Can Your Daily Use Gadgets Be Effectively Insured?

Gadget insurance in India is found with different types of covers. Such covers include cover in case of theft or robbery; they offer the best gadget insurance and have a unique feature also. If the gadgets suffer any kind of accidental damage on the trip or even theft, then the insurance company is bound to bear the expenses incurred on it. You can choose your laptop insurance policy by comparing the others available on the site.

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Why is having mobile insurance important?

You all must know about insurance; you must have heard about the fire, organ, health, and vehicle insurance. Friends, mobile insurance is available in the modern, technological age, but do you know how to use it? You will know through this article if you do not know anything about mobile insurance. So friends, let us know why laptop insurance is important.

Why is Mobile Insurance Important?

Valuable Mobile:-

If you have bought a very valuable phone, then you need a lot of laptop insurance or insurance for your mobile.

Mobile is damaged:-

If your phone has already fallen multiple times, its lifespan is unknown, and you’ll need to keep repairing it. In this case, you can get the mobile insured.

Some of the top providers of gadget insurance

New Delhi-based WarrantyAsia offers mobile insurance plans along with tie-ups with several electronic gadget manufacturers. Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, Micromax, Karbonn, HTC, Xolo, Lava, Videocon, Panasonic, Alcatel, Gionee, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Asus are among the manufacturers they provide insurance for. Most manufacturers, on average, provide a 1-year warranty from the purchase date are also covered.

Syska provides insurance for electronic gadgets. With a tagline of: “Whenever life happens, you remain unaffected”, Syska’s Gadget Secure policy has recently launched its niche mobile insurance services. The premier offering of their company is Gadget Secure, where you can get complete protection and security against accidental damage, water damage, theft, and fire damage.

A lot of electronic gadgets are covered by GadgetCops, including smartphones in particular. There are currently several value-added services offered by GadgetCops, which include Accidental Damage Coverage, Theft Coverage, and Extended Warranty.

For smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital cameras, OnsiteGo provides comprehensive insurance and extended warranties. The rules and regulations for laptop insurance differ entirely from those for other types of insurance. Throughout this article, we will concentrate on the insurance provided for mobile phones and gadgets.

Bajaj Finserv

A bite-sized insurance plan can provide protection through a Pocket Insurance policy for millennials, who are often hesitant to pay for full insurance cover. In light of rising out-of-pocket costs, more emphasis should be placed on affordable insurance products that go beyond traditional coverage. In the case of Bajaj Finserv, for example, small-ticket insurance products are classified as ‘Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions’.

What are the benefits of purchasing insurance for a cell phone?

Knowing that a smartphone in your palm is the next best thing to a computer, the modern generation emphasizes its technological capabilities. The benefits of purchasing a mobile insurance policy are as follows:

All-risk cover

Our insurance provides an ‘all risk’ cover. This means you don’t have to bear any losses if your electronic equipment suffers any damage.

Increased Cost of Operations

Physical loss or damage to electronic equipment can hamper your operative fluency and increase your operational costs. Plus, it wastes time. But don’t worry; mobile insurance compensates for all such expenses.

Recovery of Data

Data is fundamental in today’s world. Any data loss could cost you millions. Therefore, we cover expenses for external data media and original data recovery.

Material Damage

We are aware of the value of electronic equipment to a company. That’s why we cover any material damage caused to your equipment.

What’s Included?

Whether you have an old or new electronic appliance and regardless of who’s using your phone, regardless of where you might be located, gadget insurance by the top providers is a one-of-a-kind online mobile insurance policy that will always ensure security, cover your phone and ensure your pocket doesn’t face any dents or damages.


This refers to the protection of your devices from natural calamities and accidental damages like lightning, fire, explosion, war, earthquake, cyclone, flood, rock slides, landslide, etc.

Mechanical and electrical breakdown

Electronics are susceptible to damages caused by a breakdown of a mechanical and electrical nature that renders the appliance useless.

Data loss

This is the coverage to protect the data that you store on your laptops. Mobiles and other Bluetooth devices caused by accidental events.

Data restoration

This refers to the restoration of lost data using online or remote services.

Spare parts and replacements

This coverage provides you with an option to repair or replace items by providing fittings or parts for the device.

What is normally not included?


This is the damage that is caused by flooding and water.


Policies that you do include a certain number of deductibles and are generally not included in your coverage.


This refers to the loss of earnings or income due to a data loss or damaged device that you use to supplement or build that income.


In a similar light, the loss of rent isnt not covered.


Debris and dust that can collect in the screen, connectivity ports, earpieces, and speaker vents are not included, and damages from the same aren’t covered.

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