Everything You Should Know About Pediatric Occupational Therapy In Los Angeles

Everything You Should Know About Pediatric Occupational Therapy In Los Angeles

Kids are always energetic. Parents feel pleasure when they find their children achieving milestones. However, medical assistance is essential for kids

Kids are always energetic. Parents feel pleasure when they find their children achieving milestones. However, medical assistance is essential for kids with developmental issues. Those who have speech delays, motor development problems, and other cognitive complications need therapy. Pediatric occupational therapy can be the perfect choice for solving the problems of your kids. Let us tell you more about occupational therapy Los Angeles.

How do you know that your child needs occupational therapy in Los Angeles?

  • Children with sensory processing disorders avoid some types of surfaces and textures. A professional therapist lets your kids overcome the challenge with particular activities. 
  • Some kids use a single hand while playing games or pretending to cook activities. It indicates that they have not developed fine motor skills properly. You should contact an occupational therapist to avoid further issues. He will suggest a few activities your children can practice at home.
  • Many children avoid eye contact during communication. It is one of the common signs that your kids need pediatric occupational treatment.
  • Another sign is the inability to wear a dress or tie shoelaces without other’s help. It is also caused due to a lack of motor skills. Therapy helps children to make improvements. In due course, your kids will acquire these skills. You should not do the task for them. Let them learn these things even though it may take time.
  • You may not get an overnight result from the therapy. At times, the children feel frustrated. But a therapist has to work with them to give comfort. 

Other conditions when your kids need pediatric OT


We have already mentioned that the therapy is useful for kids with communication and social interaction problems. Many children also have restrictions when they play or engage in different activities. If your kids have been diagnosed with autism, you should contact an occupational therapist. This specialist has knowledge of identifying potential sensory problems. Some sensory processing inabilities lead to challenges in communication.

Well-trained pediatric occupational therapists enable children to overcome behavioral difficulties. Though patients can feel sensory triggers, occupational therapists clarify them efficiently. 

Literacy problems

According to a survey, kids who cannot read properly by the third grade have a risk of dropping out of school early. Therapists work with educational specialists to increase children’s participation in written and reading communication. In some cases, they collaborate with a group of students in a classroom. They aim to build literacy skills and address language, play, emotional regulation, attention, and other components.

The therapeutic session includes different activities ranging from verbal reasoning to auditory and visual processing. Therapists work with students continuously until they have overcome their difficulties. 

Mental health issues

Pediatric OT professionals play a significant role in detecting mental disorders. With child-centered evaluation, occupational therapists find factors, which affect the kids’ ability to do different activities.

The therapy is intended to promote learning, collaborate with the education provider, and control the sensory system. For instance, practitioners assist kids in incorporating movement breaks into the schedule. You will also learn how to decrease sensory overload and improve your kids’ attention. 


Childhood obesity is another big problem that can be addressed by occupational therapy. Obesity affects the emotional, social, and physical health of kids. 

Some children develop cardiovascular disorder, sleep apnea, and asthma due to obesity. It may also lead to depression due to bullying and other negative attitudes.

Some more issues when your kids need an occupational therapy

  • Birth defects or birth injuries
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Traumatic injuries to the spinal cord or brain
  • Learning issues
  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis

What happens during an occupational therapy session?

A thorough evaluation is the most important step for pediatric occupational therapy Los Angeles. The first session may be slightly longer. The best therapist applies non-standardized and standardized assessments to whether your kids have mental, emotional, social, or physical problems. Sometimes, a parent survey is included in the process.

The pediatric therapist will check the fine motor and gross motor skills of your kids. He will also focus on hand-eye coordination, visual perception, handwriting ability, and skills of your kids. In some cases, your kids’ muscles and joints need to be evaluated during the therapeutic session. 

Occupational therapists try to be client-centered and evidence-based in their approaches. Regardless of the type of therapy, it should be research-backed. The therapy may also include some fun activities depending on your kids’ abilities and age. So, your child will get naturally motivated during therapy. Puzzles, beads, scooters, Legos are some common things used while providing treatment.

However, the therapist always identifies the kids’ therapeutic needs before providing the desired treatment.

How long should pediatric treatment continue?

Only a few pediatric occupational therapy sessions improve your kids’ self-esteem and boost their performance. They will also be able to do their daily activities efficiently. But, it is still better to continue the therapy for more than a year to get the best result. Nevertheless, it is not an obligation; you can make your decision after a number of therapeutic sessions. You will learn whether you should invest in this treatment. 


Pediatric occupational therapy Los Angeles is a reliable way to help kids gain independence and strengthen their motor skill development. In some cases, speech therapy and occupational therapy are combined together to give the best result. The occupational therapist checks the current skills related to school performance, play, and daily activities of children. He helps children perform everyday activities that are most challenging to them. Moreover, he addresses your children’s social, sensory, and environmental problems. So, you can go online to search- Who provides the best pediatric occupational therapy near me?