Error Code 12157 Be Fixed?

While using QuickBooks, users may encounter QuickBooks Error 12157. Given that this error might be a little challenging for you, we have created this

While using QuickBooks, users may encounter QuickBooks Error 12157. Given that this error might be a little challenging for you, we have created this article in which we’ll discuss the causes of and resolutions for the QuickBooks error code 12157. Continue reading to discover the correct remedies for this error.

Have you encountered the QuickBooks error code 12157 and are unsure how to fix it? Your quest is over since this article will provide you with essential knowledge about how to quickly remedy this error. QuickBooks Error 12157 may arise for a number of reasons, such as incorrect installation, data connectivity problems, upgrade faults, update errors, and many more. This type of error, which is a part of the 12000 error series, can also be brought on by problems involving Microsoft Win32’s online connectivity. Be aware that QuickBooks uses this API to quickly access internet protocols including FTP, HTTP, and Gopher.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 12157?

As previously indicated, QuickBooks Error 12157 is a 12XXX series error. Problems with Microsoft Win32 internet or WinInetAPI in the Windows operating system may cause you to get such an error. API is used by the QuickBooks accounting software to quickly execute internet protocols, primarily FTP, HTTP, and Gopher. This issue typically occurs while downloading or installing software upgrades.

Any program that has to be updated must first download the update file from the internet; failure to do so causes errors and the cancellation of the update process. All Windows apps are impacted by this, not just accounting programs like QuickBooks. There might be a number of causes for your computer’s connection issues with the internet.

What are the Signs of QuickBooks Update Error 12157?

The QuickBooks Error message 12157 exhibits a number of pre-existing indicators. Once you get familiar with the symptoms of this error, identifying it will be simple. The list provided below is not all-inclusive, but it should help you recognize this Error.

  • The error code itself shows up on the display with a warning message and crashing the current window is one of the fundamental signs.
  • Another indication is if any pop-up windows appear as a result of the firewall configurations or internet security software.
  • If your computer frequently collapses, this is another sign that something is wrong.
  • Error code 12157 may also manifest itself as a slow system or piece of software.

What are the Reasons for QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12157?

Numerous different variables may result in the QuickBooks error code 12157. Some of the most noticeable ones are listed below:

  • Your system’s clock or calendar could be off.
  • If internet and security applications appear while updating the QuickBooks desktop program, you can also run across this error.
  • The firewall and internet security software’s restrictive settings might be to blame for the QuickBooks error 12157.
  • Moreover, if your computer has numerous instances of QuickBooks installed.

The steps you must take to resolve the QuickBooks error 12157

The techniques listed below can be used to resolve QuickBooks error 12157:

Step 1: Change your internet provider

Incorrect internet connection configurations commonly result in the QuickBooks Error message 12157. You will need to change the settings for your internet connection in this situation.

Step 2: Include QuickBooks and its extra processes as an exception to the firewall.

You will need to add QuickBooks to the firewall exception list when using this approach. In some cases, the firewall or internet security parameters may not be set up correctly. You would need to confirm that ports 80 and 443 are open.

Step 3: Backup the system

This is yet another trustworthy and efficient method you may use to fix QuickBooks Error code 12157.

Step 4: Changing the system’s time and date

You may think about adjusting the time and date on your computer in order to quickly fix the QuickBooks payroll error 12157.

As we come to a close, we really hope that the remedies outlined within the scope of this post assisted you in fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 12157. All of the tried-and-true debugging techniques have been compiled by our team of professionals to repair the error clearly and concisely. If you have trouble putting any remedy into practice, we recommend that you contact our specialists. Call us at +1888 738 0540 if you have any additional questions, comments, or issues. You can also write to us on


What is the procedure for changing the date and time in a system?

  • You must first go to the Clock shown on the system’s screen.
  • Right-click the date after that (or time).
  • After right-clicking, select Adjust date/time from the options that appears.
  • After the Date and Time have been corrected, select the current time and date and then press the OK tab to end the panel.
  • After completing the aforementioned procedures, shut down the QuickBooks program and then restart it.
  • Run QuickBooks update once more to put an end to the operation and see if the error is still there.

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