Bollywood Heroine Name List Who are Most Stylish

Bollywood heroines are known to set trends, so people imitate everything they do. These women are the epitome of beauty, sophistication, and charm. They have also become fashion icons since their debut on the big screen. From a comfortable airport look to a trendy red carpet look to an adorable bridal look, these women know how to ace their fashion game whenever they step out. Here is the top heroine name list who are considered the most stylish.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

When fashion is being talked about, the list is not complete without taking Kareena Kapoor Khan’s name. This woman has a history of going from chubby to a size zero to being pregnant. But no matter what size she is, she has always carried herself with grace and charm. She has a great sense of fashion and can carry any outfit with utmost ease. She makes even a loose kaftan or an oversized t-shirt look glamorous because of the way she carries them.

Deepika Padukone

Another actress who is always well-dressed is Deepika Padukone. The actress has a lean body and looks appealing in any kind of outfit. Whether she wears a saree, trousers, bikini, tulle gown, or a skirt, she has never been a part of a fashion faux pas. Her fashion evolution is definitely worth praising. She is very easy with her outfits whether she is working or roaming. She draws attention wherever she goes. She is known for pulling off practically anything, from leather pants to monochromatic ensembles.

Alia Bhatt

This actress has won many hearts because of her on-screen work and unrivaled sense of style. She made headlines when she carried a minimal bridal look at her own wedding. She is one of the top actresses in Bollywood who has stolen hearts with her stunning looks. Over the years, she has proved that she can look fantastic in anything, and her craze for fashion knows no boundaries. With her debut movie, Student of The Year, she made people skip a beat with her stylish looks and dressing sense.   

Sonam Kapoor

The Bollywood heroine’s name is often considered when unique fashion is being talked about. She is lauded for her fashion picks, and her fashion game is well-famous in foreign lands too. Do you remember when she represented Indian culture in Cannes by wearing a classic saree in a unique way? And how she wore a kaftan gracefully for her own reception party? All her outfits at her wedding were noteworthy affairs. She is known as Bollywood’s fashionista and can pull off any look with ease. She is always keen on experimenting and trying out unique designs.

Rashmika Mandanna

This South heroine offers some fresh fashion inspiration. Her personal style is something that mainly focuses on comfort. The actress doesn’t shy away from wearing bright shades, from yellows to burning reds. When she is holidaying, she likes to keep her look fuss-free. She is also seen adorning beautiful traditional silhouettes, structured dresses, tulle gowns, and more.  

Kangana Ranaut

This actress has defeated all odds and rules the Bollywood industry because of her looks and bold decisions. Not only her acting skills but her fashion ability is also something that gets all eyes on her. She carries all outfits in a bold and glamorous way. Her confidence and sass are to die for.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

She has inspired millennials and Gen Z in many ways. She has had a spectacular journey and is someone who puts her heart into everything she does. She is known for setting high standards at red-carpet events for her fashion sense. He is even appreciated globally and doesn’t shy away from carrying unique styles. She is always up for experimenting with new patterns, shades, and prints. You can totally take inspiration from this woman to keep up your fashion game.

Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani is a talented and beautiful actress who has made a name for herself in Bollywood in a short period of time. She made her debut in 2014 with the movie Fugly and has since appeared in several successful films. Her talent, beauty, and charm have won her a huge fan following all over the world. She is considered one of the most promising young actresses in Bollywood today.

To Sum It Up

There is no dearth of fashion inspiration in today’s world, Thanks to social media influencers and fashionistas. Yet some Bollywood stars manage to steal the limelight because of their extraordinary fashion sense. A Bollywood heroine’s name is not highlighted because of her acting skills but because of her exquisite red carpet look too. You can take oodles of inspiration from these Bollywood heroines when you wish to curate an eye-catching look. You can even visit Abouther’s website and learn more about these divas and their dressing sense.