Guide To Grow The Areca Palm Plant

The Areca Palm plant goes by the Latin name- ‘Dypsis Lutescens’. It is a native palm plant of Madagascar, and it is one of the most easily accessible

The Areca Palm plant goes by the Latin name- ‘Dypsis Lutescens’. It is a native palm plant of Madagascar, and it is one of the most easily accessible plants in the world. Not only do they grow quite easily but are great for removing any toxic pollutants from the air. Palm plants are famous for adding tropical aesthetics to any place, so, if you are looking for natural ways to make your home look a bit on the tropical side, then, the Areca Palm plant is ideal.

People often find it strange to think of palm plants grown in indoor spaces, but, if you look carefully, you will be sure to find them in malls, offices, and houses. Plants decoration in India has become quite popular nowadays. And you can easily start with this plant to make your home more beautiful.

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What are the climate conditions for the Areca Palm plant?

It is recommended that you grow this plant in temperatures between 16 C to 24 C.

Where should you keep the Areca Palm plant at home?

According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, it is recommended that the Areca Palm plant be grown in the south, east, north, or southeast direction. These directions are guaranteed to bring in financial stability and positivity to the home. Ensure that these plants do not get full, direct sunlight all the time.

How to water the Areca Palm plant?

The watering process of the Areca Palm plant is very important. You need to ensure that the plants gets proper drainage, and overwatering is not done. When you water, ensure that the top soil soaks water up smoothly, and it gets dry during different waterings. Also, do not water the same amount in winter as you would do in previous months; you need to water less. Add water-soluble fertilizers every spring and summer months.

How to pot this plant?

You are meant to pot the Areca Palm plant in a good pot with good drainage holes. As for the repotting, you only need to repot it every two to three years. When repotting this plant, do it during the spring season in a pot that is 3-4 inches bigger than the previous plant pot.

What is the best way for the Areca Palm plant propagation?

If you want to propagate the Areca Palm plant, then, it is recommended that you gently divide the plants into different clumps when repotting on a regular basis.

Is the Areca Palm plant safe?

Yes, the Areca Palm plant is safe and non-toxic. Even if you have pets at home, you can continue to grow this plant. This plant is considered as one of the best natural air purifiers as it easily eliminates the existence of formaldehyde, toluene and xylene from the air. Thus, if you have little babies at home, they can breathe in safe, non-polluted air easily.

What red flags should you note in the Areca Palm plant?

An Areca Palm plant is easily susceptible to root rotting. Root rotting of the plant occurs when overwatering is done, and the plant’s soil is left soggy for long hours. If this happens, the entire plant will soon fade away. Another red flag that you should note in the Areca Palm plant is the leaf tips.

If the leaf tips turn brown, it is an indication that the surrounding air is too dry for its growth, and it might attract unwanted pests. In case you see a pest infestation, you must immediately turn to insecticides and pesticides for its removal. You can even consider shifting the palm plant to a more humid area.

How big does the Areca Palm plant grow up to?

The Areca Palm plant is a very tall and slim plant producing extremely bright green leaves. When grown indoors, this plant grows up to a height of eight to ten feet. But, when this plant is sown and grown outdoors, it can grow to a massive height of thirty to thirty-five feet. They grow pretty well, with around six to ten inches every year.

Does the Areca Palm plant produce flowers?

Yes, surprisingly, this plant does produce flowers. But its flowers are not produced all through the season. Only during the late spring or early summer season, are tiny, brightly colored yellow flowers bloom. They grow from beneath the plant’s leaves. You will note that both, male and female flowers are produced on the same inflorescence of the palm plant.

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The Areca Palm plants are one of the most common indoor plants found in many homes, offices, cafes, and other commercial spaces. But only if you have the space for growing this plant should you purchase it. As mentioned, this plant grows up to a significant height, even indoors. Nevertheless, if you want to keep your surrounding air fresh and clean, you can buy this plant. It will prove to be a great addition for the aesthetic charm of your house.