Can University Students Work in UAE?

Can University Students Work in UAE?

Long-term visas are available for outstanding students for a period of five years. The UAE is able to retain them and allow them to seek employment. I

Long-term visas are available for outstanding students for a period of five years. The UAE is able to retain them and allow them to seek employment. It is possible for students to apply for work visas after graduation if they find employment. Employers in the UAE must be at least 18 years old to be employed. Would you like to study at one of Dubai’s universities? You will find this guide to Dubai useful if you are an international student. A potential overseas student in Dubai should keep several things in mind when evaluating their university choices. Our exclusive tips for international students in Dubai will help you understand what these things are. Here is a BASIC GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN DUBAI provided by University Assignment Help Service online.


The Emirati traditions will take you by surprise, no matter how well you absorb the quirks of other cultures. A comprehensive guide for international students in Dubai will help you get to know the region. There are 200 nationalities in the UAE – such a multicultural melting pot that it’s hard to distinguish the various traditions that blend together. However, Islam is the official religion of the UAE despite the fact that so many religions and ethnicities live here. Many Arab religious and cultural practices may seem strange to someone who isn’t used to Islamic traditions. As a general guideline, avoid unnecessary embarrassment by keeping the following things in mind:

  • It is prohibited to display affection towards anyone, regardless of gender, in public.
  • It is forbidden to drink in public, brawl, swear or gesture rudely in public.
  • Whenever you attend a local festival, dress modestly.


Even in the sweltering heat, getting around Dubai is no easy task. The cost of taxis is high. Therefore, the only affordable and reliable way to travel around Dubai is by bus or Metro. Learn the routes and areas that you will frequently visit and familiarize yourself with them. Additionally, we would have no point in writing this guide for international students in Dubai unless we told you how to save time. Make sure to purchase a rechargeable NOI card when you get to Dubai. Your commute time will be greatly reduced and you won’t have to wait in long lines. As an international student, however, you could get a license and rent a car in Dubai or buy one secondhand if you have a higher budget for transportation.


In this guide for international students in Dubai, this may be the most important point. It is not difficult to find a home away from home when you’re a foreign student in Dubai. There are many types of accommodations available in Dubai. You decide where you want to stay based on your preferences. A large number of students prefer living in university-provided housing, either on-campus or off-campus. In addition to being closer to campus, these accommodations are also more affordable. Nevertheless, they’re only available in limited quantities, so if you don’t act quickly, you might miss out. Dubai has many affordable neighborhoods where studio apartments can be rented.

Dubai Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village are also home to most universities in Dubai. The surrounding residential districts, including DubailLand and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), offer affordable living and accommodation. Read our post about where students live in Dubai for more options.


Health insurance is required for foreign students in Dubai. You must submit this document as part of your application for a student visa. Studying in Dubai is not possible without reliable health insurance. Dubai has an expensive medical system. Then you might start worrying about your money situation – unless that isn’t a problem at all.

Healthcare costs in Dubai are high, so having health insurance helps you avoid them. Middlesex University Dubai, for example, sponsors your healthcare as part of its sponsorship program. Student Visa Package fees include all medical insurance costs in such a situation. As an alternative, some universities allow students to be sponsored by their families for their healthcare. Understanding how things work for your priority list is always a good idea.


Is it possible for international students to work and study in Dubai? This is the most commonly asked question overseas students have. It is our goal to answer this question completely and clearly in our guide for international students in Dubai.

Overseas students had no right to work in Dubai until recently, but that has now changed. As long as students meet the legal criteria and the requirements of their respective universities, they are permitted to take part-time jobs and internships in Dubai. For foreign students studying in Dubai, full-time jobs are still not permitted.

UAE Labor Department permits international students to work part-time in Dubai. Part-time work permits cannot be granted without university sponsorship. There are both on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs available in Dubai for international students. You can gain valuable experience by working on-campus year-round in various departments at a number of universities.

It is not uncommon for international students in Dubai to find internships just as plentiful as part-time jobs. Before you can register for an internship program, you must receive permission from your respective universities. In some universities in Dubai, students can gain exposure through internship programs that are designed to help them gain experience.


Your student life in Dubai isn’t just about quality higher education. During your time as a student in Dubai, you will have a blast in this vibrant emirate. Having fun while studying in Dubai is integral to our guide for international students in Dubai. No matter where you live in Dubai, there is plenty to do, whether you live off-campus or on-campus. There are tons of activities to enjoy in Dubai, including restaurants, nightlife, beaches, festivals, and festivals.

In Dubai,

There are actually a lot of free things to do that don’t require any money at all. The tips above are all I have for international students in Dubai at the moment. The higher education environment in Dubai can be very different from that in other countries. Having an unexpected experience in Dubai is a good thing for overseas students. It’s best to experience life here before making a decision. Follow these tips for international students studying in Dubai if you want to have a hassle-free experience.