Food Delivery App Development: Trends in 2023

The rise of on-demand mobile applications is impossible to ignore. After the pandemic, these applications caught the eyes of many, specifically on-demand food delivery applications, such as Zomato, Swiggy, DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc. It is sufficient to say that we have witnessed the rise of food-delivery app development companies since then.

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Many have caught on to the trend and released many on-demand mobile apps belonging to various industries. People have also accepted the significant changes in performing duties and working styles using such on-demand applications due to innumerable reasons and benefits.

You need to look for an innovative food delivery app development company and build a profitable business out of it. The trends show that now is the right time to develop an on-demand food delivery app.

The Popularity of On-demand Food Delivery Apps:

The credit for the popularity of these on-demand food delivery apps goes to the rise of smartphone usage, non-contact delivery, convenience, ease of use, and quality services. The study shows that the market revenue of online food delivery is expected to reach US$1.45 trillion by 2027.

Let’s discuss how much these on-demand applications have changed our lives and what the future holds for them.

Latest Trends in On-demand Food Delivery App Development:

Everybody knows the key features of developing a food delivery mobile application. You also need to keep an eye on the latest technology trends in the food delivery app development industry. They are boosting sales exponentially if you apply them right in your food delivery app.

Rising Demand for Voice Search:

People now prefer to order food via digital assistance, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It removes the need to keep a mobile phone in hand. The new on-demand food delivery app developers and entrepreneurs need to use the search engine more wisely. Optimizing apps with voice search engines have shown innumerable benefits to Google and Amazon.

The benefits it offers are ease of accessibility to special-abled people, faster search, more convenience compared to typing, and users can multitask simultaneously.

Domination of Cross-platform Apps:

For the last few years, cross-platform apps have started to dominate the app development market. The most significant advantages of building such apps over others are a single code base, cost-effectiveness, fewer debugging issues, faster animation, amazing graphics, and more. Since only one programming language is used to build the base code, developers can develop the app software in much less time. Developers can use the same base code for various OSs, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc., making it the most cost-effective solution.

Significance of Wearable Devices:

Wearable devices have also brought a new change in the food delivery app business. People now send orders through smartwatches. Many food-delivery app development companies are developing mobile applications that can function through smartwatches. Apart from this, people also give orders via Twitter. The social media craze has led people to find new creative solutions every day. It is guaranteed that to be successful in the on-demand food-delivery business; your business model must be diverse and technologically advanced.

AI-powered Chatbots:

As the online food delivery business grows, you get to deal with more users in a limited time. It is always better to make the best use of technology and explore its endless potential to stay ahead of the competition. AI-powered chatbots can handle more customers than a human can, helping maintain a balanced system of operation even in rush hours. It also helps in reducing manual power, making it budget-friendly. Many businesses have already started work in this direction.

Blockchain Technology Market:

Blockchain technology has been gaining attention for the last few years. It is no longer limited to just a good investment sector. People have started paying with bitcoin for their food orders. Ensure your food delivery mobile app has a payment option where people can pay with cryptocurrencies. The payment method became popular due to its secure and decentralized system. In the coming years, it is expected that more people and businesses will adopt this payment method.

Cloud Kitchen Trends:

As more people choosing for on-demand food delivery apps, A new trend is gaining popularity among new startups, restaurants, and food-chain owners. That new trend is “Cloud Kitchen.” New eatery establishments no longer need to buy or rent a big property, arrange a setup, or spend money on various physical accessories. They can just open a kitchen, hire chefs, and start selling online. Their whole business will be online and profits come through online orders. Many food app companies are allowing such establishments to reach more customers.

AR/VR-based Features:

Taking one step further with technology, online food delivery companies are trying to introduce new features every day to get more customers’ attention. The new feature in this list is AR/VR technology. The augmented reality/virtual reality features allow you to visualize your food on your mobile. It helps users to make wise decisions and intrigued more than ever. This new technology is influencing the on-demand food delivery app development worldwide after witnessing the results of various social media apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Apart from these trends, no-code apps are making headlines these days. Low-code or no-code platforms allow people with no coding program to develop a fully functional app. No coders need to select required functions, then drag & drop desired features, and they will have a user-friendly mobile application.


Undoubtedly, innovations have opened endless opportunities to rise and shine in the online food-delivery app development industry. People need to find the right resources, perform intense market research, understand market trends, focus on customer needs, and find an experienced food delivery app development company to develop a user-friendly online food delivery mobile application.

People want to make their lives easier to live happily in this fast-paced world. The integration of technology has made it possible to achieve it. An on-demand food delivery app fulfills the basic need of people using the greatness of modern technology. All in all, a food-delivery app development is worth your time, money, and effort.

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